Oregon Standoff Eye Witness Exposes Waco-Like Roadblock Ambush – Networks are Whitewashing the truth

Listen to this chilling audio testimony of an eye witness describing how things actually came down in Burns, Oregon yesterday.  Victoria was one of the passengers in the same car as LaVoy Finicum when he was shot in cold blood.  As far as I could understand, she is still at the refuge.

Does this describe “confronting them at a traffic stop,” and “three shots fired” as the officials speaking at the Burns, Oregon news conference reported on January 27, 2016 on Fox News?

Fair and balanced???  You decide.

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Cherilyn Eagar

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  1. Tom Harris
    Tom Harris says:

    A rotten drug using oregon justice department employee started all of this after the Hammonds had served their full time. A rotten to the core federal judge went right along with her and re-sentenced them to more time and an insurmountable fine. That’s when the rancher’s and their friends revolted and took over the BLM land that should yet be leased for pasture, but instead is allocated to the birds. A way of life is rapidly disappearing due to this kind of “law” enforcement. Another Waco Texas is just exactly what it is. An ambush instead of the advertised town hall meeting. Sorry bastards are those who pulled this stunt.

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