Utah Governor Should Veto “Land Rights” Bill

Ask Utah’s Governor Herbert to VETO HB 276 – Utah Public Land Management Act

The sponsors of this bill, which comprise the majority of Utah’s House members, believe this bill transfers federal authority over public lands to the state (“local”) level without restricting or reducing the role of the County Sheriff as the primary enforcement authority.

In fact, it does just the opposite: It strips the County Sheriff of their constitutional role as primary enforcement officer of the County. This is outrageous, and a huge oversight – or not.

Read more, find out what Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton have to do with this, and take action today. Read the text paying particular attention to Lines 324-344. If you do, you will have read more than your elected officials most likely read before they passed this bill.

It has some major flaws:

1. It establishes a new state agency, directed by a board of 11 unelected bureaucrats, selected by the governor, called the “DLM” (instead of the BLM) – Division of Land Management .

2. It establishes a new state police force, unaccountable to the people.

3. It gives that police force law enforcement authority over “wildlife” and public land and removes the primary authority from the county sheriff.

4. It has no fiscal note (“It will pay for itself because the land will be more productive.” – since when has any government regulation “paid for itself?”)

Current Problem

Federal over-reach. Corruption. Collusion of Congressional Conflicts of Interest.

In Nevada, Senator Harry Reid and his son Rory have a financial interest in a Chinese corporation from which they would profit by building solar energy on the land where the Bundy’s grazed.

You might ask “why are Cliven Bundy and his four sons now incarcerated? For conspiracy? Just WHO are the real conspirators here?

In Oregon, the Clinton Foundation has an interest in a Russian corporation named Uranium One which needs the land in the area for mining interests. Trillions of dollars at stake in both cases. Insider trading among high level public officials?

You might ask “why are Dwight and Steve Hammond, Oregon ranchers, in prison now – serving a SECOND sentence for the same “crime” of protecting their ranch from a BLM-initiated burn that threatened their home?” WHO are the real criminals here?

The conflict between ranchers, grazing rights and public land use in the Western States has reached a fever pitch, with one Arizona rancher dead. The ranchers have been restricted by extreme federal environmental regulations through the Endangered Species and Antiquity Acts that they are being strategically pushed off their land and forced out of business. After exhausting all means of redress, their peaceful protest, the leaders are now jailed on charges of “conspiracy.” They are political prisoners that the mainstream media want you to believe are really anti-government domestic terrorists.

Who are the real terrorists?

Constitutional Solution

Unfortunately the best efforts to resolve the conflict has been derailed. It’s not that complicated to implement the constitutional solution. That is simply to allow the counties to manage and administer the land-use policies under the enforcement of the county’s elected authority – the County Sheriff.

Constitutionally, under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, the federal government has no right to be on this land in the first place. But on the County level, we surely do not want to set up a duplicate system of policing and over-reach by the State either.

HB 276 Solution

And that is what has happened. As with ObamaCare, our legislators apparently believe that socialized medicine is wrong at the federal level but okay at the state level.

To get the full story, listen to The Liberty Lineup Radio Show Thursday, March 17, 2016, 10-Noon Mountain time, AM 630 Salt Lake City, or online

Since we’ve been exposing this, legislative sponsors have responded frantically and aggressively over the past couple of days, demanding to be on radio shows, and sadly, the Utah Sheriff’s Association has apparently been bamboozled into issuing a news release supporting this legislation.

Since they can’t deny what is written in the bill, the sponsors (who are typically friends of conservative causes) have convinced the sheriffs that

1) it’s the legislative research attorney’s fault for drafting the language incorrectly or

2) it’s not really what it sounds like, and by the way, if it is what it sounds like, no worries – the sponsor will just change the language before the Governor signs it*.

(*WAIT. Is that within the rules? To amend a bill that was VOTED upon by the entire legislature when in session and then to amend it WITHOUT A VOTE when NOT in session? Perhaps. The sponsor Mike Noel (who is someone I really admire most of the time, is the chairman of the Rules Committee. He who chairs the Rules, rules.)

So here it is, folks:  as they say, “Read the bill!”


Perhaps a few elected officials doing this tap dance on the grave of LaVoy Finicum might like to switch places with the other ranchers now in prison for conspiracy.

Just who are the real conspirators here anyway?

Here’s what Salt Lake City Liberty Lineup Radio Show host Ben McClintock said on Kate Dalley’s St. George radio show – UNBELIEVABLE:

Here’s what the sponsors are saying:

Noel comments


Here’s how the Sheriff’s Association has been manipulated:

Sheriff ASSN letter

1. Call Governor Herbert TODAY. 801-538-1000. Ask him to VETO HB 276 – Utah Public Land Management Act. Let’s re-write it together the RIGHT way for our sheriff’s and their constitutional role in local government to protect YOUR rights against an overpowering state and federal government.

2. Let’s re-write the bill together the RIGHT way to preserve our sheriff’s constitutional role in local government to protect YOUR rights against an overpowering state and federal government.

THAT’s what we mean by LOCAL CONTROL! The government closest to the people governs best.

3. For more details, listen to the Liberty Lineup Radio Show – The Naked Truth – With Ben and Enoch, Thursday, March 17, 2016, 10-Noon Mountain Time

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Cherilyn Eagar

Oregon Police Admit Body Cams Turned off | Accuse FBI of Misconduct

On March 8, 2016, Oregon State Police held a news conference in which the DesChutes County investigative team announced its investigative report. It was a dog and pony show that turned sour. In short, it’s a huge cover up. It’s state law that police must turn on their body cams at times such as this. But instead they deliberately turned them off. This is a trend nationwide.

Here is the video that Shawna Cox took from inside LaVoy Finicum’s truck during his assassination.

Courtesy: OregonLive (The Oregonian)

In addition the OSP turned on the FBI because shots were fired prematurely and were not accounted for.

In reviewing the autopsy, omissions were apparent and then upon review of the 360 page written report, strange inconsistencies appeared. One includes the mysterious Mark McConnell. Suspected by the protestors to be an FBI plant, he insisted on driving the group to the John Day meeting, and then when they encountered the ambush, his main concern was whether his Jeep had been harmed, not the man lying dead on the ground.

Furthermore, he was the only one of the group not detained and his name is entirely missing in the very detailed police report.

Another alarming detailed jumped out of the report: One police officer said they changed the kill stop (also called a deadman’s blockade), never used on civilians, from Grant County to Harney because Grant was a “UN-free Zone.” WE will be reporting more on what exactly that officer meant in our next update.

LaVoy’s widow Jeanette gave this statement after review of the investigative report:

March 9, 2016, St. George, UT — Yesterday a tag-team of law enforcement officials announced they have found that the Oregon officer who shot my husband dead while he had his hands in the air was justified. These officials announced that “without a doubt” the officer who killed my husband did so “to protect” himself and his fellow officers “from imminent harm.”

I know my husband, Robert LaVoy Finicum, and I knew him on the day he died. With his hands in the air, he was no danger to anyone, he intended no “imminent harm.” He was giving himself up in order to divert shooters from the others in the truck. Right down to the very last act of his life, he was giving for others. That was my husband. That was the man who the panel of investigators concluded was “responsible for” the situation in which he was killed in a well-planned ambush.

My family and I reject the biased, whitewash findings and conclusion reported yesterday. My lawyers have assured me that the men who ambushed my husband, who set him up for death, who assassinated him, will face justice in a court before an unbiased jury that will be deciding whether my husband was killed by a wrongful action or omission on the part of the police. That action will be joined with an action based on violation of the due process clause of the United States Constitution, the very document for which my husband gave his life. That is a Civil Rights Act claim.

Prior to yesterday the FBI held the position that my husband was shot during a “traffic stop.” That was such a stretch of the truth that even the tag-team news conference group could not repeat it. There was no “traffic stop.” This was an ambush by use of a “Deadman’s Blockade” designed to allow a “Kill Stop”—a roadblock on a blind curve on an almost abandoned road.

Those officers at the roadblock were the last line available to block the truck LaVoy drove, to assure that he was killed. In our wrongful death and civil rights violation lawsuit we will prove the kind of man my husband was, and that as a leading spokesman of this movement to restore the U.S. Constitution and our unalienable rights, he had to be made an example: “Don’t interfere if we as law officers are depriving someone of their rights, property and person.” Is this what Americans believe? Or is this the kind of fear tactic despots in the Middle East have used for centuries when they place crucifixes along the highway to strike fear into their slaves – don’t you dare oppose our unjust laws or this is what will happen to you!”

I don’t think so. Not in America. I still believe we are governed by the same Constitution that our founders created and that we are a republic, one nation under God.

Yesterday, as before, the officers set up a false scenario that my husband was reaching for a loaded gun as he was shot. Before yesterday’s selectively edited video showing, we saw the uncut version. In that uncut version, we see my husband with his hands up, walking away from the truck and not reaching for anything when a man to the right of the video obviously fired some projectile at him. Immediately he leaned over to his left hip area where it appeared some projectile hit him. At that one moment, shots were reigned down on him and he died there in the snow bank—where he lay for ten minutes without anyone checking to see whether he was alive. They let him lay there because they knew that the three shots into the back had killed him.

My attorneys have already begun to assemble a trial team of investigators, paralegals, videographers and writers to make sure that the man who shot my husband in the back and all those who were accomplices will face justice. They will soon be filing the Oregon 30.275 notice that precedes a lawsuit for wrongful death and civil rights violations.

At least twice yesterday the officials blamed my husband for being solely responsible for what happened at the site where he was ambushed. Again, my attorneys assure me that we can show differently, even with yesterday’s law enforcement whitewash. This tag-team said that the officers on the scene where the killing took place were there, putting themselves in harm’s way as part of an effort to “bring the situation at the refuge to an end peacefully.” This statement is consistent with the goal law enforcement announced from the beginning in this case: Let’s just get them out of the refuge building peacefully to the outside where we can talk.

If they had been telling the truth, on January 26, they could easily have achieved their goal. They knew from an informant inside the refuge that all but four of the people inside the refuge would be leaving for several hours. That included the long trip to John Day, the meeting with Sheriff Glenn Palmer, and the ranchers’ workshop that evening on the original intent of the Constitution.

So, I ask, why didn’t the officers pull the roadblock and let the group go out peacefully to John Day? Why didn’t they choose to arrest him while at the Sheriff’s office? If they had done that, this case would have been put in the books with the peaceful ending they now claim they wanted. In fact, the Harney County Sheriff had every opportunity during their stay at the Malheur Refuge to make a peaceful arrest during the numerous conversations they had with him in Burns. My lawyers believe we can show that was not their goal because there is no better evidence of their intent than their actions.

So when the officials said yesterday that my husband was “solely responsible” for the situation and happening of his death, they were spreading their whitewash with a very broad brush. Yesterday one of the tag-team said that my husband chose to break the law, chose to put himself and other people in danger, and then chose to enter into a face-to-face confrontation with armed police officers. My lawyers have already discussed with me how the facts will show that the officers intended to shoot LaVoy, how an informant arranged for him to be in the lead truck, how the officers started shooting at the truck to force it to stop, and then finally how my husband gave himself up in order to draw attention away from the others in the truck.

Contrary to what the panel of officials “found,” my husband was not responsible for the situation that ended with his death. He is not the one who blockaded the road with a “deadman’s blockade.” He is not the one responsible for officers armed with long guns firing from behind the trees. He is not the one who chose to block himself and his friends from leaving the refuge to go out to John Day. He is not the one who lined armed personnel all along the roadway from the refuge to the blockade. No, all those actions can be laid at the feet of the officials who spoke of their innocence yesterday. They will not have to explain their actions in a preliminary hearing or at trial, because their actions were glossed over—“law officers will take care of their own” I was told. But I still had faith in the system my husband fought to protect. I was wrong.

We had no chance at justice in this investigation of law enforcement officers by other law enforcement officers, more like the fox guarding the hen house. But in a wrongful death action, coupled with a civil rights action, the shooters and their partners will make sure that the officers involved will face the same kind of music enjoyed yesterday at our expense.

Yesterday the panel said that “the troopers knew that Mr. Finicum carried a weapon on his left side. Mr. Finicum was reaching for that loaded 9mm gun when the troopers lawfully used deadly force to protect themselves and others including the trooper armed with a taser.” You all have seen the full video where it shows the trooper with the gun or taser to the right of the screen as you look toward the screen. You see my husband lean over to his left hip area immediately where he grabs for the place he was hit. The gunman turns his back on my husband and runs. Isn’t it strange that a law officer turns his back on a person he believes to be heavily armed? Not so strange if he knows that his partner intends to shoot that person in the back.

We believe they will have a hard time squaring their actions with the Attorney General’s statements when we next get into court. My attorneys tell me that we will have to get past the motion to dismiss the civil rights action, which is a motion often governed by intangibles such as, “Does the action of the state shock the conscience?” The media have called my husband a lot of names that are foreign to the peaceful man and extraordinary father of our children that I knew. We must now ask the question, “Who are the real ‘domestic terrorists here?”

We believe that this “Kill Stop” staged by government agents was barbaric, that their whitewash of this horrific incident is more worthy of an Academy Award-winning film in the fiction category and that unbiased American citizens will have their conscience shocked by the government agents’ conduct in:

• Arranging for imbedding an informant among those in the house, on the basis of the informant’s information they set up a Deadman’s Blockade and an intentional killing;

• They shot at the truck in an effort to prevent it from leaving peacefully;

• They shot at the truck after it came to a halt;

• Then they shot my husband, the father of our eleven children, as he moved away from the truck with both hands in the air;

• At the time he was seen to reach down and bend down to his left as though he had been shot or hit with a bullet or taser ray;

• As he bent down, and then tried to straighten back up he was shot three times in the back and died.

I believe, my family believes, my lawyers believe that this evidence will “shock the conscience.”

Thank you.

Listen to the Liberty Lineup Radio Show M-F, 10-Noon Mountain time AM 630, SLC or online and we will add more to this fascinating story.

First Eye Witness in Oregon Ambush Says Finicum Did Not Reach for Gun

Victoria Sharp, who will be singing in the memorial concert for LaVoy Finicum on Friday evening in Kanab, Utah, something she was on her way to do when their truck was ambushed on a desolate Oregon highway.

Listen to her testimony with CNN. Even though she had never seen the FBI video, she did not waiver from her strong conviction as an eye witness that LaVoy did NOT reach for a gun.

We spend hours going frame by frame of this video and pared it with Victoria’s testimony which came out immediately after the ambush because she was not arrested. Thank God for her testimony!

If the FBI video had sound, we would see that LaVoy came out of the car with both arms up and that he ran away from the car (no police in sight) and was reacting to the gun shots. In less than 15 seconds he was dead. And the FBI and mainstream media continue to repeat the lie – that he reached for his gun twice. He was murdered. And we stand by that analysis.

More and more evidence is now emerging that this is correct.

God bless LaVoy Finicum’s family. The FBI has no idea what they have ignited – we now not only have ONE Finicum. We’ve got TWELVE. His wife and children are now dedicated to carrying on his legacy of spreading the principles of the Constitution, and the unconstitutionality of environmentalism that gives overreaching power to steal people’s land and property. It is really socialism in disguise.

Finicum’s Stand for Freedom is moving forward in his children!

Former SLC Police Officer Says Finicum Was Murdered by State Police

Another opinion has come forward after closely analyzing the FBI video – a former Salt Lake City constable named Barry. Listen to what he says about the claim LaVoy reached for a gun. It’s unlikely that he had a weapon in his waistband. The FBI claims he had a .9mm revolver inside a coat pocket. Did his coat have a pocket? We also need to look at what he calls the “pow-ouch” reflex, which we have said after analyzing this video for several hours frame by frame. Does the FBI have NO other videos? NO audio? What, did we run out of taxpayer funds to get those body and dash cams.

We need the evidence ASAP.

My Evening With LaVoy Finicum’s Family

This is an Account of My Evening with Members of the LaVoy Finicum Family
as the Terrorizing Tragedy of their Father’s Execution-Style Killing
by the FBI-Coordinated State Trooper Ambush Unfolded

BREAKING NEWS, Tuesday, January 26, 2016: Arizona Rancher LaVoy Finicum Dead.

Listen to our radio show Wednesday, January 27, 2016, The Liberty Lineup AM 630 SLC 10-Noon Mountain time. We will share the details about this execution-style killing of a Great American Cowboy LaVoy Finicum.

lavoy-finicum-01102016Another all-nighter.  Eye witness accounts tell us that at approximately 4:25 PM, Tuesday, January 26, 2016, LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy and the other ranchers were en route to a gathering of citizens in Oregon, where they were occupying the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in an attempt to reclaim the land that once belonged to the people.  Ammon was the invited speaker. As we now are gathering details, they were traveling on the state highway when state troopers ambushed them. What happened next is not yet clear. We do know that LaVoy is dead. Ryan Bundy was slightly wounded from gunshot, and eight people have been arrested on felony charges.

I was with one of LaVoy’s daughters and her family in Utah when this story unfolded,

On Tuesday evening, I was returning from my son’s house about 45 minutes away from mine, not far from LaVoy Finicum’s daughters home. I felt an urgency to call her and see how she was doing. She hadn’t heard from her father that afternoon, and she had heard there was some trouble in Oregon. I pulled over and found a video on my cell phone with an ominous headline of a shooting.

I went straight to their home.

Earlier that day LaVoy and I had shared texts about some media. I told him that his daughter and I were going to try to get up to Burns next week so we could do some eyewitness reporting for the radio show.

LaVoy’s last text arrived at 2:56 PM Mountain time. It said, “Be safe. It looks like Ammon may come to the Boise meeting just to show support.” Idaho ranchers are scheduled to gather next Saturday to join the growing movement to sign letters of intent to withdraw from being managed by the BLM, in large part because of the courage of LaVoy and Ammon.

Let me tell you about the man I came to know through these phone calls and texts. Over the past three weeks, every time LaVoy texted me he was peaceful and calm – always full of encouragement and great faith. To him, it was all in the Lord’s hands. His family followed suit.

I’m broken-hearted at the loss of this sincere and courageous man. He did say from the beginning that he would rather die for the cause of Liberty than live behind bars. My feelings are very raw.

As we were frantically searching for news on the Internet, I saw a chat post that said LaVoy was dead. I stopped and then thought, Oh my God. Do I tell his daughter? – It’s not confirmed. I felt I had to mention it, quickly asserting that, indeed it was not confirmed.

Then we got a call from LaVoy’s wife, but we could not understand her words. I instructed her to go to the police department for confirmation, and she did. Next we received a call from Ammon Bundy’s sister confirming a call she had received from Ammon that LaVoy had been shot and killed, with both hands up – no guns. LaVoy’s brother Guy confirmed it as well.

Who does this? WHO? What sort of human being could shoot to kill a kind and loving grandfather like that? They had done no harm. Only by propaganda could the FBI and the media have collaborated to demonize LaVoy Finicum. I will never forget the disgusting and degrading Tavis Smiley comedy sketch about “Tarpman,” with an entire interview in front of a blue mound of tarp – LaVoy covering up to keep warm as he kept watch over the safety of the people inside the refuge.  To his children’s credit, they took that label and turned it around making it the “brand,” and everyone started referring to LaVoy as “Tarpman.”

At first reports were conflicting.  One said hundreds of shots were fired.  Then another – lethal shots were 6-9.  And another said three shots were fired. Later an audio recording from a Bundy supporter in the refuge said LaVoy was on his knees with hands up when he was shot dead, bringing horrific images to mind of an terrorist style execution.

THIS IS YOUR FBI, Americans. Is this Liberty or tyranny? Who ARE we anyway? WAKE UP!

We learned that approximately 3 hours after that last text LaVoy was killed. The others were arrested. Ryan Bundy, Ammon’s brother, was slightly injured with a gunshot wound and now all eight are arrested. There were six witnesses to the killing.

Four hours had passed, and no one notified his wife or family. She was at a daughter’s basketball game. Were there any witnesses to make sure there was no tampering with evidence? Was there a video recording? We don’t have all the information yet.

Here is one of the first links with updated time marks.

This is your trusted media and government in action. Are you proud of this land of Liberty?

Yes, I’m angry. And in shock. Words cannot express the devastation this good family is feeling. Yes, there is evil in this world, and you are witnessing it. I will testify that the people on the Internet that have opposed these people on my Facebook wall are enemies of Liberty. They are enemies of all things good. Their posts are lewd, pornographic, vulgar, demeaning, sarcastic and threatening. I have the screen shots of these posts and have skimmed the content of their Facebook pages to know that in general they represent the far Left – socialists, communists, Marxists, Maoists, who support gun control, animal rights, abortion, and the very environmental policies that have brought these ranchers to this point.

We can also blame our progressive education system, our elected leaders – both sides of the aisle, and especially our media. They hate everything good and religious. The FBI, our federal government and the media do the bidding of this evil.

You can blame anything and anyone, but don’t blame the protestors, Ammon Bundy or LaVoy Finicum. In my own history is a great great grandfather who was forced to leave everything behind in England because he joined a strange religious following in America – the Mormons. He and his family pushed a handcart in pursuit of a dream – Zion. He died along the North Platte River. Two weeks later the ill-fated pioneer party was caught in a blizzard at Martin’s Cove, Sweetwater, Wyoming where they nearly froze to death. They miraculously were rescued and made it to the Salt Lake Valley.

Years later in a Sunday School class the members were criticizing the handcart company for their lack of judgment. An elderly man in the room stood and said he had been among them. He chastised them saying, “We came to know God in our extremities.”

For everything there is a reason and a purpose under heaven. Please refrain from sideline quarterbacking.

In front of me was a young woman who had just lost her dad. Her hero. I have indelibly etched in my memory a sweet young family of four young boys, 12 and under (baby asleep – who will never know his grandpa), tears running down their young faces as they first learned their grandpa was dead. Images of a family holding each other tightly in the kitchen, mother sitting on a stool, and each consoling her as she crumbled over in agonizing sobs.

I hugged and held this hurting family, especially LaVoy’s daughter as she buried her head into my chest and I surrounded her my arms. LaVoy’s brother Guy called to confirm the news, and then I helped the family sort through decisions. I started to get the word out to our social networkers. (Thank you, Janalee Tobias. You are an angel.)

In an awkward moment I hugged her and said it was OK.  Then I instantly thought. No.  It’s not.  And she looked at me and said just that, “NO.  IT’S NOT OK.”   She was absolutely right.  It’s NOT OK.  And it’s still NOT OK.

I looked at this young mother of four and held her head up.  “You know, your dad’s nearby, just remember that.”  She and some of her siblings and mother had gone to Oregon to be with their dad as their own tensions mounted.  LaVoy had a feeling he would never see them again, so he gave them a traditional (Biblical) father’s blessing and they prayed together and said their goodbyes.

But that night, I pulled the boys aside and told them, “I know you’re feeling all kinds of emotions – anger, sadness – but remember HE DIED FOR YOUR LIBERTY.  Never to lose faith in God. God is over all and knows all. Your grandfather died for a purpose. He is a hero.”

Then they prepared to travel to be with their mother at the ranch, and we ask for your prayers.

So you say, “Well, no, it’s LaVoy’s fault. He got himself in that pickle.” No, my friends, WE got him in that pickle. Because WE have stood by and allowed our nation to become a tyrannical form of government that slaughters grandfathers fighting for their land and for standing for the Hammond’s who have been wrongfully incarcerated as arsonists and domestic terrorists.

I testify that LaVoy Finicum was a good and honorable man. He died for Liberty. He has a faithful family who believe in the cause of Liberty and trust in him and his faith.

He was killed in cold blood by an FBI controlled ambush by a state trooper. These are the real terrorists. The FBI came to terrorize, frighten and intimidate the people of this town so as to encourage the people to want them gone. Oregon is one of the most bureaucratic and corrupt states in the nation, run by statists and progressives. Harney County employs mostly federal employees. That’s a federal takeover.

The media worked with the FBI to black out all media. That way they could control it and continue to ridicule and demonize and mock these good men, falsely accusing them of being heavily armed militia.

Don’t you Easterners know that every rancher “open carries?” Many in Utah have concealed carry permits, myself included.

The week before, I watched the video of the town hall where the Mayor, the Judge and the Sheriff (who should be tried for being an accomplice to this murder and removed from office for unconstitutionally turning the county over to the FBI) as they skillfully had pitted the people against the protestors. I could see it would be an uphill climb. I prayed every day for their safety. The Liberty Lineup Radio Show did all it could to tell the truth to help everyone be safe.

LaVoy’s daughter and family began packing to leave, and I said goodbye and as I got into my car, I cried. And prayed. I returned home around 10:30 PM. I asked my husband if it was all over the news.



The saying goes, “When the people fear government, that’s tyranny. When the government fears the people, that’s Liberty.

Friends, I’ve been on the front lines of key causes supporting family and religious liberty for decades. I learned along ago – never, ever trust what you see on TV or hear on the radio without verifying it and knowing you trusted source. I’ve learned THEY. LIE.

FBI and state troopers, YOU will be held accountable for this cold-blooded, ruthless manner in which you killed LaVoy Finicum. What I saw in his three grandsons’ innocent and pure-hearted eyes and anguished faces that night when they learned how he was killed will never go away as long as I live.

Here’s the long list of enablers of this crime against these innocent people: You who were up there in Oregon agitating as agent provocateurs and terrorizing this community, criticizing and intentionally aggravating people’s emotions – talk show hosts and bloggers that were on site agitating with their frenetic and angry voices, you know who you are.

Elected officials: the Mayor, the Sheriff YOU abandoned his county and turned it over to the FBI, the Judge and all the crony capitalists he manipulates. The complicit media: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal … on down to the local papers here in Utah – The Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune, the news wires, and the talk show hosts.

YOU could have helped us all over this nation to get the real stories out instead of blacking them out after the false image you gave them, destroying their good reputations. Then there’s our cowardly elected officials in the Western states legislatures and in Washington DC who do nothing to solve the problems that have brought us to this place.

You have betrayed us. You have betrayed our republic and the US Constitution. You have enabled with your pride, your arrogance, your smugness, and your egotistical judgment.

You left it to the little guys on small independent stations of which not many still exist – to work overtime to get the Truth out. And worse, with all of this, YOU helped put these men in harm’s way, and now one of the best of them is dead.

I’m calling you out: Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, FOX News. shame on you. Where WERE you?

And us. Me. I somehow feel I didn’t do enough. I have 210 hours radio, but very short of volunteer staff to assist with all the research and content. Another all nighter.

And may I mention our churches – our synagogues. When will the people wake up to the awful tyranny of our federal government and this oppression against religious liberty, which includes property. Our ranchers have lost their land in the name of global compassion but really global greed – and both Republicans and Democrats have sold their livelihoods to the federal government and forced them to go overseas.

In the end, only the Lord God can judge. May He have mercy on us all.

To you of Harney County. Many of YOU were manipulated. I hope these ranchers’ courageous actions at least created a public awareness that – in spite of your hateful chants “Go Home!” you will have even a small sum of the courage of LaVoy Finicum, and that you will fix what others may be incarcerated for trying to fix.

I hope that even YOU in our Eastern States might begin to understand something’s seriously wrong, that good men – not the dangerous nut cases they were strategically portrayed to be – would give their lives for the Liberty of others.

I hope all Americans will investigate what’s actually at stake in this ongoing attack on our American farmers and ranchers and their land: Uranium. And more. Read here   and   here.

Now, it’s time for all of us to unite with other ranchers and farmers of the Western states where communities, once prosperous, now impoverished, and to carry on the work of these great ranchers that needs to be done to restore the rule of law for which LaVoy died. Where are you?

Are you the summer soldiers and sunshine patriots of which Patrick Henry once spoke? Or are you ready to join the cause to set things right for the Hammonds, for these ranchers and for all Americans who have been feeling the heavy hand of a federal government out of control?

LaVoy has just become a martyr, and this will only galvanize these ranchers. These cowboys are a tough bunch. It’s the Great American Cowboy that won the west, and it looks like it’s going to be the Great American Cowboy who is going to win it back again. Time to rally, ranchers! #RanchersRising #RanchersLivesMatter #HelpHammonds

And God bless the Finicum’s at this sad time.

They Won the West

UPDATE – Much has happened since this Tuesday evening, January 26, 2016. Several posts on this site tell the story. Our prayers will forever be with this good family and their brave father who gave his life for Liberty. This sone was written and sung by his daughters. It says it all.

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