Freedom’s Cry – Lyrics and Music Finicum Sisters

Freedom’s Cry
Written and Performed by The LaVoy Finicum daughters
A Tribute to LaVoy Finicum, the Arizona rancher and father of 11 who was killed in an apparent FBI-OPS operation ambush near Burns, Oregon, Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Please help the family by contributing to their official memorial fund.

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  1. Dr Scott Whittier
    Dr Scott Whittier says:

    Sorry for your (our) loss . This may be the first shot/sacrifice in the name of Liberty-21st century. What a brave soul. i believe it is now our time to “fertilize” the Liberty Tree. God Bless and may God have mercy on our souls.

  2. david
    david says:

    we all know that obummas henchmen and federal hit team murdered this brave man in cold blood and no amount of federal whitewashing bull crap will help these murdering bastards they all need to be killed just like they killed this man, weaponless and their hands raised kill every one of them

  3. fireguy
    fireguy says:

    God bless LeVoy and his family. It is my opinion that this man was set-up completely, he was given false promises from the Harney County Sheriff, he was directed into a trap, and he was executed by the State in cold blood. I want to see the body-cams and the dash-cams from the federal and state agents!!! I watched the aerial video, which by the way was filmed I believe by a military helicopter (watch Iraq helo attack videos for reference). What were the agents going to do, use a cobra gunship to destroy the Finnicum convoy if they managed to get through the roadblocks? For Pete’s sake, the man was shot nine times! I just watched LeVoy’s video from his ranch from last August where he articulates his beliefs in the US Constitution and how the homesteading act gave private ownership to his ranch lands, including the grazing rights, he is spot-on in my opinion.

    I am a retired federal employee and I can say for a surety that the law enforcement officers (LEOs) have transformed 180 degrees from their initial formation when I started in the 1980s (to monitor timber-sale theft), to the group that I ended up working alongside when I retired in 2013. They are a hardened lot, special federal agents, with unlimited jurisdiction, and unlimited access to pure military hardware of battle rifles and US Army helicopters. I worked at our fire airtanker bases so I watched as US Army black-out helicopters were staffed by US Forest Service and BLM LEOs for MISSIONS. No, this was a military mission carried out by the incident command system (ICS) and the FEMA National Response Plan. Folks, unless you work for the feds, and I did for a long time, you have no inkling of the power, resources, ego, and disdain for the American citizen that is bred into these agents, and dare I say, to the average federal employee. I had enough actually and eventually ended up taking the USFS to court because they were hypocrites and were violating employee civil rights, they were, as I learned, usurping employees constitutional rights everyday and replacing them with administrative rules, of which LaVoy speaks of in his video where the three branches of government (legislative, executive, and judicial) are coalesced into one tyrant branch, the administrative rule branch of the code of federal regulations (CFRs). I am outraged America and you too should be! Why? Because, even if you are not savvy to or close to this segment of our American society, yours will be next. When you have an issue with the government, they will deal with you in the same manner. Ambush and execution. It is time to stop this tyranny America!!!

  4. Vicke G
    Vicke G says:

    I will be attending the service since I live in Kanab. I am SO SORRY FOR THE LOSS OF THIS MAN. May he rest in peace. And may the murderer(s) /assassin rot in hell for what they did. To shoot this man 9 times even as he lay there dying is unconscionable.


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