Michelle Malkin Speaks Out to #StopESEA

December 2, 2015 is most likely the vote to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) called “Every Child Achieves Act.” This is a re-hash and worse of the former reauthorizations. Fundamentally, regardless of Republican or Democrat, the same bureaucrats are controlling and it’s a last opportunity to stop Fed Ed for the next seven years.

One of the questions that came to Michelle was: Why aren’t the GOP members of Congress more fired up about stopping Fed Ed? Here is your answer, and it’s not a pretty one:

Yes, Lamar Alexander, who was Secretary of Education at that time (1989) is now chair of the Senate Education committee (HELP – no joke, that’s really the acronym!). He sounds a lot like more recent Secretay of Education Arne Duncan who echoed Alexander decades later:

So you see the problem. Patrick Buchanan warned us years ago. He said it this way, “The two parties have become like wings on the same bird of prey.” Indeed.

Solution? Wake up. Get involved. Replace those who are beholden to the bureaucrats and lobbyists and who are violating Article I of the U.S. Constitution.

For now, call your Senators: 202-224-3121

Or here’s the roster contact list:

As for the Tea Party and term limits. Yes, Michelle is correct, many tea party groups got co-opted by the money and the establishment. However, a word about term limits: We HAVE term limits. It’s called election day and the ballot box. If you want to retire your current legislator, get involved and replace that person. That’s what the Constitution established.

Having a constantly term limited Congress and with the Senate in rotation on such a plan, will further remove the elected officials from being accountable to the People. It’s true that lobbyists love incumbents, but lobbyists won’t be discouraged or disappear. Instead of grasping at the branches, we ought to be digging at the roots.

The solution is to restore the US Constitution by repealing the 17th Amendment and then the 16th Amendment. That will go a long way to put balance back into government, and it will stop the plunder of private property and force smaller government.

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–Cherilyn Bacon Eagar, The Liberty Lineup

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