Oregon Refuge Update: Law Enforcement and FBI Hold News Conference to Disclose Investigative Report

Here is the complete news conference from Tuesday, March 8, 2016. It is Oregon’s attempt to continue laying the foundation of its legal case. This is a very one-sided report. It is clear that LaVoy made every attempt to let authorities know he needed to get to the Sheriff for help. The Oregon State Police are in an ongoing investigation and have accused the FBI of misconduct.  The original facts presented have been since altered as to the number of shots fired.

This video courtesy OregonLive (The Oregonian)

Here is the OregonLive.com video that shows Shawna Cox’s video from inside LaVoy Finicum’s truck. The investigative team says they have synchronized it with the FBI’s aerial video. Shawna says they have edited it and that the narrative is a lie.

This synchronized video itself is edited and incomplete. Still missing are body cams (required by Oregon State law), along with Shawna Cox’s incomplete video.

We have since learned that the OSP TURNED OFF THEIR BODY CAMS! This is happening around the country. So it is required by law, but police are now deciding to turn off the cams to hide evidence.

Finally, here is Jeanette Finicum’s statement today in response to the Oregon news conference.

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