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Bundy – Oregon Update: Progress to Prevent Future Rising Conflict

Listen to these updates and the progress being made to uncover and unravel decades of usurpations by the federal government. After exhausting all avenues to remedy the abuses, for the first time, government records are being exposed to show how the rights of Americans have been taken away. Restoring the Constitution in Oregon! Freeing the […]

Who Are The Real Terrorists?

Watch this video and weep for America. Please help the Hammonds. Their cause is OUR cause. Learn why. And also learn why the media is not covering this story accurately. Listen to The Liberty Lineup Radio Show all week M-F as we uncover the truth and give you eye witness interviews from people who are […]

The Real Crisis is NOT ISIS

We have been distracted.  While we focus on the crisis of terrorism, another form of terrorism is a quiet crisis unfolding:  a derivatives crisis. While no one’s looking, according to recent reports the “too big to fail” banks are insanely holding trillions of dollars of derivative exposure about ready to bust, and many Americans could […]