LaVoy Finicum Family Statement


The family of Arizona rancher LaVoy Finicum, killed in Oregon shooting, has released the following statement:

We know that there are always at least two sides to every story. We also know and recognize that the FBI and law enforcement agencies involved will do everything in their power to make it appear as if the needless death of our husband, father, grandfather, brother and son, LaVoy Finicum, was justified.
Like almost everyone else, we were not there, so we don’t know exactly what happened. Like most others, we have no choice but to rely on other sources of information. One of those sources of information is the account of Victoria Sharp. Another piece of information is the video recently released by the FBI, along with the FBI’s chosen narrative of what happened. In response to this information, we would like to make a few observations.

The first observation is that from what we understand, the occupation was on track toward a peaceful resolution. LaVoy and those he was with were en route to a public meeting in an adjoining county when they were stopped in something far different than a “routine traffic stop,” as has been portrayed by the media. Unfortunately, the powers that be were not interested in being patient enough for the occupation to come to a peaceful end. Some had called for LaVoy and those he was with to simply be gunned down, just as he was, with no due process. Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, was putting pressure on the FBI to end it sooner rather than later. The Harney County Sheriff’s Department working in conjunction with the FBI tried to do everything they could to emphasize how disruptive the occupation was to the local community, when in reality it appears to have been their own reaction that was causing most of the disruption. And it was the FBI that chose to escalate the situation to force a confrontation, and violent ending.

With respect to the actual facts and circumstances surrounding LaVoy’s death, the video really speaks for itself. People will interpret it according to their own views. As the FBI’s own narrative stated, LaVoy was not wielding a firearm or any other weapon when he was killed. His hands were obviously in the air. Knowing LaVoy, it is our view that he was moving away from the vehicle in an attempt to draw any hostility or violence away from the others. Unfortunately, we don’t know what he was saying, and what was being said to him. He appears to have been gesturing, or trying to keep his balance while moving in the deep snow. Although he may have been animated, he does not appear to have been threatening or posing any real threat or danger to anyone. The FBI claims that LaVoy had a loaded firearm in an inside pocket of his coat. After re-reviewing the extended video, at this point we are not accepting at face value the FBI’s statement that LaVoy was actually armed. But even if he was, as far as we can see,that firearm posed no more danger to anyone than it would have if he had stayed in the vehicle, with his hands on the steering wheel. Contrary to what has been stated by some sources, LaVoy was not “charging” anyone. He appears to have been shot in the back, with his hands in the air.

It is our understanding that according to applicable law, the use of deadly force is justified only if there is a genuine threat of death or serious bodily injury. It is our understanding and position that deadly force should only be used as a last resort. In LaVoy’s case it appears that they were determined to go straight to the last resort. It is our understanding that the U.S. Supreme Court and Ninth Circuit Court of appeals have ruled as follows:

“The reasonableness of [officers’] actions depends both on whether the officers were in danger at the precise moment that they used force and on whether [the officers’] own reckless or deliberate conduct during the seizure unreasonably created the need to use such force.”

“[W]here an officer intentionally or recklessly provokes a violent confrontation . . . he may be held liable for his otherwise defensive use of deadly force.” Although officers may claim self-defense, they may still be liable for using excessive force if their reckless and unconstitutional actions create the need to use excessive force.

It is our understanding that in addition to shooting LaVoy multiple times, after he was left lying harmlessly on the ground the officers also fired upon his truck and the passengers in it, putting them all at risk, despite the fact that they were posing no threat to anyone. The video clearly shows one of the windows being blown out. It has been gut-wrenching for our family to view the video of LaVoy being shot, and then left to lie in the snow while a whole army of so-called “public servants” terrorized the others. We can only hope their families never have to watch such a thing. We will be interested to inspect the vehicle. We will also be interested to see the autopsy report.

At this point we will await the outcome of any investigation, but based on the information currently available to us, we do not believe that LaVoy’s shooting death was justified. We likewise can’t see any justification for the force and risk of serious injury or death that was exerted against the others in the truck, who posed no threat.

We know that under such circumstances law enforcement typically makes every attempt to cast such shooting victims in the worst possible light. In that regard, we also want to observe and emphasize that LaVoy had a squeaky clean record, and had never had so much as a speeding ticket. In addition to raising his own eleven children, he had also been entrusted with the care of at least 50 foster children over the course of approximately 10 years.

On January 7, 2016, LaVoy issued an official statement from the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. Among other things, the statement said:

“We want to clarify that we share any and all concerns about safety for everyone involved, including ourselves, our families, the public, and law enforcement officers. All lives are important to us. Ultimately, we want everyone involved to be able to return safely to their homes and families.

We are deeply troubled and saddened that our governments do not share the same concern for human life. We are deeply troubled that our governments would view whatever was happening at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge to be worth spilling blood over. We are deeply troubled and saddened that our governments have come to place so little value on life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness.

We love LaVoy as our husband, father, grandfather, brother and son. He was a hero to us. We believe he died as a patriotic martyr. Regardless of any and all differing opinions, we know that he died standing for a cause HE believed in.

LaVoy’s funeral will be held in Kanab, Utah on Friday, February 5, 2016. We take comfort in our faith and our belief that LaVoy is now in a better place. May our dear Lord bless and receive him into that realm. We sincerely appreciate all the thoughts and prayers that have been sent our way. We pray for those who chose to take LaVoy’s life. We desire justice and genuine accountability for what happened, but we pray for them.

And finally, we thank God for this country and what it is supposed to stand for. We pray for this country, and that God will please bless, help and forgive us all.

Please contribute to the memorial fund here.

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  1. Samuel S. Kent
    Samuel S. Kent says:

    My thoughts are deeply with your family. I feel a part of myself has been taken also. Every signer of the Declaration of Independence would have stood with LaVoy Finicum, and he can be considered to be another one of those great men who fought for our liberties. He gave his life for the highest principles known and practiced by all worthy Americans, and he resisted the decadent forces that would deny us our freedom, our liberty and the right of all mankind to happiness. I pray that our ultimate response, our ultimate tribute will honor this man with a memorial and a stature of him in his cowboy hat, with his eyes gazing to the far horizon, that those who follow shall know and understand that he stood for the highest principles of courage, honor, integrity and truth. May the Lord bless all of you, every one of your family. LaVoy Finicum will forever be with us, I pray in the Lord’s Name.

  2. frank Martinez
    frank Martinez says:

    My condolence to the Finicum family my heart goes out to you all, a good family man, his name will not be forgotten any time soon..But will be talk about for a very long time, be safe. God bless.
    This was not only about BLM violations of rights but EPA, Department of Education, FDA, and others so called government agencies, to which are nothing more then corporations maskerating as Government entities, but actually, they hijack the Republic and substituted corporations in the process have acquired land through fraud, murder, extortion and use of public money to do its bidding, and then they claim its theirs, Wrong!, Dept.of Education has ran our school system into the ground and now they are trying to run common core down our throats, FDA going after people who sale raw milk why because its a better quality of milk, and not the store bought milk that been pasteurized, filled with hormones, and drugs, no this so called government is definitely not our government, it serve no purpose other than selling out to the highest bidder being the corporations of the our expense. .

  3. annettekaye
    annettekaye says:

    To LaVoy’s FAMILY my deepest concern for you all. I pray for comfort for each of you. A good man that will surely be missed. I asked my Angels to wrap you in their loving wings.

  4. Nephi Farnsworth
    Nephi Farnsworth says:

    Just wanted to you know that all of us in New Mexico have you in our prayers. LaVoy was a good man. From Nephi & Carolyn Farnsworth.

  5. Janet
    Janet says:

    I am heartbroken by the terrible turn of events that took the life of an honorable and gentle man. A man who believed deeply in the tenets set forth by our Founding Fathers in our Constitution.

    I’m from Boston and the history of a great revolution led by great men surrounds me everywhere I go. I often visit the burial ground where Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin’s parents, Robert Treat Payne and John Hancock, co-signers of the Declaration of Independence lay resting. Also buried there are the victims of the Boston Massacre. The youngest among them is a 10 year old boy.

    Like Mr. Finicum, I too believe in the United States Constitution, the most magnificent document ever conceived by men in the history of mankind.

    NEVER did our Founding Fathers intend that the American people should live under tyranny. Never did they want the American people to live as slaves to a centralized, all powerful government that is so corrupted, so dysfunctional, so oppressive and so dismissive to the will of the people as what our so-called “government” is today.

    Our government no longer “governs,” it “rules,” and THAT is nothing short of totalitarianism.

    Our Founding Fathers would have been shooting by now.

    “Give me liberty, or give me death!” A quote from Patrick Henry’s famous rousing speech made to the Virginia Convention in 1775, at St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia. A speech that set in motion millions of militiamen armed in the holy cause of liberty.

    “…What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!…”

    I know what course Mr. LaVoy Finicum took. He chose to fight for the same principles of freedom that our Founding Fathers and the Minutemen fought for.

    God rest this great American hero’s soul and may his family be comforted in the knowledge that their father and husband was a very courageous man.

    I never met you, Mr. Finicum, but I watched your videos and I felt I knew you personally. The day they killed you I cried my heart out.

    The only thought that gives me comfort is that I know you are free now and walking among fellow giants, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, Hancock and Washington.

    Rest in peace, dear and gentle soul.

  6. Nick Sewald
    Nick Sewald says:

    LaVoy Finicum and the Bundy family have awakened us all to what the government is doing. Most of us don’t have the courage to stand up to these injustices. Thank GOD there are people out there that do. I hope Mr. Finicum’s murder will not be in vain. God bless all of the families involved in standing up for freedom, and our thoughts will be with the Finicum Family today, tomorrow, forever!!!

    Nick Sewald

  7. Nikki J
    Nikki J says:

    We are heartbroken. I have watched his videos, he was a gentle spirit who seemed to be living Heaven on Earth. I know he’s in the loving arms of Our Lord. God Bless and protect his family, and soothe their broken hearts. God has a plan for us all, LaVoy will stay in our hearts and thoughts forever, if only we could all be more like him, what a wonderful world it would be.

    • tim
      tim says:

      Come to Oregon if you want to get your ass handed to you. We didn’t ask that shit-head to come here….. a valuable lesson for all you ‘unamericans’

  8. Janice Mitich
    Janice Mitich says:

    It’s quite obvious that the naysayers cannot make any logical comments, when replying, except to resort to name calling like children on a playground.. [Mark S “Your Dumb!” No, you mean, “You’re Dumb!”] [Brett “He had marginal worth” No, you mean, “He had marginal worth.”] [Laurie “The world wont be safe until people like you are in prison” No, you mean, “The world won’t be safe until people like you are in prison.”] [ Ali “Your not right in the head!” No, “You’re not right in the head!”] I could continue, ad nauseam, but won’t. What are you attempting to accomplish? Frankly name calling is a waste of time and has no redeeming worth. At least proof your writing before posting it in order to lend some respectability to what you are saying.


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