Grateful – A Thanksgiving Wish

Here’s my Thanksgiving wish for you. Thank you so much for all your support of our show and

And thank you, Amanda for your gorgeous voice and brilliant song interpretation that I so admire … and the talented lyricist-composer David Friedman that created the message that I feel so strongly at this time of year.

Regardless of our differences, may we all place gratitude as a priority in our lives. It, along with love (about which you so beautifully wrote in her Golden Globe award winning song The Rose many years ago) can mend so many broken hearts.

Have a blessed day, all!

Utah Governor Should Veto “Land Rights” Bill

Ask Utah’s Governor Herbert to VETO HB 276 – Utah Public Land Management Act

The sponsors of this bill, which comprise the majority of Utah’s House members, believe this bill transfers federal authority over public lands to the state (“local”) level without restricting or reducing the role of the County Sheriff as the primary enforcement authority.

In fact, it does just the opposite: It strips the County Sheriff of their constitutional role as primary enforcement officer of the County. This is outrageous, and a huge oversight – or not.

Read more, find out what Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton have to do with this, and take action today. Read the text paying particular attention to Lines 324-344. If you do, you will have read more than your elected officials most likely read before they passed this bill.

It has some major flaws:

1. It establishes a new state agency, directed by a board of 11 unelected bureaucrats, selected by the governor, called the “DLM” (instead of the BLM) – Division of Land Management .

2. It establishes a new state police force, unaccountable to the people.

3. It gives that police force law enforcement authority over “wildlife” and public land and removes the primary authority from the county sheriff.

4. It has no fiscal note (“It will pay for itself because the land will be more productive.” – since when has any government regulation “paid for itself?”)

Current Problem

Federal over-reach. Corruption. Collusion of Congressional Conflicts of Interest.

In Nevada, Senator Harry Reid and his son Rory have a financial interest in a Chinese corporation from which they would profit by building solar energy on the land where the Bundy’s grazed.

You might ask “why are Cliven Bundy and his four sons now incarcerated? For conspiracy? Just WHO are the real conspirators here?

In Oregon, the Clinton Foundation has an interest in a Russian corporation named Uranium One which needs the land in the area for mining interests. Trillions of dollars at stake in both cases. Insider trading among high level public officials?

You might ask “why are Dwight and Steve Hammond, Oregon ranchers, in prison now – serving a SECOND sentence for the same “crime” of protecting their ranch from a BLM-initiated burn that threatened their home?” WHO are the real criminals here?

The conflict between ranchers, grazing rights and public land use in the Western States has reached a fever pitch, with one Arizona rancher dead. The ranchers have been restricted by extreme federal environmental regulations through the Endangered Species and Antiquity Acts that they are being strategically pushed off their land and forced out of business. After exhausting all means of redress, their peaceful protest, the leaders are now jailed on charges of “conspiracy.” They are political prisoners that the mainstream media want you to believe are really anti-government domestic terrorists.

Who are the real terrorists?

Constitutional Solution

Unfortunately the best efforts to resolve the conflict has been derailed. It’s not that complicated to implement the constitutional solution. That is simply to allow the counties to manage and administer the land-use policies under the enforcement of the county’s elected authority – the County Sheriff.

Constitutionally, under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, the federal government has no right to be on this land in the first place. But on the County level, we surely do not want to set up a duplicate system of policing and over-reach by the State either.

HB 276 Solution

And that is what has happened. As with ObamaCare, our legislators apparently believe that socialized medicine is wrong at the federal level but okay at the state level.

To get the full story, listen to The Liberty Lineup Radio Show Thursday, March 17, 2016, 10-Noon Mountain time, AM 630 Salt Lake City, or online

Since we’ve been exposing this, legislative sponsors have responded frantically and aggressively over the past couple of days, demanding to be on radio shows, and sadly, the Utah Sheriff’s Association has apparently been bamboozled into issuing a news release supporting this legislation.

Since they can’t deny what is written in the bill, the sponsors (who are typically friends of conservative causes) have convinced the sheriffs that

1) it’s the legislative research attorney’s fault for drafting the language incorrectly or

2) it’s not really what it sounds like, and by the way, if it is what it sounds like, no worries – the sponsor will just change the language before the Governor signs it*.

(*WAIT. Is that within the rules? To amend a bill that was VOTED upon by the entire legislature when in session and then to amend it WITHOUT A VOTE when NOT in session? Perhaps. The sponsor Mike Noel (who is someone I really admire most of the time, is the chairman of the Rules Committee. He who chairs the Rules, rules.)

So here it is, folks:  as they say, “Read the bill!”


Perhaps a few elected officials doing this tap dance on the grave of LaVoy Finicum might like to switch places with the other ranchers now in prison for conspiracy.

Just who are the real conspirators here anyway?

Here’s what Salt Lake City Liberty Lineup Radio Show host Ben McClintock said on Kate Dalley’s St. George radio show – UNBELIEVABLE:

Here’s what the sponsors are saying:

Noel comments


Here’s how the Sheriff’s Association has been manipulated:

Sheriff ASSN letter

1. Call Governor Herbert TODAY. 801-538-1000. Ask him to VETO HB 276 – Utah Public Land Management Act. Let’s re-write it together the RIGHT way for our sheriff’s and their constitutional role in local government to protect YOUR rights against an overpowering state and federal government.

2. Let’s re-write the bill together the RIGHT way to preserve our sheriff’s constitutional role in local government to protect YOUR rights against an overpowering state and federal government.

THAT’s what we mean by LOCAL CONTROL! The government closest to the people governs best.

3. For more details, listen to the Liberty Lineup Radio Show – The Naked Truth – With Ben and Enoch, Thursday, March 17, 2016, 10-Noon Mountain Time

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Cherilyn Eagar

The Real Crisis is NOT ISIS

We have been distracted.  While we focus on the crisis of terrorism, another form of terrorism is a quiet crisis unfolding:  a derivatives crisis. While no one’s looking, according to recent reports the “too big to fail” banks are insanely holding trillions of dollars of derivative exposure about ready to bust, and many Americans could lose their savings.

This article explains it in simple terms.

Demonocracy has created some effective graphics to show exactly what $18 trillion looks like.

Last fall, the tremors began on the financial shake down. Here’s an overview, and it looks like what happened in 2008 will look like a party.

Here Business Insider provides more graphs to illustrate what is happening in this “third wave.”

Meanwhile, Congress gave us another Christmas “present.” This time it was delivered shockingly by a supposedly “conservative” Republican congress: the Omnibus bill and the $1.8 trillion budget. What conservative would vote to increase a budget when we don’t have the funds to cover even the debt service?

Not only did this bill fund ObamaCare – a direct betrayal of Republican campaign promises – it also funded Planned Parenthood and after many of them viewed the videos and saw the barbaric practice of killing babies and then cutting them up and selling their body parts for research.

Even in the supposedly conservative state of Utah, all but one member of that federal delegation voted FOR this budget. What were they thinking?

You might deduce from these actions that we are governed by a body of reckless barbarians – on both sides of the aisle.

Who’s paying attention to these voting records? Not enough. But we intend to do it and to use the airwaves 10 hours a week to expose these traitors.

So one of our goals for 2016 is to demand that Congress do TWO things immediately to restore economic stability: First, repeal Dodd-Frank and second, reinstate Glass-Steagall before it’s too late. It may already be too late.

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China’s Internet Tracking Mirrors US Education’s Data Tracking

What do you see?  In the US, state and national tests track thousands of personally identifiable details about students and their families, then shares the information with millions of marketing groups and government agencies.

China has announced OBE and Common Core on steroids.  But then we shared with China and the USSR the technology to put into place the big brother tracking system of these communist nations.  This is why many call “common core” “communist core.”

Why is it that immigrants from China and the USSR are warning Americans?  What do they see that Americans don’t? You decide.

 Sesame credit

Michelle Malkin Speaks Out to #StopESEA

December 2, 2015 is most likely the vote to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) called “Every Child Achieves Act.” This is a re-hash and worse of the former reauthorizations. Fundamentally, regardless of Republican or Democrat, the same bureaucrats are controlling and it’s a last opportunity to stop Fed Ed for the next seven years.

One of the questions that came to Michelle was: Why aren’t the GOP members of Congress more fired up about stopping Fed Ed? Here is your answer, and it’s not a pretty one:

Yes, Lamar Alexander, who was Secretary of Education at that time (1989) is now chair of the Senate Education committee (HELP – no joke, that’s really the acronym!). He sounds a lot like more recent Secretay of Education Arne Duncan who echoed Alexander decades later:

So you see the problem. Patrick Buchanan warned us years ago. He said it this way, “The two parties have become like wings on the same bird of prey.” Indeed.

Solution? Wake up. Get involved. Replace those who are beholden to the bureaucrats and lobbyists and who are violating Article I of the U.S. Constitution.

For now, call your Senators: 202-224-3121

Or here’s the roster contact list:

As for the Tea Party and term limits. Yes, Michelle is correct, many tea party groups got co-opted by the money and the establishment. However, a word about term limits: We HAVE term limits. It’s called election day and the ballot box. If you want to retire your current legislator, get involved and replace that person. That’s what the Constitution established.

Having a constantly term limited Congress and with the Senate in rotation on such a plan, will further remove the elected officials from being accountable to the People. It’s true that lobbyists love incumbents, but lobbyists won’t be discouraged or disappear. Instead of grasping at the branches, we ought to be digging at the roots.

The solution is to restore the US Constitution by repealing the 17th Amendment and then the 16th Amendment. That will go a long way to put balance back into government, and it will stop the plunder of private property and force smaller government.

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–Cherilyn Bacon Eagar, The Liberty Lineup

Answers to questions about the new LDS policy on same sex couples and their children

Many questions have been flooding in regarding LDS Church’s new policy on same sex marriage. Here are some answers.

On November 5, 2015, the New York Times published a story announcing a change in policy for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The LDS Church followed with a statement and a video explaining the change.

In summary, the policy establishes a same sex couple as apostate and follows the same protocols as the LDS church’s policy on polygamy.

Here is the short announcement posted on the Mormon Newsroom:

On November 5, the Church updated its policy, stating that children living with parents or guardians in a same-gendered marriage or cohabiting relationship cannot be baptized until of legal age. In addition, children of same-sex couples may not receive a baby blessing.

Once the child reaches the age of 18, and is no longer living with his or her same-sex parents, the child may choose to be baptized into the Church only after he or she “accepts and… commit[s] to live the teachings and doctrine of the Church, and specifically disavows the practice of same-gender cohabitation and marriage.”

Christofferson, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, clarified that any individual may receive priesthood blessings of healing, comfort or guidance if he or she wishes to receive one.

During the interview, Christofferson addressed many of the questions that have resulted from this policy change. The apostle addressed why children of same-sex couples must wait for baptism, the importance of families, how the Church will continue to advocate for LGBTQ individuals to be treated fairly in regards to housing and employment, and that the Church recognizes individuals have a right to choose to participate in a same-sex marriage relationship in many countries, including the United States.

Mormon Newsroom reports that the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles approved all of the changes.

Here is the exact text of the new policy.

Here are some additional resources to answer questions you may have:

Policy Handbook 1

Policies on Ordinances for Children of a Parent Living in a Same-Gender Relationship
The following additions to Handbook 1 have been approved by the Council of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles for immediate implementation.

A new section in Handbook 1, 16.13 will be added as follows: Children of a Parent Living in a Same-Gender Relationship
A natural or adopted child of a parent living in a same-gender relationship, whether the couple is married or cohabiting, may not receive a name and a blessing. A natural or adopted child of a parent living in a same-gender relationship, whether the couple is married or cohabiting, may be baptized and confirmed, ordained, or recommended for missionary service only as follows: A mission president or a stake president may request approval from the Office of the First Presidency to baptize and confirm, ordain, or recommend missionary service for a child of a parent who has lived or is living in a same-gender relationship when he is satisfied by personal interviews that both of the following requirements are met: 1.

The child accepts and is committed to live the teachings and doctrine of the Church, and specifically disavows the practice of same-gender cohabitation and marriage. 2.

The child is of legal age and does not live with a parent who has lived or currently lives in a same-gender cohabitation relationship or marriage.

Here is the announcement and video explanation from the Mormon Newsroom.

Here is the video of Elder Christofferson, member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles explaining the new policy:

Here is an unofficial LDS opinion “The Nine Facebook Myths about the new LDS policy”

There is a good chance that you’ve recently learned about the Church’s new policies regarding same-sex couples, and read much about it on social media. Mormons and gays has long driven web traffic, so news outlets can be expected to jump on the news, but they should be expected to at least report on the issue accurately and respectfully.

The two changes took place in the Church’s administrative handbook, also called handbook 1, which contains instructions for bishops and stake presidents.

The first change edits the definition of apostasy. The new definition adds that entering a same-sex marriage constitutes apostasy.

The second change requires that for children of same-sex couples to be baptized they must be adults, and specifically reaffirm their testimony of eternal marriage.

Even though these are procedural changes that reaffirm a core doctrine of the Church, the Church’s opponents have wasted little time in beginning their attack. The news, unsurprisingly, was first broken by John Dehlin who makes his living by antagonizing the Church.

There have been many responses to this news, most based on inaccurate headlines, incorrect understandings, or hate mongering of the Church’s opponents.

Myth #1 These Changes Punish Children
The most pervasive myth you’ll hear about these changes is that they punish children. All people can receive all the ordinances of salvation and exaltation. And all children can attend all church activities and events. There is no degree of punishment that exists in these new changes.

Children must simply wait until they can legally make their own decision to join the Church, rather than relying on their parent’s approval. While a parent in a same-sex relationship could theoretically approve of their child’s baptism, questioning their motivation to do so would be prudent since they have so prominently rejected the teachings of the Church.

These changes could also help protect children. While some same-sex couples adopt, many children of same-sex couples come from divorce. In these situations, custody battles can be fierce. In most places in the United States, if one parent tries to destroy the relationship of their child with the other parent it is considered “custodial interference” which is grounds to change the custodial agreement.

Because the Church continues to affirm that heterosexual marriage is the ideal, there could potentially be judges in the United States—perhaps, even, very many judges—who would categorize a child joining a church that rejects their parent’s new relationship as custodial interference. This could take that child away from the parent who belongs to the Church or rearrange their custodial arrangements significantly in ways that would harm the child.

All children, of course, continue to be welcome at all church activities, including primary, and Sacrament meeting. And in following the example of the Savior, all children are entitled to blessings of comfort and healing.

Myth #2 Treats LGBT People Worse Than Other Sinners
There are others who insist that these new changes set sins of homosexuality as more serious than other sins. Again this is not true. Adultery and fornication are both grounds for excommunication. Up until the legalization of same-sex marriage, those who participated in same-sex relationships could receive church discipline under either of these other grounds.

The Church respects the law, and now recognizes same-sex marriages as legal, even if still sinful. Because of this, same-sex relationships could no longer be penalized as fornication requiring their addition to the definition of apostasy. But this change has no effect on how the Church responds to homosexual sins, only how it categorizes them.

As the Church’s website “Mormons and Gays” points out there is much misunderstanding of LDS doctrine on this issue. But the Church continues to affirm that homosexual sex is a sin.

Some have also suggested that requiring the children of LGBT couples to wait until they are adults to be baptized treats those parents worse than parents who are engaging in other types of sins. But this policy is the same that exists for children of polygamous couples, or children of parents opposed to the Church.

So this policy does not carve out special punishments for LGBT parents, but rather extends existing policies to cover their newly legal marriages.

Myth #3 Violates the Church’s 2nd Article of Faith
This myth is a common one shared by sofa philosophers critical of the Church’s new decision. The second article of faith reads, “We believe that men will be punished for their own sins and not for Adam’s transgression.”

This myth relies on the first myth that the Church is somehow punishing children of gay Mormons. But it also fundamentally misunderstands the second article of faith. Most other Christian denominations believe that all people are born inherently evil and fallen because of Adam’s sin of eating the forbidden fruit. Latter-day Saints reject this doctrine and believe people are only responsible before God for the sins they themselves commit.

The new policy does not change this doctrine in any way. First it has nothing to do with the idea of original sin. Second it has nothing to do with the inherent nature of the individual. Third it has nothing to do with the final judgment. This policy protects children in specific family situations from a variety of repercussions by requiring they wait until they are an adult before joining the Church.

Myth #4 Requires Children to Reject Parents
Some opponents of the Church continue to spout this claim even though it is patently false. In order for children of gay Mormon couples to be baptized, they must simply affirm the Church’s teachings about sexuality and marriage. To quote the new handbook change, “The child accepts and is committed to live the teachings and doctrine of the Church, and specifically disavows the practice of same-gender cohabitation and marriage.”

They do not need to say anything about their parents. This is the same standard expected of every convert who has a parent that still smokes when to be baptized they must specifically agree to the word of wisdom. Children in this situation must simply recognize the Church’s teachings on sin.

There are those who believe that identifying a behavior as sinful is equivalent to rejecting the people who engage in that behavior. But those people fundamentally misunderstand Latter-day Saint doctrine about the atonement and identity. Those who perpetuate this myth are often those who believe sexuality is the primary factor in personal identity.

Myth #5 Places Newborn Children in State of Apostasy
This is a sad myth to have to refute. Unfortunately, “The Salt Lake Tribune” in their irresponsible coverage of this topic repeated this myth in their headline of this story, “New Mormon Policy Makes Apostates of Children from Same-Sex Unions.”

Latter-day Saints strongly believe in the innocence of children, as outlined in Moroni Chapter 8. The new policy recategorizes same-sex marriage as apostasy instead of fornication.

The LDS Church has a very long-standing policy of not allowing children to be baptized without both parents permission. This policy existed, presumably, to prevent families from being destroyed by contention over the issue. The Church in its focus on family would rather children grow up in a stable home environment than be baptized under any circumstances.

This policy is a way of putting the stability of these children’s families first. A goal that presumably most detractors of this policy would laud.

Children from same-sex unions are asked to wait until adulthood to join the Church. This is far different than categorizing those children as sinners or apostates. If somehow children from same-sex families were apostate or inferior the Church would not be so welcoming to them as soon as they become adults.

Those responsible for disseminating this myth including the editorial board at “The Salt Lake Tribune” should take steps to fix the damage from their errors.

Myth #6 Church is Depriving Itself of LGBT Members
This myth was started by John Dehlin in his initial post on the matter. He wrote, “it is sad for the LDS church and its devout members — who continue to deprive themselves of the wonderful talents and association with so many beautiful and gifted LGBT members.”

This myth comes from those who essentially do not believe in sin. They believe that our behavior should be dictated by our innermost self and not by God. To these individuals, rejecting a behavior is the same as rejecting an individual. This twisted sense of reality leads to this myth.

God has always had behavioral standards including those for sexual conduct. God’s church would consequently support those standards. Saying that the Church is depriving itself of LGBT members is as foolhardy as saying the Church is depriving itself of cohabitating members, polygamous members, or alcoholic members. Individuals can deprive themselves of the blessings of the Church by refusing to follow the commandments, not the other way around.

Myth #7 This Hurts Me Personally
This comment is most pervasive because it is the most difficult to unravel. This rhetorical approach has become crucial in the campaign to normalize and then legalize same-sex marriage, because we are not accustomed to telling other people their feelings don’t matter.

As a result this myth has become a bludgeon to silence those who believe in right and wrong.

If someone talks about how this hurts them, they may sincerely think that, but it is also political theater, a learned response from mimicking the rhetorical style of those who’ve had so much political success on this issue.

Now let’s be clear, many people are feeling pain because of this decision, especially those whom the policy directly affects or who have family members this affects. The myth is that our personal emotional response should change Church policy.

Sharing feelings on this issue as though they affect the rightness or wrongness of the policy is a logical fallacy. This comes under the category of argumentum ad passiones. While you may feel whatever you want about this policy change, your feelings do not affect whether or not this change was correct. When people talk about their pain as a way of ending a conversation it is little more than emotional manipulation.

Myth #8 The Church Lost and Should Move On
This myth comes from those who are still focussed on the recent Supreme Court ruling Obergefell v. Hodges. They argue that gay marriage is now legal, so the Church should stop fighting it. This myth doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. The Supreme Court decision does not dictate how churches should behave.

This myth also relies on the idea that the Church should base its decisions on popular trends. If anything, this action is a response to protect the Church from the recent Supreme Court ruling. By categorizing same-sex relationships as apostasy, the Church puts itself in a strong legal position should a same-sex couple sue in order to be married by a bishop or in the temple.

Myth #9 These Changes are Eternal Doctrine
Some who have tried to defend the Church have fallen to a different myth. They try to look at these changes as part of the eternal doctrine of the family that will never change.

These changes are to policy, not doctrine. Policy changes in the Church on a regular basis to best protect the Church and respond to ongoing revelation. This policy may be long-lasting or it may be short-term. These changes are only to be administered by church leadership, so direction on these matters can change and often do.

Eternal families are essential Latter-day Saint doctrine, and same-sex couples frustrate that plan in a way that few other things can, but how baptism policy responds to that reality is not so nearly set in stone.

There’s also one bonus comment that you may read a lot. This very well could be true, or not, there’s no way to know, but in the end it doesn’t matter.

This Could Lead to a Great Exodus
Facebook Myths PinterestThere should be nothing surprising to Latter-day Saints about people threatening to leave. Paul prophesied clearly that this would happen: “In the latter times some shall depart from the faith.” Latter-day Saints do not need to intellectually understand every policy change Church leaders make to know that there is spiritual safety in following their leadership and counsel.

Could this change really be enough for some people to reject all the blessings of Church membership? Maybe, Paul certainly foresaw that something would draw people away. But we can have comfort in following Jesus Christ and His Latter-day Church.

[Editor’s Note: The text of myth 7 has been slightly altered to better reflect the author’s original intent]

Join the Liberty Lineup’s Faith in the Fire segment, Monday, November 9, 2015 10 to Noon, Mountain time, as we share more information about this policy change and take your calls and comments.  AM 630 or or app k-talk.

—Cherilyn Bacon Eagar

Vote No Houston’s Prop 1 | UN wants to legalize gay pedophilia for 10 year olds and up

We stand with Houston pastors who have led the charge to repeal Houston’s anti-discrimination ordinance. It’s on the ballot Tuesday, November 3, 2015. If you know anyone in Houston, please forward this message: VOTE NO PROP 1.

Prayers Are Needed for Houston and for Religious Liberty
On Election Day November 3rd in Houston, we ask everyone on our list to tell their friends who live in Houston to vote NO on Prop 1 – the repeal of Houston’s anti-discrimination ordinance – and to pray for its success in the cause of religious liberty and our children.

Getting this repeal measure on the ballot came at a great personal cost and much courage, championed by the Houston Area Pastors Council, led by Pastor Dave Welch.

Pastor Welch was the concluding keynote speaker at the #Stand4Truth Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah on Monday, October 26, 2015. He shared their experience and urged us all to never give in.

Now, why do we oppose anti-discrimination? Isn’t it about love and fairness and equality?

No, it’s not. Here’s why.

It must be known that these laws are not about equality. They are an integral part of the agenda to normalize sin and sexual perversion.

#Stand4Truth Tuesday Election Day – Vote NO Houston’s Prop 1

The LGBT activists know this Houston Proposition is the test case for all SOGI (sexual orientation-gender identity) laws across the nation.

If these pastors succeed, what they did to repeal it will become a model for the rest of the nation to repeal these deceptive laws that, in the name of “equality,” allow men to violate the privacy of women and minor girls by entering into their bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities.

SOGI laws also give license to homosexual or transgender teachers and their advocates in public schools in positions of respected authority to openly discuss and advocate their LGBT agenda and to promote it to our children, along with teaching SOGI sex ed to young children.

The SOGI laws are the slippery slope to the legalization of absolute depravity. Now, as we predicted, the U.N. is moving to normalize pedophilia, legalized sex between minors and adults. I urge you to read more about this sexual revolution influencing these laws.


We accurately predicted that after the U.S. Supreme Court redefined marriage to include homosexual “marriage” that children would be at increased risk of sexual abuse because they are placed for adoption in homosexual homes.

We predicted the next frontline would be the result of anti-discrimination laws: the protection of homosexuals to be hired as teachers in public schools and to teach from a position of authority and respect that their lifestyle is as normal as any other. Based on the testimonials of so many who have been raised in homosexual households, we asserted that this was a form of child abuse.

Of course, this claim enraged many in the LGBT movement. However, just as with the pro-Life movement, adults who have been raised in those homes have been speaking out and telling their stories.

One of them, Dawn Stefanowicz, spoke at the recent #Stand4Truth summit in Salt Lake City on Monday, October 26, 2015. Watch her presentation here, beginning at approximately 39:50.

Anti-discrimination laws must be stopped because our children are at risk. It’s as simple as that.

Read this important report from Dr. Judith Reisman on how gender identity laws will affect our children.

How Utah Was Targeted
In states as conservative as Utah, anti-discrimination laws have been railroaded through legislative hearings. We oppose any inclusion of SOGI language (sexual orientation and gender identity) because children are the losers. It has nothing to do with equality.

Utah was a surprise to the entire nation, from the day the federal circuit court judge unilaterally struck down its marriage law by summary judgment (no hearing) in December 2013.

But to those of us who have been working intensely behind the scenes, it was predictable. I had been watching for over two decades.

I can testify that Utah and the Mormon church has been a prime target of the sexual revolution – specifically the LGBT agenda – for many years.

In the mid-1980s a favorite LDS poet and playwright Carol Lynn Pearson (and a personal friend from our theatre days at Brigham Young University) wrote her beautiful story Goodbye, I Love You. It was a passionate and tender account of her Christlike acts of compassion as she cared for Gerald, her homosexual husband, in his final days battling AIDS, after he had left her and her children for other men several years prior.

The fallout was devastating and it adversely affected her children. Carol Lynn’s extraordinarily talented and beautiful daughter Emily later documented her life experience in a book titled Dancing With Crazy.

How a child copes with this sort of trauma is the focus of our concern that gets entirely lost in the selfish and narcissistic
LGBT rights movement. We are compelled to ask the fundamental question: What about the needs of a child to have both a mother and a father in a committed, long-term marriage?

I cannot begin to know the personal pain that my friend Carol Lynn has experienced. I do know that this life gives each of us personal pain in different ways. But Carol Lynn and I have taken different routes in response to life’s painful experiences.

My own life experience, including my theatrical experience and intimate friendships with the gay community, drew me to the family advocacy movement to defend man-woman marriage and to protect our children from the sexual revolution that challenges that institution.

On the other hand, Carol Lynn’s experience led her to advocate for the inclusion of gay Mormons into the fold, so to speak. She used her writing talent to create dramatic stories and plays of Mormon returned missionaries who had been ostracized from family and friends and who had committed suicide. Her brilliance captured a national audience.

Meanwhile, in that same time frame – 1989 – the LGBT movement strategized and laid out its blueprint to win in a book titled After the Ball. They did everything they set out to do, and it worked.

As early as June 1995, I began monitoring the LGBT strategic plan to take out Utah first. With a media pass, I attended the UN Conference on Families in Salt Lake City where the licensing of parents and forced sterilization of “unfit” boys at age 12 was advocated in one of its breakout sessions. The response in the room was an audible gasp. Such policy only existed in totalitarian governments such as Communist China.

By September 1995 the LDS Church responded by publishing its doctrine, The Family: A Proclamation to the World. It specifically defined marriage as man-woman. It defined gender as eternal, and Life as sanctified.

It then called upon citizens to hold elected officials accountable to this eternal and unchanging standard.

By 2004, many states were under direct attack. Utah passed its man-woman constitutional protection Amendment 3, while I worked as assistant to constitutional scholar Richard Wilkins to help several states including Utah get their proposals on ballots.

I began to monitor the LGBT blogs and email lists. I noticed a common target: the Mormon Church. Appeals went out in these close-knit online conversation groups to create a critical mass in Salt Lake City, encouraging LGBT advocates to move there and to run for public office.

Gay ex-Mormons showed up in surprising places, at LDS meetings and conferences and behind the scenes in support groups emerging to infiltrate through compassionate covers such as the Mormons Building Bridges organization.

On the surface, Mormons Building Bridges professes to encourage the compassionate embrace of family and friends rather than ostracizing them. But what it really seeks is full inclusion and a change in doctrine.

I became aware of the subversive nature of Mormons Building Briges while running for public office. One day I received a lengthy phone call from an individual who finally admitted that the goal is full inclusion, including homosexual “marriage” in LDS temples.

By this time, the South Park writers were researching what was to become The Book of Mormon (the musical), a satirical, distorted, vulgar and mocking look at the LDS church and its missionary outreach.

While Carol Lynn gathered those who were leaving the LDS church in more formal conference settings, featuring icons such as NFL’s 49er Quarterback Steve Young, I and others began meeting in more formal gatherings to defend the faith and its natural family policy featuring the Osmonds.

Then Prop 8 happened. The LDS church got on board openly and enthusiastically. It is universally acknowledged that without the LDS Church’s support in California, that ballot proposition defending man-woman marriage would have failed.

Many contributions flooded in from LDS donors everywhere. I was one of them. In true aggressive form, Huffington Post collaborated with SPLC and HRC to expose the donors. Mormons lost their jobs and their reputations were ridiculed. For those that had never participated in anything political before, it was devastating.

I was one of those donors. It really didn’t make much difference to us and no one took time to highlight it, until I ran for U.S. Senate. Then suddenly I was a target. Gloria Steinem and feminist author Linda Hirschman, along with The Daily Beast and Mother Jones – both liberal feminist and anti-Mormon news outlets – launched a vicious campaign against me – and my husband’s business.

Mother Jones‘ Washington DC reporter, Stephanie Mencimer, disclosed that she had come from Utah to Washington DC. It was clear she had an ax to grind about Utah and a grudge against its dominant religion.

A divide was developing. The LDS homosexual community that estranged itself from the doctrine of the natural family pursued positions in high places of LGBT influence. One became an attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center, the aggressive legal LGBT advocacy group that has at its disposal hundreds of millions to spend to create the media lies and to take the matter to the Courts.

Together with the Human Rights Campaign, another aggressive organization with hundreds of millions to spend to shape the media message, they launched a full-court press strategy to take out Utah first.

And they did.

Local major donors who supported the demise of man-woman marriage in Utah included Bruce Bastian and even my BYU roommate and bridesmaid Diane Pew Tolboe Stewart. According to an L.A. Times report, she had been brokering talks between LDS General Authorities, LDS Public Affairs and Equality Utah inside her mansion that overlooks the Utah Capitol and Temple Square.

Overstock owner Patrick Byrne provided $50,000 to fund the plaintiffs in the Utah lawsuit that claimed Utah’s Amendment 3 was unconstitutional. That created the domino effect for the rest of the states that faced challenges.

Lines in the LDS community were being drawn. One small but vocal group wanted inclusion of homosexuals. Others in the vast majority – but less vocal – wanted to hold the line on biblical and scriptural truth condemning homosexuality as both a sin of the heart and of behavior.

The Utah Compromise and Beyond
Still others on both sides believed there could be some sort of truce that would allow a peaceful co-existence. That ideal – that we could be “fair to all” – created the dialogue behind the crafting of what is now known as “The Utah Compromise” – the LGBT-“religious liberty” bill that passed the Utah legislature with little warning or hearing from those of us who believe that man’s law cannot trump God’s law.

Compromise in biblical and Book of Mormon terms is virtually non-existent. Good and evil have always been like oil and water. The definition of marriage and religious liberty is a no-compromise matter to those of us who know religious history.

We know that it is not only possible to stay true to the natural family and marriage and still treat family and friends with a Christian heart, while not compromising, there is no other way to protect our children.

The Truth About Extremism
We know from history that we are now in a place in time where we must do what is right and let the consequence follow.

Courageous people are rising to the top, such as Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk that went to jail because she refused to allow an unjust law to trump her freedom of conscience.

Some have criticized her and called her an extremist or suggested that she did not have a legal right to conscientiously object.

Yet, throughout history, have you noticed that those we now honor and call courageous were once criticized and mocked by their contemporaries as extremists?

Here are a few examples:

The American Founders were extremists. They gave their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, many losing all they owned and dying paupers for our liberty. Yet, only a small percentage of colonists supported them.

Helmuth Hebener, one of three LDS teenagers in Nazi Germany were extremists for distributing leaflets decrying Nazism. Helmuth was so criticized he was excommunicated by his Nazi Mormon bishop. After he was beheaded by the Nazis, the LDS church eventually reinstated him. Today he is a Mormon hero.

Martin Luther King was an extremist. When he landed in the Birmingham Jail, he was ridiculed by his own leaders in the civil rights movement. They distanced themselves from him because he had embarrassed the entire movement. This was the motivation behind his riveting Letter from Birmingham Jail.

Never let this history be forgotten, because today those of us who are taking this strong position – that we cannot compromise with evil – are being ostracized, ridiculed and criticized by a few who are more concerned about their reputations than doing what is right. We are today’s extremists, some might suggest.

We are among those that have warned against the support of anti-discrimination laws. We knew from experience in other states that along with the protection in hiring and housing, would next come the “accommodations” laws, intended to force homosexualism and transgenderism on everyone.

The LGBT media message was clever – “it’s about love” and “equality for all.” “All” meaning all homosexuals, excluding the rest of us.

We warned that the support of anti-discrimination laws would lead to the violation of privacy of women and girls in bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities, and that they would destroy girls’ sports teams by forcing boys who claim to be girls onto their teams.

We warned that including the SOGI language would give protective status to “transgendered” youth, as Utah’s law did, even citing the DSM V definition of “gender identity” which is gender dysphoria, a mental disorder.

This protection flies in the face of the truth which Walt Heyer, an ex-trans man explained to us at our #Stand4Truth Summit in Salt Lake City – that between 74 and 96% of those who believe they are transgendered are really simply facing a mental illness that can be treated successfully. He was one of them and has been happily married for 18 years.

We also predicted that when marriage laws fell, the next frontier would be the SOGI frontier to legalize homosexual pedophilia by lowering the age of consent to age 10.

Indeed, the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) just announced that this IS the next front.

It’s a time to boldly #Stand4Truth. If you agree, please help us cover the costs of the #Stand4Truth event and the documentary we are developing. Just click on the donate button above. Or send a check payable to: Strong Reasons, LLC, 5202 Saddleback Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84117

World Congress of Families IX
The four-day event in Salt Lake City was a huge success. It drew a large crowd and the speakers and break out sessions were well organized.

Highlights were Pastor Rafael Cruz, presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s father, who gave a riveting address to a cheering crowd, citing the forces of communism to destroy the family.

Afterward, he commented that the SOGI laws – anti-discrimination laws – are the next frontier and that acceptance of gay pedophilia is now top on the agenda. LGBT activists typically jump all over those comments.

But Pastor Cruz was basing his statement on the October 22, 2015 announcement that UNFPA was launching an initiative to legalize homosexual man-boy sex.

This announcement was also discussed at our Monday event – #Stand4Truth. Begin watching at 1:00:50 – therapist David Pickup.

Strangely, WCF9 leadership distanced itself from Cruz’s comment about the indisputable relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia and Cruz’s appeal to stop anti-discrimination laws.

We assume that the WCF9 organizers did not see the recent announcement that this is indeed high on the UN agenda:

We urge WCF9 to review this update and reconsider its critical statement against Rev Cruz’s remarks, which were in fact truthful.

Thankfully, the WCF9 agenda dropped the inclusion of what is now called “The Utah Compromise” from its agenda. This is Utah’s anti-discrimination law that includes SOGI language and protects religious institutions – but it does not protect its adherents. Too many of the WCF9 member organizations agree with us and oppose that anti-discrimination approach and do not see it as “the model for the nation,” let alone the model for the world.

Another marvelous speaker at the WCF9 event was Cathy Ruse, Senior Counsel, Family Research Council, who stressed that history will not tell the story truthfully. It is up to us to keep the story straight – that 50 million Americans opposed homosexual “marriage” and voted for man-woman marriage and ONE supreme court justice legalized homosexual marriage against the will of the people.

She said that no judge can force us to bend at the alter of a foreign God. She advocated living in civil disobedience of such a law.

Brian Brown, president of the National Organization of Marriage followed. He said that the Supreme Court has put a lie into law. He cited other such instanced throughout history: The Dred Scott case allowing for the buying and selling of human beings; the sterilization of imbeciles. Throughout biblical times, martyrs declared “I will not bow to Caesar.” He said, “God has put us here for a reason.” Then he charted the course ahead with four points of action:

1. Affirm the truth.
2. Reject the US Supreme Court decision.
3. Overturn that decision.
4. Contain the damage.

Another popular speaker was Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University who also agrees with our approach that we must #Stand4Truth.

#Stand4Truth Videos

Each of these speakers made a strong case for what we believe – that we must continue to #Stand4Truth – the truth of the positive affects of natural marriage and family on children as well as the need to share the truth about the medical and behavioral science and to share the stories of those whose lives have been adversely affected by homosexuality.

You can watch the unedited version of the all day #Stand4Truth event we hosted on Monday, October 26, 2015:

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

Evening Session

It’s a time to boldly #Stand4Truth. If you agree, please help us cover the costs of the #Stand4Truth event and the documentary we are developing. Just click on the donate button above. Or send a check payable to: Strong Reasons, LLC, 5202 Saddleback Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84117

The Slippery Slope of Gay Pedophilia Now Gaining Traction at UN

Although not a new idea, the homosexual agenda is now getting traction at the UN. As mentioned above, the legalization of gay pedophilia, consensual sex between boys and men, is now at the forefront.

This heinous practice has a long history.  I urge you to take time to watch this documentary. John Harmer, chairman of The Lighted Candle Society was with us at the #Stand4Truth event to give a brief report on the relationship of the homosexual agenda and the sexual revolution.

Our friend Judith Reisman was the original whistle blower on the infamous, fraudulent Kinsey Report, which employed sheer evil to support its sexually deviant findings by using children and babies to determine what was “normal” sexual behavior. This is long, but it will open your eyes to why we are so passionate about winning the war on children, marriage and family.


The direct relationship between anti-discrimination laws and the LGBT agenda is incremental.  The question is fundamental:  Is homosexualization good for all in society and if so, should homosexuals and transgendered be a protected class?

To understand the sexual revolution is to understand the homosexual revolution and why anti-discrimination laws must be stopped.

If you have an anti-discrimination law in your town, county or state, the door is now open for your children to be indoctrinated and taught by openly homosexual teachers that will advocate their lifestyle, of which pedophilia (gay and straight) is an accepted practice.

The journey down this slippery slope is acting out in Houston on Tuesday. Which way will we go?

Please help the Houston pastors defeat Proposition 1 on the ballot on Tuesday.  Contact your friends who live there and tell them to get out to vote NO on Proposition 1.

Watch this quick video which gives a glimpse of the drama these pastors have been facing. We were there. We saw, and now we must conquer.  Click on the video even though it says it cannot be accessed.

Joining Houston Five trailer from Robert Starling on Vimeo.

To Judeo-Christian believers, homosexuality, pederasty (and any sexual thought or behavior outside of man-woman marriage) is a sin in all its forms. The reality is, LGBT anti-discrimination laws are legalizing sin by deceiving good people to believe that this is about equality. By so doing, these laws are protecting sin.

Questions Believers Must Ask Themselves

Now we are at a new crossroads. We must ask the following questions of ourselves and of all believers everywhere:

Who are we?

Are we disciples of Jehovah of the Old Testament or Christ of the New Testament?

Do we believe in the God of the Old Testament and/or the New Testament?

Are we willing to #Stand4Truth now that it has become extremist to do so?

Are we willing to put our lives, fortunes and sacred honor on the line for what is right and to #Stand4Truth as the American Founders did – even though they also were labeled extremists of their day?

Are there any examples in scripture in which religious leaders taught their people to bow down to unjust laws?

If we do not have freedom of conscience, what freedom is left?

Who are the biblical/scriptural examples we have been taught to follow?

What does it mean when we recite the words “…stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places?”

Examples We Must Follow

Daniel and the three Israelites of the Old Testament.

The disciples of the New Testament who died as martyrs – the examples of Peter and Paul – come to mind.

In the Book of Mormon, some examples were Abinadi, Samuel the Lamanite, and Moroni who led the people to battle to defend religious liberty and their families.

History repeats itself. The martyrs of old were mocked by their contemporary peers as extremists.

Is it extremism to #Stand4Truth today?

Who are we now?

Who are the examples today in this ongoing battle for religious liberty and to defend natural marriage and family?

The Houston Five Story
Pastor Dave Welch, one of the keynote speakers at the #Stand4Truth Conference Monday, October 26, 2015 in Salt Lake City, is one of those leaders. He delivered a powerful address asking believers everywhere to #Stand4Truth, no matter the cost.

Welch was one of the five pastors whose sermons and confidential communications with their members were subpoenaed by their lesbian mayor in an attempt to keep the repeal of Houston’s anti-discrimination ordinance off the ballot.

These pastors did not allow their lesbian mayor and her office to intimidate them. They stood together in solidarity throughout the ordeal. We were with them and we saw the evidence of the lies and deception emanating from the mayor’s office. The pastors took their cause “don’t mess with our pulpits” – which is a First Amendment unalienable right and protection – to court and they won.

Now they need our prayers again on Tuesday, November 3, 2015. The LGBT activists are funneling millions into that proposition to pass it. If you are in Houston, or if you know someone that lives in Houston, please forward this email and tell them to vote NO Proposition 1.

Salt Lake City’s Mayoral Election Demands “None of the Above” Response
Sadly, on Tuesday, Utah’s mayoral election frontrunner is a lesbian. In fact, every candidate running for Salt Lake City mayor supports this LGBT agenda. This is a shameful and embarrassing time for Utah and for the citizens of Salt Lake City that have allowed this unthinkable scenario to take hold because so many believers believe so strongly in being “meek and mild.” This is not a time for meekness.

It’s a time to boldly #Stand4Truth. If you agree, please help us cover the costs of the #Stand4Truth event and the documentary we are developing. Just click on the donate button above. Or send a check payable to: Strong Reasons, LLC, 5202 Saddleback Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84117

#Stand4Truth Simulcast LIVE Stream

Here are the addresses for the 3 webcast sessions on Monday,October 26, 2015:

Morning Session – 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Afternoon Session – 2:00 PM – 4:45 PM

Evening Session – 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Pray for Houston and #Stand4Truth

Prayers are needed. On Election Day in Houston a repeal of Houston’s anti-discrimination ordinance is on the ballot. Last year, the Houston mayor, a lesbian, tried to thwart a petition drive led by Houston area pastors. She subpoenaed their sermons and confidential communications between them and their members. They took it to court and won. It’s on the ballot, and they need our prayers.

Watch this short clip of me and Jeff Chamberlain, The Hollywood Why Guy, as we stood with these pastors in Houston last year.

“Houston Five” 90 second video

Meanwhile…The Liberty Lineup Radio Show and K-Talk Radio are presenting a one-day conference called #Stand4Truth – Understanding Homosexuality, The Politically-Incorrect Truth.

It will be videotaped in a film studio before a studio audience on Monday, October 26, 2015.

Countering Criticism

We have recently learned that this event is receiving criticism from a few – those who do not want this information to be heard or who are not familiar with the scope, vision and purpose of this event.

We have assembled some of the most noted leaders from around the U.S. and Canada to gather at this first-time conference so that, in the aftermath of the Court’s ruling on marriage, we can begin to educate and inform, to provide the latest medical and social science facts, to strengthen the religious and moral message, and to give hope and healing to those who are suffering.

I am responsible for covering the expenses of these leaders. We are only a week away and we’ve not yet reached our funding goal. But I know with your help of $25, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000 or more, we will.  Please help us make this event a success.  Donate by clicking here.

Three Things You Can Do Right Now
First, pray.  Pray that our critics will not succeed in preventing this event from being seen and heard by as many as possible next week and beyond.

Second, attend this event and share.  Get your tickets for the studio audience or online simulcast and spread this message to at least 10 of your friends today.

Third, donate. Help us cover the expenses of the speakers who are traveling to Utah to be part of this presentation. To donate, simply click here.

#Stand4truth banner 3


A Preview of Pastor Dave Welch

Here is a glimpse of one of our keynote speakers, Pastor Dave Welch and the “Houston Five,” who stood up to the Houston Mayor.  THESE pastors and the people of Houston need our support and prayers.

They need us to be with Pastor Dave Welch at this conference in studio or online to show our support.  Their repeal measure is on the ballot and only one week after this event, the voters will go to the polls to decide whether that ordinance will be repealed.  #Stand4Truth today.

Read More About #Stand4Truth Conference


From 2014 to early 2015, American Leadership Fund raised $100,000 in defense of Marriage in three circuit courts and at the U.S. Supreme Court with attorney Frank Mylar’s help.

We traveled around Utah and as far as Virginia, Maryland and Connecticut, giving presentations showing the realities of anti-discrimination laws and informing people about topics no one else was addressing:  homosexualism, transitioning, hormone replacement therapy and transgenderism.

After Utah’s marriage law was struck down, other states fell like dominoes.

It was reminiscent of Roe v. Wade in 1973, the Court opinion that legalized abortion.

We can credit the vigilant pro-Lifers for doubling their efforts to educate the public during the aftermath when most of the nation believed it was over and done.

We can also take a lesson from them.

Today most people believe that the Marriage issue is over and done.

What should we do now?  It’s simple.

They didn’t make great strides to stop abortion by only focusing on how sacred Life is, although it is.  They worked hard to inform people about what an abortion is, how it’s done and what it does to the baby and the mother.

They published the stories and testimonials of those that had been harmed by abortion.  They showed how it was done, and they documented the stories of women who had had abortion and regretted it and of even children who had survived abortions.

Likewise, we won’t make great strides to stop same-sex marriage, homosexuality or the homosexualist trends among adolescents by only focusing on how essential Marriage between a man and a woman is, although it is.

We do what the Pro-Life movement did. We do what we are doing:  We assemble the best legal, medical, therapist, and religious leaders together to #Stand4Truth.

We ask those whose lives have been negatively impacted by homosexualism in some way to share their heart-wrenching, inspiring and hopeful testimonies.  And then we document all of it.

That is what #Stand4Truth is all about.  We need you to be with us and to share with all your family and friends.

Why Is the #Stand4Truth Conference So Urgent?

No one imagined that Utah would so quickly pass an anti-discrimination law that would compromise on moral and religious principles to introduce the words “sexual orientation,” “gender identity” and even the DSM V definition of “gender dysphoria” into the state code.

Next comes the “accommodations” bill, commonly called the “bathroom bill.”

Missing in all this discussion is the truth about homosexuality.  The medical science and social science data that have bamboozled most Americans into believing that homosexuals are “born that way,” that it is a civil right, that it has nothing to do with sin or religious conscience and that religious doctrine needs to conform and treat homosexuality as a noun and a state of being,  not the verb that it is in the scriptures.

With all the politically-correct jargon, doctors and therapists who know the truth are being shut down and losing their livelihoods for speaking out.

Our radio hosts and friends – many who are members of the Utah family coalition – gathered together to create an event that has never occurred before.  We are bringing doctors, therapists, attorneys, religious leaders and real people whose lives have been affected in one way or another by homosexualism.

We are documenting their presentations in this all-day conference called #Stand4Truth – Understanding Homosexuality, The Politically Incorrect Truth.

Its purpose is to provide an educational and inspirational resource for everyone to use to counter the lies and misinformation of the LGBT community.

You are invited to join this exclusive and limited studio audience.  Or you can watch it online through the simulcast.  You can buy your tickets here. Seating is limited.  

God bless you,
Cherilyn Bacon Eagar
The Liberty Lineup Radio Show

#Stand4truth banner 3

#Stand4Truth Conference Program Schedule

Stand4Truth 2015 – Program Schedule – Inaugural Conference 2

#Stand4truth banner 3

#Stand4Truth 2015 – Inaugural Conference
Understanding Homosexuality – The Politically Incorrect Truth
Monday, October 26, 2015

Homosexuality in all its aspects is the topic of the inaugural Stand4Truth Conference sponsored by KTALK Radio and the Liberty Lineup Radio Show along with the American Family Association, Family Research Council, and Eos Mobile. Nationally-known presenters include medical experts, scientists, therapists, clergyman, and ex-gays representing orthodox Jewish, LDS, Catholic, and Evangelical views with a mission to inform, inspire, and motivate to take action. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32) .

Politically correct public policies and court decisions in combination with the pro-gay mainstream media and educational systems are forming public opinion without conveying the facts. Propaganda is silencing and distorting the truth—the truth about psychology and medical science, the truth about religious tenets and their scriptural foundations, the truth about Constitutional law, and the truth about real people of all ages whose lives have been physically, emotionally, and spiritually damaged. The impact of the normalization of homosexuality on the workplace, the classroom, the church, and the family reaches into every facet of modern life and portends ominous implications for the future of society. Truth can prevail only through education, knowledge, and action.

Parents, teachers, school administrators and board members, media, doctors, therapists, religious leaders and people of faith everywhere will be enlightened, leaving the Stand4Truth Conference equipped with commonly unknown information and essential tools.

Morning Session 10:00 – 12:35 PM

10:00 AM Opening-Welcome – Sandy Rios, Host – American Family Association


10:15-10:35 AM Morning Keynote – Peter Sprigg, Family Research Council

10:35-11:35 AM Panel 1 – The Truth About Therapy and Psychological Research

Contrary to false and misleading information touted about sexual orientation change therapies, scientific research, and anecdotal evidence, this panel will discuss authentic change therapy and how scientific and anecdotal evidence demonstrate real change. State laws now banning change therapies will also be addressed.

• Robert Vazzo, LMFT – “Junk Science Versus Valid Research”
• David Pickup, LMFT – “How Authentic Reparative Therapy Really Works”

11:35-12:35 PM Panel 2: The Truth About Censored Medical Evidence

This panel will expose statistics concealed from public view and consequences medical doctors have suffered for stating the detrimental effects of homosexual and transgender lifestyles. Dangers inherent in these revisionist trends will be explored, with specific medical institutions participating in unsound research highlighted.

• Paul McHugh, MD – “Why Johns Hopkins University Stopped Performing Sex Reassignment Surgeries”

• Keith Vennum, MD – “CDC Statistics Regarding MSM and Revisionism in Science”

• Paul Church, MD – “The cost of Advocating for Sound Medical Science in an Increasingly Hostile Medical Environment”

12:35 – 2:00 PM Lunch Break

Afternoon Session 2:00 – 4:45 PM

2:00 – 2:05 Welcome – Sandy Rios, Host

2:05 – 2:25 PM Afternoon Keynote Reverend Bill Owens

2:25 – 3:25 PM Panel 3: The Truth About Laws Based on Lies and Constitutional VooDoo
Unconstitutional and unfounded recent judicial and legislative edicts will be explained by this panel, as well as how to stand for truth, free speech, and religious liberty in the face of these travesties.

• Frank Mylar, JD – “Fallout rom the Pro-Gay Marriage Supreme Court Decision and the Pandora’s Box of Anti-Discrimination Laws”

• Mat Staver, JD – “What Kim Davis Taught Us About Standing for Truth and Conscientious Objection”

• David Pickup – “How Laws Against Sexual Reorientation Therapy in Minors in Four States Violate Free Speech”

• Peter LaBarbera – “Laws Needed to Protect Professionals’ Rights”

3:25 – 4:45 PM Panel 4: The Truth About Adulterated Doctrine versus Moral, Scriptural, and Religious Integrity
Panelists will recall God’s clear instructions on same-sex lust and how gay activists have subverted the Bible. Entities recruiting children and youth into homosexualism and the responsibility for courageous and loving parents and churches to counteract these efforts will be discussed.

• Dr. Michael Brown – An Evangelical Christian View: “Simple Answers to Difficult Questions: Can You Be Gay and Christian? Lessons Learned from LGBT Activism”

• Stephen and Janice Graham – An LDS Christian View: “Parental Responsibility to Pro-actively Teach Their Children About Homosexual Sin, Repentance and the Miracle of Forgiveness.”

• Brian Camenker – An Orthodox Jewish View: “Massachusetts Case Study: How Homosexualism is Forced on children through Anti-Discrimination Laws”

• Pastor Dave Welch – An Evangelical Christian View: “The Responsibility of Religious Leaders to Warn and Teach Truth Come What May”

4:45 – 6:15 PM Dinner Break

6:15 – 9:15 PM – Evening Session

6:15 – 7:30 PM Panel 5: The Truth About Real People and Their Personal Experiences With Homosexuality
Change really happens! These panelists will give their testimonies of emotional, intellectual, behavioral, and spiritual change and how their orientation now reflects their natural gender and proper sexuality. Don’t miss these both heart-wrenching and uplifting true stories of overcoming homosexuality.

• David Pickup – How Reparative Therapy Saved My Life – Real Therapy Really Works

• Drew Graham – How I Got In and Out of Homosexuality – the Environmental and Pornography/Internet Connections

• Dawn Stefanowicz – How I Was Raised by a Gay Father – the Devastating and Dangerous Impact of Homosexual Parenting

• Walt Heyer – How I came to Regret Transgendering: A Message to Bruce Jenner and His Fans

• Janet Boynes – How I Left Lesbianism – Called Out to Rise Up and Change

7:30-8:45 PM Panel 6: The Truth About Where to go From Here: The Call to Action
Finally, this panel will discuss how brave, God-fearing Americans can organize to unearth and spread the truth about human sexuality and its dangerous modern distortions for the sake of free speech, religious rights, health, order, and the physical and spiritual well-being of rising and future generations. Become a part of this growing movement of wise and passionate citizens! Join us!

• Brian Camenker – Winning the War: What Works and What Doesn’t
• Dawn Stefanowicz – Homosexualism: A Warning from Canada to America
• Regina Griggs – Citizen legislative Action and Getting Bills Passed
• Liberty Lineup Radio Show Hosts – Educating the Public by Developing a Powerful Multimedia Strategy and Message

8:45 PM Faith in the Fire Award – Pastor Dave Welch
Presented by KNRS Talk Show Host Rod Arquette
Evening Keynote – Pastor Dave Welch

#Stand4truth banner 3