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Grateful – A Thanksgiving Wish

Here’s my Thanksgiving wish for you. Thank you so much for all your support of our show and www.Ktalkamedia.com And thank you, Amanda for your gorgeous voice and brilliant song interpretation that I so admire … and the talented lyricist-composer David Friedman that created the message that I feel so strongly at this time of […]

Patriots Being Denied Gun Ownership

While I believe it’s the private property right of any business owner to decide who he/she sells to … or not, here’s a troubling situation.  Because the government has required gun dealers to put their customers through background checks, more and more citizens – based on the arbitrary rules and regulations that government sets – […]

Klayman Sues Unconstitional Actions of Federal Judge, Harry Reid and President Obama

Finally. An attorney has taken the Offense. On Monday, May 9, 2016, Larry Klayman, Cliven Bundy’s attorney, issued an advisory informing federal Judge Navarro, Senator Harry Reid and his son Rory, and President Obama that they have violated his client’s, Cliven Bundy’s constitutional rights – the very rights we have been discussing on The Liberty […]

Solitary Confinement for Patriots: LaVoy’s Daughter Thara Shocks the Conscience

Watch this video.  LaVoy Finicum’s daughter Thara Tenney shocks the conscience with how the Patriots of Malheur are being treated in Oregon and Nevada jails. Just a few days ago, Ryan Bundy was sent back to solitary confinement.  His crime?  He was freezing and put on an extra shirt.  That was against the “rules.” They […]

Some Background on Bundy – The Truth

Cliff Gardner, a rancher from northeast Nevada, explains who Cliven Bundy and his family really are, why they are innocent, the problem the ranchers are having, and what the U.S. Constitution says. Where do our presidential candidates stand on this rule of law? It’s easy to say they will transfer the land, but nothing has […]