Why Harry Reid Is An Embarrassment to His Religious Faith – Part 2

Senator Harry Reid is a Mormon, but the majority of Mormons do not support Senator Harry Reid on much of anything.  Ever.

He supports abortion, Planned Parenthood, gay rights, reckless fiscal policies senreid blocks kate's lawding our children in to terrible debt they are inheriting, socialized medicine that will bankrupt our government, and open borders and illegal immigration.

He also supports (for now) allowing an illegal immigrant to be deported multiple times for committing crimes and then being allowed to come back into the country to kill an innocent American citizen.

It only took ONE senator to object to the passing of Senator Ted Cruz’s “Kate’s law” to kill it, and Reid was it.

For this despicable voting record, members of the LDS faith should be proud that Reid’s one of them?

A while back I sent out an email to my list with the heading “Why Harry Reid’s An Embarrassment to His Faith.”  A few people got their feathers ruffled at my directness. I made no apologies then for being straight forward about this fact, nor do I now.

In fact, Harry Reid does not even resemble what a Mormon is or believes in.  Reid gets away with murder – literally – for continuing his strong support of Planned Parenthood and allowing the barbaric butchering of human life and the sale of body parts to continue.

Harry Reid is at his core  – a socialist.  A Marxist.  He’s the champion of Alinksy politics, the author that wrote the book Rules for Radicals advocating how to create class warfare to bring about a marxist revolution, and he dedicated it to Lucifer, the author of all lies and deception.

Astonishingly some say that it’s possible to be a Mormon or Christian and a communist.  In the words of my baffled friend – a former citizen of the USSR:  “You would have to live a lie.”

Indeed, there is no way anyone who believes in God can possibly be a socialist, Marxist or communist unless they are clueless as to what that political and economic ideology does to destroy the very religion, family and morality they profess to believe in.

Indeed The Communist Manifesto clearly states that a marxist, socialist and communist seeks to abolish religion, the family, and all morality.

One sees clearly now, from Harry Reid’s voting record, how that is the truth.  He has moved about as far away from the tenets of his faith as anyone could possibly go and not be excommunicated. In fact, if it were anyone else, they would have been excommunicated long ago for speaking out so loudly and publicly against the tenets of the Mormon faith.

One might question whether his position in high places protects him?

Here is Ted Cruz telling it like it is after Reid single-handedly killed the “Kate’s law” bill Cruz sponsored:

Nevada voters tried unsuccessfully to remove Reid from office in 2010.  I was invited to stump for his opponent, Sharron Angle, which I gladly did on more than one occasion. Angle’s team had hard core evidence that Reid’s team brought illegals to the polls to pull it off.

Hopefully Nevada voters will have a better opportunity in 2016 as it is also a presidential year favoring the Republican vote.

And I’m sure I’ll be criticized once again for being so honest about Harry, but sometimes the truth is hard to hear.

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In fact, while Reid facilitates more babies being killed, college professor Robert Oscar Lopez’s job is on the line for merely telling his story and speaking out against the damaging environment of growing up with his two lesbian moms.

Watch Robert Oscar Lopez here in his testimony in a congressional hearing.

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