FBI Releases Video of LaVoy Finicum’s Murder

They Won the West

VIDEO COMMENTARY – UPDATE, Friday, January 29, 2016
After the FBI news conference on Thursday.
This video was released Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016 by the FBI.

WARNING: This is difficult to watch, but it is not a close up – it’s an aerial view. Combined with the testimonies of the audio interchange between LaVoy and the troopers, it is proof that LaVoy Finicum was murdered.

God bless LaVoy Finicum and his wife Jeanette, eleven children and all the grandchildren. LaVoy said from the moment he arrived in the Malheur Refuge that he was prepared to die in defending freedom but that he would not be the aggressor. He emphasized that he would rather die than spend time in jail.

What has this country become that it would unleash military style reinforcements on the people we knew wanted a peaceful resolution?

There are no words.

Here is the complete video. Start at about 9:20.

We want to thank our friend Sean Hannity for pressuring the FBI to release this video. I hope to get more evidence soon. We will keep you updated.

I posted the embed code in my last email communication instead of the link. Here it is. It has been corrected here.

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  1. Original Anna
    Original Anna says:

    looks like he had his hands up and was shot by the guy coming up in the back or the one in front, either way he was shot with his hands up which is murder in my eyes

  2. Original Anna
    Original Anna says:

    Looked at the video again, he was in deep snow and it looks as if he lost his balance and his body was twisted away from both the guy in back and in front. What was the hurry in shooting him with his body twisted away from them and not in balance in deep snow. Deep snow is not a great holder of you, it knocks your body off usually pushing you forward into the snow downward. And since he was off the property why where they chasing him any way. Wait until they get to where they were going a meeting and catch him there before going in. I read somewhere that the federal gov’t can not own land and so owning this land they were charging everyone to use is illegal. The federal gov’t is taking over more and more land it is not supposed to be owning. Only states can own land.

  3. Big Kev
    Big Kev says:

    Looks to me like a JUSTIFIABLE SHOOTING. He has his hands up, drops them , turns to 3’pclock, puts his hands inside his coat as if trying to find something, turns to 12’o’clock and is shot. This is a fact, if you closely look at the video. Like it or not, he brought it upon himself.

    • Garry Kershaw
      Garry Kershaw says:

      Justifiable? What was he root cause of this whole incident? Citizens were invited to a community meeting in town, and were detained (ambushed) by the FBI and law enforcement, who knew where they were going. What justification did they have for preventing citizens to peacefully assemble?

    • Agenda21Truth
      Agenda21Truth says:

      If you watch the video again you will see one man LEAP in front of LaVoy’s truck firing a shot we know hit! I think LaVoy, at that point, WOULD be justified in defending himself, although we know he left his firearm with “Cowboy” (Duane Ehmer). Try again!

  4. James O'RILEY
    James O'RILEY says:

    If the cops where yelling at him to drop a weapon and he was doing it,they should not of shot him but it sure duz look like the cop sneaking up from behind him shot shot him in the back because he fell forward, and I saw a lot of flashes going off at car what was all that about. Also where is the Media I guess they were told to stay away.

  5. Sonbuck
    Sonbuck says:

    Hey they were ambushed and looks like it was a plan and catch them out like that and make an example by killing this old man. Murdering bunch of SOB. I hope to see all you bastards lying dead in the snow just like this man. No reason at all to kill him and it looks like the asshole behind him shot him in the back. Sorry chicken-shit bastards. Well, election time is soon here and this crap is going to be gone along with this murdering bunch in Obama Administration. Stop and think of how many murders since he took office. Damn I will be glad when the people will stand up against this kind of abuse. No sense in this at all. Time for blacks, white, Hispanics and all join in the fight for the American freedoms.

  6. Dennis
    Dennis says:

    The Obama administration is gifted at negotiation. They could have stopped the truck at the start of the journey and negotiated. Why didn’t they negotiate with this group like they did with Iran? With their brilliance it would have ended peacefully. But Iran did not take over a government facility and the Obama administration detests us. We all knew it was most likely they would use the WACO approach to end this. The group in the white truck knew that fact. It shows very bad judgement to use their white horse to run away from law enforcement, which was simply waiting at the next pass. In desperation they choose to crash their cause into a snow bank. Then, when surrounded by sharp shooters, instead of standing absolutly still with hands high in the air, our hero foolishly moves. He loses footing in the snow and takes his hands down. In response, the WACO sharp shooter does what he is trained to do when someone moves and takes his hands down. This is the same type of bad judgement that resulted in a young man in Ferguson being fatally shot because he would not obey law enforcement.

    There is no winner here. Everyone lost. The family is grieving. We are grieving. As a conservative old patriot that like most of you, this is not how I choose to do battle. There is a better way to preserve our liberty than cheering for a father and grandfather while we watch him being shot dead in the snow.

  7. Larry Logan
    Larry Logan says:

    FBI need to kill rev al sharpton in first place bec he cause Missouri black protestor riot and marylandctoo and he urge black ppl to kill white cops !
    Al sharpton is worst troublemaker than Oregon rancher !!!!!!!!!


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