Solitary Confinement for Patriots: LaVoy’s Daughter Thara Shocks the Conscience

Watch this video.  LaVoy Finicum’s daughter Thara Tenney shocks the conscience with how the Patriots of Malheur are being treated in Oregon and Nevada jails. Just a few days ago, Ryan Bundy was sent back to solitary confinement.  His crime?  He was freezing and put on an extra shirt.  That was against the “rules.”

They are informed that as prisoners that have not been convicted, they have NO constitutional rights.  Where did this perverted view of the US Constitution come from?

Watch this and then let’s discuss:

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The Patriots of Malheur have not been convicted of any crime.  They have been charged with conspiracy against the U.S. government for standing on the FACT that our own government is violating its rule of law – the U.S. Constitution.

Is this America?  Or is it Communist China?

Evil men and women are positioned in all levels of government and persecuting the American Patriots that have brought to the world’s attention that something is very wrong inside the United States.

From the White House to the U.S. Senate – including those that simply ignore what is happening (such as YOUR Senator, as NONE have done anything about this crisis and ALL have abandoned these Patriots), we find evil.

One of the ring leaders of this white collar organized crime syndicate is Senator Harry Reid (watch this video) spoke to his sinister involvement in LaVoy’s murder and the Bundy brothers’ incarceration.

If this does not shock your conscience, what does?

What is happening in Oregon?  From the Governor, to the County Sheriff, right down to the jail warden, evil, elected officials and unelected bureaucrats are strategically torturing these political prisoners for standing on the U.S. Constitution and their First Amendment right to peacefully protest and to protect themselves in that process with their Second Amendment right.

No Patriot of Malheur EVER brandished or pointed or even threatened with a gun.  Agent provocateurs and other imposters may have, but THESE men and women did not.

So why is the torture of solitary confinement being inflicted on them, when no Court has found them guilty or convicted them of any crime?

Read this brief article.  Does this shock your conscience yet?

The reason for torture is to break down the prisoner’s will and to coerce them to agree to a plea bargain for a lesser charge.

But these political prisoners are NOT guilty of any felony charges!

The real law breakers are these elected officials, the unelected bureaucrats, the Court system filled with corrupt judges, and the jail wardens who do their bidding.

What has happened to the Constitutionally-protected right to peacefully assemble?  (Amendment 1)

What has happened to the Constitutionally-protected right to be part of an organized militia and to bear arms? (Amendment 2)

What has happened to the Constitutionally-protected right of unlawful searches and seizures? (Amendment 4)

What has happened to the Constitutionally-protected prohibition of excessive bail? There is NO bail here.  (Amendment 8)

What has happened to the Constitutionally-protected prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment?  Solitary confinement.  No pre-trial release. For prisoners who have NOT even been tried by a jury?  (Amendment 8)

What has happened to the Constitutionally-protected right to a speedy trial?  They’ve been in jail for nearly THREE months and arraignment and jurisdiction hearings have barely begun.

What has happened to the Constitutionally-protected jurisprudence founded in common law that presumes innocence until proven guilty by trial by jury? (Amendment 7)

These patriots have not yet had a trial.  Yet they have been unlawfully detained nearly three months and are being treated like animals.

Where is their right to due process?  The Oregon judge has just extradited the Patriots who showed up at the 2014 Bundy Ranch peaceful standoff to a Nevada jail and Court.  

How do you even speak to your attorney if you are being detained in solitary confinement? How do you get your legal defense in order?  You are denied paper and pencil if you do not “behave.”

And if you get out of solitary, and you are found with TWO pencils, you are breaking the rules and you are sent back to solitary.

And did you know that you your family – now without its income source – must pay $1 a minute (international rate)?  The government contractor that our elected officials have selected (crony capitalism or fascism) is ripping off the families of people who are suffering.

Where is their right to being treated humanely?

All of this is prohibited in the U.S. Constitution.  READ THE CONSTITUTION!

It is unconstitutional for the government to treat any citizen with cruel and unusual punishment.  If this is not, then what is?  Have you watched one too many violent movies or played too many violent video games that you are numb to this inhumanity?

I confess I had no idea what was happening in our own prisons, and I had no idea that Oregon had become a marxist tyrannical state.  This experience that began on January 2, 2016 has OPENED OUR EYES and the murder of LaVoy Finicum on January 26, 2016 has CHANGED MY VIEW.

A Tale of Two Constitutions

So why are all these patriots in jail without bond and why is this invasion of private property rights happening?

Since the US Constitution was adopted, forces to amend it to make it something it was not intended to be have been hard at work to destroy the meaning of this document.  The two sides are in a tug of war, one side being the original view and the other the living view.  The labels are “constitutional originalism” and “living constitutionalism.”

Justice Antonin Scalia was an “originalist.”  He said, “My burden is not to show that originalism is perfect, but that it beats the other alternatives, and that, believe me, is not difficult.”

WAKE UP AMERICA!  The US Constitution is DEAD.  It’s time for RESURRECTION.  Join our movement to #Stand4Truth and #LibertyRising. Sign up and donate.

Thank you!
Cherilyn Eagar

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