A Tribute to LaVoy – His Daughters Speak Out After the Funeral

Special thanks to Gephardt Daily for this beautiful video montage accompanying the statement from two of LaVoy Finicum’s daughters, Thara Tenney and Belle Collier.

They Won the West

First Eye Witness in Oregon Ambush Says Finicum Did Not Reach for Gun

Victoria Sharp, who will be singing in the memorial concert for LaVoy Finicum on Friday evening in Kanab, Utah, something she was on her way to do when their truck was ambushed on a desolate Oregon highway.

Listen to her testimony with CNN. Even though she had never seen the FBI video, she did not waiver from her strong conviction as an eye witness that LaVoy did NOT reach for a gun.

We spend hours going frame by frame of this video and pared it with Victoria’s testimony which came out immediately after the ambush because she was not arrested. Thank God for her testimony!

If the FBI video had sound, we would see that LaVoy came out of the car with both arms up and that he ran away from the car (no police in sight) and was reacting to the gun shots. In less than 15 seconds he was dead. And the FBI and mainstream media continue to repeat the lie – that he reached for his gun twice. He was murdered. And we stand by that analysis.

More and more evidence is now emerging that this is correct.

God bless LaVoy Finicum’s family. The FBI has no idea what they have ignited – we now not only have ONE Finicum. We’ve got TWELVE. His wife and children are now dedicated to carrying on his legacy of spreading the principles of the Constitution, and the unconstitutionality of environmentalism that gives overreaching power to steal people’s land and property. It is really socialism in disguise.

Finicum’s Stand for Freedom is moving forward in his children!

Former SLC Police Officer Says Finicum Was Murdered by State Police

Another opinion has come forward after closely analyzing the FBI video – a former Salt Lake City constable named Barry. Listen to what he says about the claim LaVoy reached for a gun. It’s unlikely that he had a weapon in his waistband. The FBI claims he had a .9mm revolver inside a coat pocket. Did his coat have a pocket? We also need to look at what he calls the “pow-ouch” reflex, which we have said after analyzing this video for several hours frame by frame. Does the FBI have NO other videos? NO audio? What, did we run out of taxpayer funds to get those body and dash cams.

We need the evidence ASAP.

Freedom’s Cry – Lyrics and Music Finicum Sisters

Freedom’s Cry
Written and Performed by The LaVoy Finicum daughters
A Tribute to LaVoy Finicum, the Arizona rancher and father of 11 who was killed in an apparent FBI-OPS operation ambush near Burns, Oregon, Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Please help the family by contributing to their official memorial fund.

Who Are The Real Terrorists?

Hammond FamilyWatch this video and weep for America.

Please help the Hammonds. Their cause is OUR cause. Learn why. And also learn why the media is not covering this story accurately.

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Tuesday, Jan. 12, we will interview our friend Janalee Tobias, a strong and effective gun rights advocate and courageous lady, who spent the weekend in Oregon.

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