The FBI and A Big Fish Story

The FBI and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are telling you a big fish story – they are fabricating a fantasy and selling it to you as truth. Here are the photos the US Fish and Wildlife Service posted claiming the patriots at the Malheur refuge created $6 million in damages.

Damage at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Now the truth.

This is a very big fish story and the FBI is covering its behind for botching up the deadman’s blockade where LaVoy Finicum was murdered.

Take a look at this video, courtesy Gavin Seim, and you will begin to understand how the media manipulates you:

And now for some photos to show you what the FBI does when it raids a home and the ransacked damage left behind – THIS is damage.


Here are some of the same photos that the US Fish and Wildlife Service claim THEY took…What LIARS! The comments show you what was really happening in these photos.

Special thanks to Karen Steelmon of Las Vegas, NV for creating this website as a collection place for video and photographic evidence.  If you have any to contribute, please contact her at:

You can also go to – LaVoy Finicum’s website, where you can watch his videos on the Constitution.

Next time you turn on your TV, think twice. The tragedy here is that while unelected bureaucrats LIE to you, innocent men, fathers and husbands, are going to be held responsible for the damage they did not create if we don’t do something about it.

We have lost trust in our government. It has abandoned the rule of law, the U.S. Constitution. The FBI and our government are now the terrorist sand we are the terrorized, not the other way around.

Action? Get involved. Speak out. Share with your family, friends and neighbors. #Stand4Truth. #LibertyRising.

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Some Background on Bundy – The Truth

Cliff Gardner, a rancher from northeast Nevada, explains who Cliven Bundy and his family really are, why they are innocent, the problem the ranchers are having, and what the U.S. Constitution says. Where do our presidential candidates stand on this rule of law? It’s easy to say they will transfer the land, but nothing has ever been done. This has been going on for decades. This is why so many people came out to Bunkerville, Nevada in 2014 and why so many came out to Harney Co, Oregon in 2016. Now they are ALL in jail. This is shameful. Will you allow our federal government to get away with this crime against the people?

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Cherilyn Eagar

Utah Governor Should Veto “Land Rights” Bill

Ask Utah’s Governor Herbert to VETO HB 276 – Utah Public Land Management Act

The sponsors of this bill, which comprise the majority of Utah’s House members, believe this bill transfers federal authority over public lands to the state (“local”) level without restricting or reducing the role of the County Sheriff as the primary enforcement authority.

In fact, it does just the opposite: It strips the County Sheriff of their constitutional role as primary enforcement officer of the County. This is outrageous, and a huge oversight – or not.

Read more, find out what Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton have to do with this, and take action today. Read the text paying particular attention to Lines 324-344. If you do, you will have read more than your elected officials most likely read before they passed this bill.

It has some major flaws:

1. It establishes a new state agency, directed by a board of 11 unelected bureaucrats, selected by the governor, called the “DLM” (instead of the BLM) – Division of Land Management .

2. It establishes a new state police force, unaccountable to the people.

3. It gives that police force law enforcement authority over “wildlife” and public land and removes the primary authority from the county sheriff.

4. It has no fiscal note (“It will pay for itself because the land will be more productive.” – since when has any government regulation “paid for itself?”)

Current Problem

Federal over-reach. Corruption. Collusion of Congressional Conflicts of Interest.

In Nevada, Senator Harry Reid and his son Rory have a financial interest in a Chinese corporation from which they would profit by building solar energy on the land where the Bundy’s grazed.

You might ask “why are Cliven Bundy and his four sons now incarcerated? For conspiracy? Just WHO are the real conspirators here?

In Oregon, the Clinton Foundation has an interest in a Russian corporation named Uranium One which needs the land in the area for mining interests. Trillions of dollars at stake in both cases. Insider trading among high level public officials?

You might ask “why are Dwight and Steve Hammond, Oregon ranchers, in prison now – serving a SECOND sentence for the same “crime” of protecting their ranch from a BLM-initiated burn that threatened their home?” WHO are the real criminals here?

The conflict between ranchers, grazing rights and public land use in the Western States has reached a fever pitch, with one Arizona rancher dead. The ranchers have been restricted by extreme federal environmental regulations through the Endangered Species and Antiquity Acts that they are being strategically pushed off their land and forced out of business. After exhausting all means of redress, their peaceful protest, the leaders are now jailed on charges of “conspiracy.” They are political prisoners that the mainstream media want you to believe are really anti-government domestic terrorists.

Who are the real terrorists?

Constitutional Solution

Unfortunately the best efforts to resolve the conflict has been derailed. It’s not that complicated to implement the constitutional solution. That is simply to allow the counties to manage and administer the land-use policies under the enforcement of the county’s elected authority – the County Sheriff.

Constitutionally, under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, the federal government has no right to be on this land in the first place. But on the County level, we surely do not want to set up a duplicate system of policing and over-reach by the State either.

HB 276 Solution

And that is what has happened. As with ObamaCare, our legislators apparently believe that socialized medicine is wrong at the federal level but okay at the state level.

To get the full story, listen to The Liberty Lineup Radio Show Thursday, March 17, 2016, 10-Noon Mountain time, AM 630 Salt Lake City, or online

Since we’ve been exposing this, legislative sponsors have responded frantically and aggressively over the past couple of days, demanding to be on radio shows, and sadly, the Utah Sheriff’s Association has apparently been bamboozled into issuing a news release supporting this legislation.

Since they can’t deny what is written in the bill, the sponsors (who are typically friends of conservative causes) have convinced the sheriffs that

1) it’s the legislative research attorney’s fault for drafting the language incorrectly or

2) it’s not really what it sounds like, and by the way, if it is what it sounds like, no worries – the sponsor will just change the language before the Governor signs it*.

(*WAIT. Is that within the rules? To amend a bill that was VOTED upon by the entire legislature when in session and then to amend it WITHOUT A VOTE when NOT in session? Perhaps. The sponsor Mike Noel (who is someone I really admire most of the time, is the chairman of the Rules Committee. He who chairs the Rules, rules.)

So here it is, folks:  as they say, “Read the bill!”


Perhaps a few elected officials doing this tap dance on the grave of LaVoy Finicum might like to switch places with the other ranchers now in prison for conspiracy.

Just who are the real conspirators here anyway?

Here’s what Salt Lake City Liberty Lineup Radio Show host Ben McClintock said on Kate Dalley’s St. George radio show – UNBELIEVABLE:

Here’s what the sponsors are saying:

Noel comments


Here’s how the Sheriff’s Association has been manipulated:

Sheriff ASSN letter

1. Call Governor Herbert TODAY. 801-538-1000. Ask him to VETO HB 276 – Utah Public Land Management Act. Let’s re-write it together the RIGHT way for our sheriff’s and their constitutional role in local government to protect YOUR rights against an overpowering state and federal government.

2. Let’s re-write the bill together the RIGHT way to preserve our sheriff’s constitutional role in local government to protect YOUR rights against an overpowering state and federal government.

THAT’s what we mean by LOCAL CONTROL! The government closest to the people governs best.

3. For more details, listen to the Liberty Lineup Radio Show – The Naked Truth – With Ben and Enoch, Thursday, March 17, 2016, 10-Noon Mountain Time

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Cherilyn Eagar

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore Speaks Out About Oregon Refuge Campers

This woman has guts and is speaking the truth. If we don’t have the constitutional right to protect ourselves when we are unjustly detained and shot at by government authorities, of what use is the Second Amendment?

Utah Caucus News – Everything You Need to Know

A Message from Cherilyn Eagar

Get immediate information about your caucus location.

Welcome to the Utah Caucus News for all the answers to your questions.

What is a neighborhood “caucus?”

Watch this awesome chalkboard video produced by the Iron County Republican Party under the leadership of Blake Cozzens:

Who is behind the legal challenge to eliminate the caucus?

In short, the Utah political establishment. Much has been said during this election about the “Republican” or “Democrat” or the “Washington Establishment.”

Some history:  In 2013 members of the Utah State Central Committee received a copy of a legal brief produced by a DC law firm, Caplin & Drysdale, of whom then Hinckley Institute for Politics Director at the University of Utah Kirk Jowers was of counsel.

Yes, Utah has an establishment, an elite, just as Washington DC does. And yes, our elected officials are as susceptible to lobbyist special interests (the kind that government should NOT be involved in) as Washington DC.

And yes, Utah also has members of the legislature that vote on a winning bill or two when re-election comes around just to look good, all the while voting against limited government principles. It is these elected officials that special interests, the establishment and the oligarchy like to re-elect because they can easily be bought. They are best bought with fancy and expensive TV commercials and big media buys. The lobbyists LOVE incumbents, especially when they vote their way, even if it’s against the will of the people.

Watch out for incumbents! Not all are bad, and it’s important to follow voting records closely. The caucus helps keep incumbency to a minimum, and that’s why there has been such a serious challenge. Incumbents build up great war chests of millions to use against newcomers who challenge them and their voting records that have gone unchecked over the their political careers.  And yes, we do have career politicians in Utah.

How is the Party structured?

The Republican Party is a private corporation, as required by law. It is organized much like any private corporation, with a board of directors and executive committee and voting members. On the odd-numbered years, the party holds a convention, state and county, to elect officers – a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and county representatives to serve on the State Central Committee.

On even years, citizens attend a neighborhood caucus to elect their representatives – friends or neighbors they trust to attend these conventions.

A delegate’s responsibility is to attend the events that candidates organize so they can study which candidates they like best. They then attend the convention to vote for those candidates. Federal candidates (Senators, Congress and statewide offices) are elected at the state convention. State legislative officials are elected at the county level, or if multi-county, in a break out session at the state convention.

The State Central Committee meets quarterly (state and county committees) and elect the executive committee members and members of standing committees such as Constitution and ByLaws and Audit. These officers make recommendations on party rules and vote on main party business and expenditures, and they set the rules of the caucus.

Why should I join a party? I’m independent!

That may be true. No one wants to be told what to do or how to vote or what to think. However, even if there were no formal political parties, people have a natural tendency to gather around principles they agree upon, and that is how parties naturally establish. In fact, caucusing is how the Founders of this nation began their deliberations. They would meet in local pubs and discuss the issues and make decisions together.

Fortunately for all of us, this system allows anyone who wants to be involved to get involved. YOU can run for state or county delegate if you choose. Between now and the caucus, talk to your friends, let them know you want to get involved and ask them to attend and to vote for you.

Be smart. Ask all your friends and neighbors for their commitment to vote for you, just in case someone attends with another motive in mind (yes, this DOES happen) and then they nominate your friends, splitting the vote.

How does the party pay for 2000 caucuses?

It takes a lot of fundraising. But a lot of people can help and it makes it possible. Let’s all chip in $5 and that will do it! It’s not mandatory, but this is YOUR caucus and its YOUR vote.

Who can attend a caucus?

Anyone who is registered (30 days advance by mail or 7 days before election -caucus- in person at county clerk’s office. Here’s a registration form.

Online information.

Where is my neighborhood caucus meeting?

Find yours here.

What happens at the caucus?

The party has set the rules for the caucus and a host or a previously elected Precinct Chairman will conduct the order of business, which includes the reading of the platform (divide it up and everyone take turns reading a different plank – much more engaging that way!).  Election of precinct officers and delegates and … for the first time a presidential preference poll, rather than a primary.  (Utah’s primary is so late in the election cycle that it loses its influence on the national delegate map.)

All voting is by secret ballot.  (I prefer voting in person rather than online for privacy and security reasons, even those the systems are said to be secure.)

Lowell Nelson is a trusted leader who understands the rules of the party as no other. From A-Z he has organized a slide show* that includes the voting procedures, as well as a series of short training videos to help you become familiar with the evening where it all begins – with YOU and your neighbors!

*Note:  The dates and places on the slides are for Utah County only, but the rules apply statewide for caucus night.

Caucus Training Slides








If I’m elected a delegate, then what?

You are elected for a two year term.  You are required to attend ONE convention each year, on a Saturday.  Mark your calendar and be there.  You can’t criticize your elected officials for missing votes if you do the same.  This is a commitment.

Make sure you give your correct cell phone and email address and mailing address to the caucus chairman and that the form is filled out correctly.  If you don’t, you will not hear from the candidates and you are not going to be able to represent the people that just elected you.  This contact information is given to the candidates and their campaigns.  Do not give a general business number that goes to the receptionist because that will disrupt your business.

Suddenly you will become the most popular person around. You will receive a ton of emails, automated texts and phone calls, recorded “robo” calls, mailers and invitations to events. It will be a whirlwind.  Be grateful for this opportunity. You will have the privilege of getting to know the candidates that others in primary states never have the opportunity to do.

Why do we only get a little over four weeks to get to know the candidates?  This is CRAZY!!!

We feel your pain.  We can blame the Obama administration for shortening the amount of time we can vet the candidates because of deadlines set for overseas and military absentee ballots to be sent.  Our voting time was shortened so those ballots could be printed and processed sooner.

If you are elected a delegate, it is YOUR duty to meet with ALL the candidates, not just your favorite.

Don’t ever hang up on a candidate or a campaign that calls you and rudely ask them to “take my name off your list!” (especially if it’s a candidate you don’t support). It’s difficult work – the most difficult of all – to run for public office. Be grateful and thank them for their hard work.

Be patient. Listen. Learn. Be open-minded. Research. Dig deeper than the surface.  Don’t just read the literature or go to a candidate night to shake their hand and hear a one minute speech.  Study each candidate out.  Go to their website.

Every candidate will tell you they are conservative.  But what does that mean?  Do they know the U.S. Constitution and the role of government?  Does their voting record show it?  What IS their voting record?  Is it “negative” campaigning if a candidate holds up the opponent’s voting record or something they have said and distinguishes themselves from that?  Of course not!  That’s the candidate’s job.  Then check it out for yourself.

How do I know which candidate is the best when they all say they are “conservative?”

Sometimes delegates vote for someone because they like the way they look, or they know the candidate or the candidate is a friend of a friend, or maybe they’re a trusted business or church associate.  Is that how a delegate should judge a candidates?

No.  Is that how you choose your doctor, for example?  (Well, perhaps some people do, but I wouldn’t trust my best friend to put me under for surgery just because he was my best friend, would you?)

Investigate the candidate’s past voting record or, if they don’t have one, ask who have they supported in the past.  Find out how they stand on the issues and how well they know the issues. (How well do YOU know the issues?)  Stop listening to the networks and cable TV for all your information.  Search online, and know the source of your searches and how trustworthy they are.

Even if you are committed to one candidate, knowing the other candidates is imperative.  At the convention there will likely be several rounds of voting to eliminate and narrow the field.  If your favorite candidate gets eliminated during the first round, and you don’t know the others, now what do you do?

It is your duty to know ALL THE CANDIDATES well.  And know what the Republican Party stands for and how closely those candidates align with it.

Know the Utah Republican Platform and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Party.

It’s amazing how many legislators run as conservative Republicans but then when they vote, they vote in favor of the Democrat Platform most of the time. You may think your representative is the nicest guy in town, but that really doesn’t matter if he’s voting against your values. So how do you know?

Great Resources for Researching the Candidates

For voting records, congressional and state legislative
For financial disclosures (follow the money…)

Utah Lieutenant Governor Website Financial Disclosures (who’s funding the campaigns – VERY important)

Utah state legislative scorecards

Key Republican Platform bills (fiscally and socially conservative)

Libertarian (fiscally conservative, socially liberal)

What can I expect at the convention?

A lot of people.  Check in and credentialing to make sure all voting members are accounted for and have their ballots.

Parliamentary Procedure.

Roberts Rules of Order apply, but the convention will also have its special rules.  Be sure you know what they are.  Follow along and pay attention.

Members who are more actively involved in the party may challenge the credential report or the motions from the chair.  It can take a long time to get everyone credentialed and to go through the opening procedures.  Know what’s going on and be respectful.

In the past we had a very knowledgeable parliamentarian who was used throughout the state who has since passed away.  Sometimes the newer delegates didn’t know what he was doing and they thought he was being mean spirited and they would boo him, when he was actually trying to keep the proceedings in line with Roberts Rules. If we are a people who believe in the rule of law, we will respect the rules of our own party.  Know the party rules before you boo someone.

Plan to spend the entire day, and even into the night if necessary, especially at the state convention.


Be aware that you will be deluged with literature, pro and con.  You may see some “hit” pieces, “eleventh hour stings” with NO documentation about WHO printed the piece – or maybe only an unknown PAC.  There may be wild rumors and gossip and a real “October surprise.”  You may get mailers, or something in the last two or three days before the convention that smears a candidate with some negative or scandalous information.

Sometimes these hit pieces are arranged “under the table” without the candidate’s knowledge or sometimes it’s a “sting” making the candidate look like they did it, when actually another candidate did it.

If the literature or call or email does not have proper identification, know that it’s a shenanigan. Know your candidates well enough before the convention that you will not be deceived by these tactics.  Don’t believe rumors and don’t pass them on.  CALL THE CANDIDATE and ask directly.

Campaigns can get nasty, especially among consultants.  There is a lot of pressure to win because they want the next job.  Very sad, but it’s a reality.

If you have any questions, contact us at and listen to our radio show, The Liberty Lineup on AM 630 KTKK, SLC, M-F, 10-Noon Mountain time, or online

Oregon Police Admit Body Cams Turned off | Accuse FBI of Misconduct

On March 8, 2016, Oregon State Police held a news conference in which the DesChutes County investigative team announced its investigative report. It was a dog and pony show that turned sour. In short, it’s a huge cover up. It’s state law that police must turn on their body cams at times such as this. But instead they deliberately turned them off. This is a trend nationwide.

Here is the video that Shawna Cox took from inside LaVoy Finicum’s truck during his assassination.

Courtesy: OregonLive (The Oregonian)

In addition the OSP turned on the FBI because shots were fired prematurely and were not accounted for.

In reviewing the autopsy, omissions were apparent and then upon review of the 360 page written report, strange inconsistencies appeared. One includes the mysterious Mark McConnell. Suspected by the protestors to be an FBI plant, he insisted on driving the group to the John Day meeting, and then when they encountered the ambush, his main concern was whether his Jeep had been harmed, not the man lying dead on the ground.

Furthermore, he was the only one of the group not detained and his name is entirely missing in the very detailed police report.

Another alarming detailed jumped out of the report: One police officer said they changed the kill stop (also called a deadman’s blockade), never used on civilians, from Grant County to Harney because Grant was a “UN-free Zone.” WE will be reporting more on what exactly that officer meant in our next update.

LaVoy’s widow Jeanette gave this statement after review of the investigative report:

March 9, 2016, St. George, UT — Yesterday a tag-team of law enforcement officials announced they have found that the Oregon officer who shot my husband dead while he had his hands in the air was justified. These officials announced that “without a doubt” the officer who killed my husband did so “to protect” himself and his fellow officers “from imminent harm.”

I know my husband, Robert LaVoy Finicum, and I knew him on the day he died. With his hands in the air, he was no danger to anyone, he intended no “imminent harm.” He was giving himself up in order to divert shooters from the others in the truck. Right down to the very last act of his life, he was giving for others. That was my husband. That was the man who the panel of investigators concluded was “responsible for” the situation in which he was killed in a well-planned ambush.

My family and I reject the biased, whitewash findings and conclusion reported yesterday. My lawyers have assured me that the men who ambushed my husband, who set him up for death, who assassinated him, will face justice in a court before an unbiased jury that will be deciding whether my husband was killed by a wrongful action or omission on the part of the police. That action will be joined with an action based on violation of the due process clause of the United States Constitution, the very document for which my husband gave his life. That is a Civil Rights Act claim.

Prior to yesterday the FBI held the position that my husband was shot during a “traffic stop.” That was such a stretch of the truth that even the tag-team news conference group could not repeat it. There was no “traffic stop.” This was an ambush by use of a “Deadman’s Blockade” designed to allow a “Kill Stop”—a roadblock on a blind curve on an almost abandoned road.

Those officers at the roadblock were the last line available to block the truck LaVoy drove, to assure that he was killed. In our wrongful death and civil rights violation lawsuit we will prove the kind of man my husband was, and that as a leading spokesman of this movement to restore the U.S. Constitution and our unalienable rights, he had to be made an example: “Don’t interfere if we as law officers are depriving someone of their rights, property and person.” Is this what Americans believe? Or is this the kind of fear tactic despots in the Middle East have used for centuries when they place crucifixes along the highway to strike fear into their slaves – don’t you dare oppose our unjust laws or this is what will happen to you!”

I don’t think so. Not in America. I still believe we are governed by the same Constitution that our founders created and that we are a republic, one nation under God.

Yesterday, as before, the officers set up a false scenario that my husband was reaching for a loaded gun as he was shot. Before yesterday’s selectively edited video showing, we saw the uncut version. In that uncut version, we see my husband with his hands up, walking away from the truck and not reaching for anything when a man to the right of the video obviously fired some projectile at him. Immediately he leaned over to his left hip area where it appeared some projectile hit him. At that one moment, shots were reigned down on him and he died there in the snow bank—where he lay for ten minutes without anyone checking to see whether he was alive. They let him lay there because they knew that the three shots into the back had killed him.

My attorneys have already begun to assemble a trial team of investigators, paralegals, videographers and writers to make sure that the man who shot my husband in the back and all those who were accomplices will face justice. They will soon be filing the Oregon 30.275 notice that precedes a lawsuit for wrongful death and civil rights violations.

At least twice yesterday the officials blamed my husband for being solely responsible for what happened at the site where he was ambushed. Again, my attorneys assure me that we can show differently, even with yesterday’s law enforcement whitewash. This tag-team said that the officers on the scene where the killing took place were there, putting themselves in harm’s way as part of an effort to “bring the situation at the refuge to an end peacefully.” This statement is consistent with the goal law enforcement announced from the beginning in this case: Let’s just get them out of the refuge building peacefully to the outside where we can talk.

If they had been telling the truth, on January 26, they could easily have achieved their goal. They knew from an informant inside the refuge that all but four of the people inside the refuge would be leaving for several hours. That included the long trip to John Day, the meeting with Sheriff Glenn Palmer, and the ranchers’ workshop that evening on the original intent of the Constitution.

So, I ask, why didn’t the officers pull the roadblock and let the group go out peacefully to John Day? Why didn’t they choose to arrest him while at the Sheriff’s office? If they had done that, this case would have been put in the books with the peaceful ending they now claim they wanted. In fact, the Harney County Sheriff had every opportunity during their stay at the Malheur Refuge to make a peaceful arrest during the numerous conversations they had with him in Burns. My lawyers believe we can show that was not their goal because there is no better evidence of their intent than their actions.

So when the officials said yesterday that my husband was “solely responsible” for the situation and happening of his death, they were spreading their whitewash with a very broad brush. Yesterday one of the tag-team said that my husband chose to break the law, chose to put himself and other people in danger, and then chose to enter into a face-to-face confrontation with armed police officers. My lawyers have already discussed with me how the facts will show that the officers intended to shoot LaVoy, how an informant arranged for him to be in the lead truck, how the officers started shooting at the truck to force it to stop, and then finally how my husband gave himself up in order to draw attention away from the others in the truck.

Contrary to what the panel of officials “found,” my husband was not responsible for the situation that ended with his death. He is not the one who blockaded the road with a “deadman’s blockade.” He is not the one responsible for officers armed with long guns firing from behind the trees. He is not the one who chose to block himself and his friends from leaving the refuge to go out to John Day. He is not the one who lined armed personnel all along the roadway from the refuge to the blockade. No, all those actions can be laid at the feet of the officials who spoke of their innocence yesterday. They will not have to explain their actions in a preliminary hearing or at trial, because their actions were glossed over—“law officers will take care of their own” I was told. But I still had faith in the system my husband fought to protect. I was wrong.

We had no chance at justice in this investigation of law enforcement officers by other law enforcement officers, more like the fox guarding the hen house. But in a wrongful death action, coupled with a civil rights action, the shooters and their partners will make sure that the officers involved will face the same kind of music enjoyed yesterday at our expense.

Yesterday the panel said that “the troopers knew that Mr. Finicum carried a weapon on his left side. Mr. Finicum was reaching for that loaded 9mm gun when the troopers lawfully used deadly force to protect themselves and others including the trooper armed with a taser.” You all have seen the full video where it shows the trooper with the gun or taser to the right of the screen as you look toward the screen. You see my husband lean over to his left hip area immediately where he grabs for the place he was hit. The gunman turns his back on my husband and runs. Isn’t it strange that a law officer turns his back on a person he believes to be heavily armed? Not so strange if he knows that his partner intends to shoot that person in the back.

We believe they will have a hard time squaring their actions with the Attorney General’s statements when we next get into court. My attorneys tell me that we will have to get past the motion to dismiss the civil rights action, which is a motion often governed by intangibles such as, “Does the action of the state shock the conscience?” The media have called my husband a lot of names that are foreign to the peaceful man and extraordinary father of our children that I knew. We must now ask the question, “Who are the real ‘domestic terrorists here?”

We believe that this “Kill Stop” staged by government agents was barbaric, that their whitewash of this horrific incident is more worthy of an Academy Award-winning film in the fiction category and that unbiased American citizens will have their conscience shocked by the government agents’ conduct in:

• Arranging for imbedding an informant among those in the house, on the basis of the informant’s information they set up a Deadman’s Blockade and an intentional killing;

• They shot at the truck in an effort to prevent it from leaving peacefully;

• They shot at the truck after it came to a halt;

• Then they shot my husband, the father of our eleven children, as he moved away from the truck with both hands in the air;

• At the time he was seen to reach down and bend down to his left as though he had been shot or hit with a bullet or taser ray;

• As he bent down, and then tried to straighten back up he was shot three times in the back and died.

I believe, my family believes, my lawyers believe that this evidence will “shock the conscience.”

Thank you.

Listen to the Liberty Lineup Radio Show M-F, 10-Noon Mountain time AM 630, SLC or online and we will add more to this fascinating story.

Oregon Refuge Update: Law Enforcement and FBI Hold News Conference to Disclose Investigative Report

Here is the complete news conference from Tuesday, March 8, 2016. It is Oregon’s attempt to continue laying the foundation of its legal case. This is a very one-sided report. It is clear that LaVoy made every attempt to let authorities know he needed to get to the Sheriff for help. The Oregon State Police are in an ongoing investigation and have accused the FBI of misconduct.  The original facts presented have been since altered as to the number of shots fired.

This video courtesy OregonLive (The Oregonian)

Here is the video that shows Shawna Cox’s video from inside LaVoy Finicum’s truck. The investigative team says they have synchronized it with the FBI’s aerial video. Shawna says they have edited it and that the narrative is a lie.

This synchronized video itself is edited and incomplete. Still missing are body cams (required by Oregon State law), along with Shawna Cox’s incomplete video.

We have since learned that the OSP TURNED OFF THEIR BODY CAMS! This is happening around the country. So it is required by law, but police are now deciding to turn off the cams to hide evidence.

Finally, here is Jeanette Finicum’s statement today in response to the Oregon news conference.

Ammon Bundy Speaks Out from Prison – March 3, 2016

Here’s a letter from Dave Bundy’s wife Marilyn – Courtesy Kate Dalley. This is outrageous. Has the FBI become America’s new KGB? Apparently 14 arrests went down just like this one – cookie cutter style raids:

From Marilyn Bundy, wife of Dave Bundy:

To the Citizens of the United States of America
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My husband, Dave Bundy, was arrested this morning by 20 FBI agents throwing smoke bombs and pointing guns at him while working on our home a short distance behind the Delta Utah Elementary School. We are unaware of anything that he has done to require such force. This is total Federal government overreach. We have a feeling he will be charged with the same charges that all the other Bundy family is being charged with even though he broke no laws to deserve this. He was simply at the Bundy Ranch for a peaceful protest. He never carried a gun. When the Las Vegas Metro Police deputy asked him to calm down the protesters, he said he would try to do the best he could. He jumped a fence to try to get the protesters to settle down. Shortly after that, the Las Vegas Metro Police asked the BLM to call it off anyway and the BLM officers started to leave. He has always been a citizen that has exercised his right to a peaceful protest. He has been an upstanding citizen of the United States. I feel his rights have been seriously violated since it looks like the federal government will put the same exact trumped up charges on all of the Bundy family without looking at their actions. There is no way he deserves this and he has done nothing to collect such trumped up charges. My 6 children and I are emotionally scared from this. All of them are in tears. They have no clue why their Dad would be treated this way. We thought citizens of the United States of America were allowed to protest the governments actions. To defend Dave Bundy and win will cost thousands and thousands of dollars. We don’t have that kind of money. He will likely not be given a fair trial without the help of the American people. Please help any peaceful way you can. If the federal government wins this case, they will feel they can arrest any american that protests against them. Please let your voices be heard loud but peacefully. I plead with the American people to not break any laws in Dave Bundy’s defense, but Please Please Please save my husband from the Federal Governments monopolistic and oppressive control. My family really needs your help.
My husband Dave Bundy and myself talking to Las Vegas Police when they asked him to try to get the protesters to settle down.…/web1_RANGEWAR_041214jb_16_17…
My husband Dave Bundy cooking burgers for the Protesters. They could be upset their were no federal hamburgers cooked this day.
My husband Dave Bundy after having his face shoved into the gravel on the side of a state road by the BLM after he was caught taking pictures of what they were doing. He was taken to a Las Vegas Holding Facility and released the next morning with no charges. He had to borrow a persons cell phone in las Vegas to call his family to drive 80 miles to come and get him.
Don’t let the Federal Government Pound all of our Faces in the Gravel please help us.
Hear the Dave Bundy story of being arrested by the Federal Agents. He is a little long on his explanations but take the time to listen to his experience
Thank you Americans that care about our liberty and my family
Marylynn Bundy

Twenty heavily armed FBI agents, pointing guns, shoving their victims down to the ground on their faces. Smoke bombs flying everywhere.

Dave Bundy

In Dave Bundy’s case, his family was at home getting ready for school and he was out working with a couple of co-workers on his new home in Delta, UT. Wife and children terrorized. Oh, and the two co-workers were also treated similarly because they didn’t know which was Dave. Are you kidding me?

What was his crime. You read it. No charges in 2014. What NEW charges were there to bring? We shall see. If it is true to the pattern being established, you can no longer speak freely and dissent from the hegemony of the day without being severely punished. Good job, elected officials. And now we count on YOU to fix our problems.

If you are as concerned as we are, join us Sat. Mar. 5, 2016 at the Utah State Capitol. And listen online or get the app


Watch this video and get a glimpse of the real Ammon Bundy. Please pray for – AND DEMAND – their release from prison. These are innocent men. They are husbands and fathers. They have not committed any crimes – The FBI is lying and put on a big show that cost us $3 million with false and trumped up charges.


Stand By Me for Liberty Rallies to Honor Fallen Hero of Oregon Refuge Occupation

Thousands to gather in over 30 states on Saturday, March 5, 2016 to carry forward LaVoy Finicum’s message of original intent, to support the pardon and release of political arrests and prisoners and to call a National Day of Fasting and Prayer Sunday, March 6, 2016

On Saturday March 5, 2016 thousands of citizens will gather in more than 30 states in rallies large and small to pay tribute to Nevada rancher LaVoy Finicum, their fallen hero and spokesman for the peaceful occupation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The attendees will also gather in support of the pardoning and release of nearly 30 arrested and political prisoners, including Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, his sons Ammon and Ryan, the “Final Four,” a radio talk show host, and Oregon ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond. To find rally locations and times, go to Facebook “National Stand By Me for Liberty” and scroll down state by state.

The Finicum family is calling for a state and federal investigation of a wrongful death. LaVoy Finicum’s widow Jeanette will be speaking for the first time in this public setting at 1 PM Mountain time from the Utah State Capitol, live streamed on the LaVoy Finicum YouTube channel #IAMLaVoy #LibertyRising. Joining Mrs. Finicum on the platform are their two daughters Thara Tenney and Brittney Beck.

LaVoy and Jeanette Finicum were one of two families in Arizona granted a high-level license to foster fifty teenage boys over 20 years. Mitch Finicum testifies to the high quality parenting the eleven children and foster children received, “Our father’s death was near and dear to many hearts,” he said. He stood for liberty and lived his life in a way that showed the essence of being a free man. He welcomed all to learn, regardless of differing opinions. He showed an outpouring of love and taught that we should exercise our rights in a civil manner. Dad lived it, even laying down of his life for it. Will a man be free or will he be a slave?”

Sunday, March 6, 2016, is a National Day of Fasting and Prayer for those arrested and incarcerated and their families. Carol Bundy, wife of Nevada rancher Cliven and mother of Ammon and Ryan, who defended their constitutional property rights at their Nevada ranch in 2014 said, “We thank everyone around the world for their continued prayers and support, for waking up and realizing America is in trouble. We ask everyone to pray for America, to get a copy of the US Constitution and read it, study it, teach it. Understand the custom and culture of the West and the control the federal government has over our lands. Where in the Constitution does it give the BLM, the Forest Service, the Fish and Wildlife Service this jurisdiction?”

Finicum’s niece Jessica Fauth Edgar of Denver, Colorado, spearheaded the rallies and spoke to the organic rise of liberty-minded people everywhere who connected in a matter of days. “It is unbelievable to see how many people are coming together in such a short time to organize these rallies. Soon every state will be holding monthly town hall meetings and educational events of all types. I want to thank my Uncle LaVoy for his ultimate sacrifice that opened my eyes to the challenge our nation faces.”

On January 2, 2016, a peaceful rally drawing over 300 ranchers, sheriffs, elected officials and citizens from around the country was held in Burns, Oregon protesting the incarceration of Oregon ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond. After the rally a group of ranchers and their supporters who follow Justice Antonin Scalia’s views on the Constitution called “originalism” or “original intent” walked into a federally managed wildlife refuge building, a legal trespass known as “hostile adverse possession,” used to “uncloud” titles. They spent their days helping citizens in the area uncover the long history of abuses and land grabs, teaching them of their Constitutional rights under original intent. They went freely to and from the refuge and the crowds increased as people came out to learn more.

On January 26, 2016 while traveling to one such event at the invitation of County Sheriff Glenn Palmer, where over 400 people waited, Mr. Finicum was assassinated with both hands up by the FBI and Oregon State Police in an illegal “deadman’s blockade” on a blind curve along a highway in eastern Oregon.

Finicum was a respected teacher of the Constitution and leader of rancher land rights in the Western states, and known as a peaceful man and beloved father of 11 children. Since that ambush, political prisoners have been held in solitary confinement for 14 days and without bail in Multnomah County Jail in Portland, Oregon. The protest began with a rally to oppose the incarceration of Oregon ranchers Dwight and Steve Hammond in Oregon’s San Pedro jail.

The constitutional question surrounding these peaceful protests is the “original intent” interpretation of the US Constitution championed by the late US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. In question is a citizen’s First Amendment free speech right to a legal trespass for the purpose of “unclouding” land title and to defend property rights from gross federal overreach.

Oregon ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond were incarcerated on “double jeopardy,” false charges of arson and domestic terrorism, for which they had already served time. From the 2014 Bundy Ranch property defense to the peaceful protest at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January 2016, citizens across the nation are rising up in support of their constitutional rights and to demand the pardoning and release of those detained and arrested here, along with an undisclosed list of many more.

Arrest List as of March 1, 2016
Dwight Hammond and Steven Hammond (Oregon ranchers); Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy and Cliven Bundy (Nevada ranchers); Sean Anderson, David Lee Fry, Jeff Wayne Banta and Sandra Lynn Pfeifer Anderson (“The Final Four”), Peter Santilli (Radio Talk Show Host); Jon Ritzheimer, Joseph O’Shaughnessy, Ryan Payne, Brian Cavalier, Shawna Cox, Jason Patrick, Duane Leo Ehmer, Dylan Anderson, Kenneth Medenbach, Blaine Cooper, Wesley Kjar, Corey Lequieu, Neil Wampler, Jason Charles Blomgren, Darryl William Thorn, Eric Lee Flores, Geoffrey Stanek.

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