Another Rancher Bites the Dust Thanks to BLM

It just doesn’t end. Give it to government to solve, and it will make it worse. When are we going to rise up and say, “NO MORE! ENOUGH!!!?”

First it’s the ranchers. Next, it’s YOU. Join us to learn more about how We the People will gather to fix what Washington WON’T. If you think any election will change it, think again. Washington won’t fix the problem because it IS the problem.


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Utah Governor Should Veto “Land Rights” Bill

Ask Utah’s Governor Herbert to VETO HB 276 – Utah Public Land Management Act

The sponsors of this bill, which comprise the majority of Utah’s House members, believe this bill transfers federal authority over public lands to the state (“local”) level without restricting or reducing the role of the County Sheriff as the primary enforcement authority.

In fact, it does just the opposite: It strips the County Sheriff of their constitutional role as primary enforcement officer of the County. This is outrageous, and a huge oversight – or not.

Read more, find out what Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton have to do with this, and take action today. Read the text paying particular attention to Lines 324-344. If you do, you will have read more than your elected officials most likely read before they passed this bill.

It has some major flaws:

1. It establishes a new state agency, directed by a board of 11 unelected bureaucrats, selected by the governor, called the “DLM” (instead of the BLM) – Division of Land Management .

2. It establishes a new state police force, unaccountable to the people.

3. It gives that police force law enforcement authority over “wildlife” and public land and removes the primary authority from the county sheriff.

4. It has no fiscal note (“It will pay for itself because the land will be more productive.” – since when has any government regulation “paid for itself?”)

Current Problem

Federal over-reach. Corruption. Collusion of Congressional Conflicts of Interest.

In Nevada, Senator Harry Reid and his son Rory have a financial interest in a Chinese corporation from which they would profit by building solar energy on the land where the Bundy’s grazed.

You might ask “why are Cliven Bundy and his four sons now incarcerated? For conspiracy? Just WHO are the real conspirators here?

In Oregon, the Clinton Foundation has an interest in a Russian corporation named Uranium One which needs the land in the area for mining interests. Trillions of dollars at stake in both cases. Insider trading among high level public officials?

You might ask “why are Dwight and Steve Hammond, Oregon ranchers, in prison now – serving a SECOND sentence for the same “crime” of protecting their ranch from a BLM-initiated burn that threatened their home?” WHO are the real criminals here?

The conflict between ranchers, grazing rights and public land use in the Western States has reached a fever pitch, with one Arizona rancher dead. The ranchers have been restricted by extreme federal environmental regulations through the Endangered Species and Antiquity Acts that they are being strategically pushed off their land and forced out of business. After exhausting all means of redress, their peaceful protest, the leaders are now jailed on charges of “conspiracy.” They are political prisoners that the mainstream media want you to believe are really anti-government domestic terrorists.

Who are the real terrorists?

Constitutional Solution

Unfortunately the best efforts to resolve the conflict has been derailed. It’s not that complicated to implement the constitutional solution. That is simply to allow the counties to manage and administer the land-use policies under the enforcement of the county’s elected authority – the County Sheriff.

Constitutionally, under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, the federal government has no right to be on this land in the first place. But on the County level, we surely do not want to set up a duplicate system of policing and over-reach by the State either.

HB 276 Solution

And that is what has happened. As with ObamaCare, our legislators apparently believe that socialized medicine is wrong at the federal level but okay at the state level.

To get the full story, listen to The Liberty Lineup Radio Show Thursday, March 17, 2016, 10-Noon Mountain time, AM 630 Salt Lake City, or online

Since we’ve been exposing this, legislative sponsors have responded frantically and aggressively over the past couple of days, demanding to be on radio shows, and sadly, the Utah Sheriff’s Association has apparently been bamboozled into issuing a news release supporting this legislation.

Since they can’t deny what is written in the bill, the sponsors (who are typically friends of conservative causes) have convinced the sheriffs that

1) it’s the legislative research attorney’s fault for drafting the language incorrectly or

2) it’s not really what it sounds like, and by the way, if it is what it sounds like, no worries – the sponsor will just change the language before the Governor signs it*.

(*WAIT. Is that within the rules? To amend a bill that was VOTED upon by the entire legislature when in session and then to amend it WITHOUT A VOTE when NOT in session? Perhaps. The sponsor Mike Noel (who is someone I really admire most of the time, is the chairman of the Rules Committee. He who chairs the Rules, rules.)

So here it is, folks:  as they say, “Read the bill!”


Perhaps a few elected officials doing this tap dance on the grave of LaVoy Finicum might like to switch places with the other ranchers now in prison for conspiracy.

Just who are the real conspirators here anyway?

Here’s what Salt Lake City Liberty Lineup Radio Show host Ben McClintock said on Kate Dalley’s St. George radio show – UNBELIEVABLE:

Here’s what the sponsors are saying:

Noel comments


Here’s how the Sheriff’s Association has been manipulated:

Sheriff ASSN letter

1. Call Governor Herbert TODAY. 801-538-1000. Ask him to VETO HB 276 – Utah Public Land Management Act. Let’s re-write it together the RIGHT way for our sheriff’s and their constitutional role in local government to protect YOUR rights against an overpowering state and federal government.

2. Let’s re-write the bill together the RIGHT way to preserve our sheriff’s constitutional role in local government to protect YOUR rights against an overpowering state and federal government.

THAT’s what we mean by LOCAL CONTROL! The government closest to the people governs best.

3. For more details, listen to the Liberty Lineup Radio Show – The Naked Truth – With Ben and Enoch, Thursday, March 17, 2016, 10-Noon Mountain Time

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Cherilyn Eagar

It’s Not Just About the Hammonds – It’s About America

MLK - Finicum-BundyAmmon Bundy and LaVoy Finicum have been at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge for three weeks as of this posting. This video was posted to remind us all why they came and why they are still there. It’s about the Hammond family. And all of us. God bless America.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.16.52 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.16.25 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.16.00 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.07.07 PM

A message for anti-gun rights groups and individuals that are piling on over social media, and for our Eastern media outlets

As an historical reminder, some are saying the Martin Luther King advocated peaceful civil disobedience and that this event cannot be compared to his resistance. But what they neglect to point out is that MLK had stored arms in his home but was denied a concealed carry permit. Ranchers are accustomed to concealed and open carry where the law permits. In Utah, I would estimate that the vast majority of legislators are concealed permit carry. It’s a badge of honor. I’m among them.

Burns Officials were not #HereForHarney

If the sheriff and judge are #HereForHarney then why is this happening? — Ammon shares stories of what locals are going through. Share and let's redirect the progaganda hashtag #HereForHarney to the truth.

Posted by Bundy Ranch on Monday, January 25, 2016

Please share and get the word out. This is not just about the Hammond’s though. It’s about America and America’s ranchers. It’s about the story of how our nation’s leaders slowly but surely found ways to take private property and control it. Our elected officials have sold America to foreign countries and along with it the producers of America’s wealth, starting with our farmers and ranchers.

According to the Oregonian newspaper, an Oregon Sheriff recommends the Hammonds to be released from prison and the FBI to leave Harney County because he fears casualties. The protest was sparked three weeks ago at the time of this post when the father and son were forced to return to prison to serve time for the first crime – a second time (called “double jeopardy” and unconstitutional)

Read more here.

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