Patriots Being Denied Gun Ownership

While I believe it’s the private property right of any business owner to decide who he/she sells to … or not, here’s a troubling situation.  Because the government has required gun dealers to put their customers through background checks, more and more citizens – based on the arbitrary rules and regulations that government sets –  are being denied the right to purchase a gun.

Watch Gaviin Seim’s video.  Read the comments below.

It’s time for citizens to take the initiative to be vigilant, to follow up, and to exercise Constitutional rights.  It’s time for gun dealers to unite and protest against the government’s unconstitutional policies.  It’s time for citizens to work together with those dealers, to back them up, to unite in what is right.

We need organizations such as Gunowners of America to take a Constitutional stand.

And the NRA…. well, honestly I don’t hold out much hope there because the NRA has agreed to putting these regulations into the hands of federal bureaucrats in the first place.  It’s time for the NRA to read the entire Constitution, not just the Second Amendment and to start doing the right thing, not just padding their pockets with big donations.

We’ll keep you updated on this constitutional crisis.

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Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore Speaks Out About Oregon Refuge Campers

This woman has guts and is speaking the truth. If we don’t have the constitutional right to protect ourselves when we are unjustly detained and shot at by government authorities, of what use is the Second Amendment?