Klayman Sues Unconstitional Actions of Federal Judge, Harry Reid and President Obama

Finally. An attorney has taken the Offense. On Monday, May 9, 2016, Larry Klayman, Cliven Bundy’s attorney, issued an advisory informing federal Judge Navarro, Senator Harry Reid and his son Rory, and President Obama that they have violated his client’s, Cliven Bundy’s constitutional rights – the very rights we have been discussing on The Liberty Lineup Radio Show. We have asked our audience to call the jails and to demand humane treatment and to sign the petition. Now we move forward with more strength and resolve.  The advisory said:

Press conference to follow detention hearing at 10:00 a.m. in Las Vegas federal court (held on court house steps)

Cliven Bundy Sues Federal Judge Gloria Navarro, Senator Harry Reid, Rory Reid And President Obama For Violating His Constitutional Rights

Asks For Dismissal Of Indictment And Release From Solitary Confinement

(Las Vegas, Nevada, May 10, 2016). Today, Cliven Bundy filed a complaint against U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro, U.S. Senator Harry Reid, the son of Harry Reid, Rory Reid and President Barack Obama for allegedly violating his Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel and For Speedy Trial, Eighth Amendment Right Against Cruel and Unusual Punishment (Mr. Bundy is currently being held in solitary confinement), Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms in Self-Defense, and First Amendment Right to Assemble in Self-Defense. The complaint can be found at

The complaint asks the Court to dismiss the indictment against Cliven Bundy and release him from prison and solitary confinement.

Cliven Bundy’s attorneys will discuss the complaint following the hearing at 10:00 a.m. on the courthouse steps.

Ryan and Angie Bundy

Ryan and Angie Bundy

Meanwhile, Angie Bundy, Cliven’s daughter-in-law and wife of Ryan Bundy, will be on the radio with us at the time of this hearing to discuss her husband’s letter and the help they need.

Angie delivered to me a letter from her husband Ryan Bundy that I hand-delivered to Senator Mike Lee, Congressman Chris Stewart and to Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes the weekend of the Utah State Republican Convention. Ryan and Angie own a business and land in Cedar City. Ryan was taking a constitutional stand at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Here is what he wrote from his jail cell:

Historical Introduction

Hello, this is Ryan Bundy. I am the eldest son of Cliven Bundy of Riverside, Nevada. I lived in Cedar City, Utah for eighteen years while owning and operating a construction company. I still own a home in Cedar City, and my business license is still active in Utah.

My home and heart are still in Nevada, where I was born and raised. I grew up on a cattle ranch that my ancestors settled along with the towns of Bunkerville, and Mesquite. This all took place when the Saints were sent to the Virgin River Mission in 1877. We have raised good beef on that land ever since that time. My roots are deep into its soil, and my grandfathers are buried there.

Although Utah was settled years before Nevada, Nevada became a state of the union first on October 31, 1864. This was because of political oppression on the Mormon people from the US Government. They did not want Utah to gain the Liberty that a state has. If they could keep Utah as a territory they could maintain much more control over them. Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming all became states first whittling away at the territory of Utah and then finally, Utah was allowed statehood.

Nevada was made a state by President Abraham Lincoln who stated in his speech to accept Nevada into the Union that Nevada enters into the union equal in every way to the original 13 states. This was consistent with the equal footing doctrine, the Northwest ordinances and Article IV of the US Constitution.

What does that mean to be on equal footing with the original thirteen states? Well, to answer that, one must first understand what a “state” is. The definition of a state is the same definition of a nation. The two terms are synonymous. A state is not merely a province. It is its own geographical and political sovereignty. After the War for Independence was won, America was made up of thirteen independent and sovereign nations or states as we would call them. Proof of this is in the signing of the Treaty of Paris. There was no “United States of America” just yet.

The “Treaty of Paris” is the peace treaty that officially ended the War for Independence with Great Britain, and was first signed in Paris (thus, its name). This treaty was signed by 14 states. The language in the treaty made it clear that all 14 states were equal in every wit in standing in the world. So who was the 14th state to sign the treaty? Were there not only 13 states to win their Independence? The answer is this; Great Britian was the 14th state to sign. 13 separate and independent nations/states were now equal individually and separately with Great Britain in the standing of the world. Their intent was to unite, and they did under the Articles of Confederation, and later under the Constitution of the United States. Before they united, they were separate and completely independent states. Each of them had all the rights, privileges, and ownership of all the land within their boundaries. The same as any other nation in the world would have.

So, now I would ask, how much land in each state did Great Britain retain? How much land in each state did Great Britain control or retain after their independence? None of course…they were states, equal in standing in the world…Great Britain could not own any of it…they didn’t control one square foot.

So, back to Nevada. It was made a state in 1864 upon equal footing with the original 13 states. Equal in every way according to President Lincoln, and according to the Constitution. This means that all of its land belongs to that state and none of it retained by another. One must realize that the United States is not a state alone, rather it is a union of several states. United for particular reasons outlined in it’s Constitution.

States that join the union do so for the protections and benefits of being a member of it. But, each state is still a free and independent nation voluntarily joined in this union for specific purposes. The overall purpose for the union is to provide protection from the outside world, to prevent invasion. Our founding fathers understood a few things that we seem to have forgotten. They understood that the land and the resources belong to individuals and not governments. When any government begins to own and control the land and resources, people begin to suffer while the government grows powerful. Our founding fathers had just fought a long and bloody war to free themselves from a monstrous government that claimed all the land and resources in America. They were not going to create another government like it. No, not even close.

Through our Constitution, they clearly stated that the people are the sovereign. The Government does not have any power in and of itself. Only as “herein granted” does the people afford the government any power at all. Our founding fathers made sure that the only land that the Government could own was only enough to fulfill the tasks that we had given it to perform. Nothing more. The land and resources does and has always belonged to the people-individuals. Article I Section 8 Clause 17 allows Congress to have a 10 mile square for the seat of Government (Washington DC) and to purchase with the state legislators’ consent, land that can be used for five purposes only. “For the erection of forts, magazines, dock yards, and other needful buildings.” Nothing more. The constitution does not allow the federal government to own any other land other than those listed here. These lands allow the federal government to fulfill the purposes and duties that we give it to do. To protect the states and her people from the outside world.

Any other land that the federal government is now claiming is simply illegal. BLM, Forest Service, Bureau of Reclamation, National Parks, Monuments, Refuges, etc. have no Constitutional legality. All of the land belongs to the people, individually and collectively.

So, what about territories? Our country grew by acquiring more land through several methods. Purchase, conquests, and wars. This new land became territories. Did not the US Government own this land? What does the Constitution say? The government in America has no power in and of itself, only what we the people have given it through the Constitution. So if it can have any control or ownership of the territory, it must be in the Constitution. Article IV Section 3 Clause 2 says that Congress shall have power to dispose of and make all needful rules and regulations respecting a territory. If Congress has only the power to do what we have given it to do, and nothing else, how much of the territory can Congress retain? None of it. We only give Congress the power to dispose of it. This is to make the needful rules and regulations while it is a territory, but we know that is going to be temporary because they have to dispose of it. That is the only option that we the people gave to Congress respecting territories. Dispose of it. In other words, we do not want our Government to become powerful like the one we just had to fight with and spill our blood to become free from.

So, we are going to prevent this from happening again by NOT allowing them to retain ownership of land other than for the specific needs previously mentioned. So Congress has to dispose of territories. How is this done? Well, they could sell it, which they did with the original northwest territories, or they can give it away, which they did with the Homestead Act in the midwest, but the ultimate tool of disposal is to admit a territory into statehood because as already explained, it enters into the union on equal footing with the original 13 states and equal to all other states in the world. Retaining nothing- all of the land transfers in ownership to the state and her people the instant it becomes a state. Not one square foot is legally retained by Congress. To do so would be against the Supreme law of the Land. (end of introduction)

Ryan Bundy
SWIS ID # 795070
Henderson Detention Center
PO Box 95050
Henderson, NV 89015
18 S Water St, Henderson, NV 89015
(702) 267-5245

Office of Senator Michael S. Lee
285 West Tabernacle, Suite 200
St. George, UT 84770
Phone: 435-628-5514

April 22, 2016

Dear Senator Lee:

I am pleased to address you from the depths of hell where I am located. My heart longs for the freedom of our God, and our founding fathers want us to have. I am not here by crime, for I have committed none. I am here because Congress has committed crime that they are not willing to admit, nor repent of – a crime against our Founding Fathers, a crime against our Supreme Law of the land. The Constitution of the United States of America, that espouses in it the liberty our Heavenly Maker intended our land to possess. A land of liberty and freedom for all. Congress has allowed our Supreme Law to be subverted, bypassed, and ignored until it is hardly recognized at all, rarely spoken of, and mostly despised when mentioned in the halls of Congress or in political arenas. Our Executive Branch ignores it, our Judicial Branch avoids it. Using in its place judicial rulings of their own making.

Our Founding Fathers expected better of their posterity. They expected us to be purer and more reliant upon our God, who had just rescued this land from such an oppressive Government. ( He suggests singing the last verse of the star spangled banner)…in George Washington’s farewell address he said, “of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable support….pillars of happiness…where is the security for property, for reputation, for life if the sense of moral and religious obligation are deserted?”

John Adams said, “ Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the Government of any other.” Thomas Jefferson said’ “In question of power…bind the Government down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”

We find ourselves in a similar situation that our founding fathers did, except this time we brought it upon ourselves. We did not adhere to the proper form of Government that they laid out for us. We have allowed amendments to it that diametrically change it, we have abandoned its original intent, and allowed Congress to pass numerous acts that do not pursue it, as is required in Article VI Clause 2. We have, as a Nation, abandoned God, religion, and morality. We kill our unborn, and glorify immorality and homosexuality. Is it any wonder we are having trouble and engaged in perpetual war?

Our freedoms are not being lost on the battlefields of foreign lands, but rather in our own homes, right in front of our faces.

My family and I did not set out to cause trouble. We are simple people who simply want to live in peace. To live, and let live, while we provide for our families, and participate in normal community activities. But, we were not allowed to live this way. This Government, our own Government, whose responsibility it is to protect our rights from criminals who would violate them, have become those very criminals. They have set out to take all that we have. To leave our families homeless on the streets, and they want our lives, our liberty, and our property. They have already taken the life of one of America’s best men, LaVoy Finicum. There are not many who are better than he, and yet they killed him without thought. They did not consider my life any more, placing bullets intended to kill in my direction. Only by the protection from heaven did I make it through with but only one hole in me. Now they intend on taking all of our lives by locking us away for the rest of them. Why?? Because they do not want America to be free. Because they do not want us to teach America what our Founders set up. They do not want to lose the power that they have gained. Knowledge of our Constitution would cause their illegitimate power to be challenged and brought to an end. No, they could not allow that. They had to put a stop to it. So, they attacked us, killed us, and charged us with all manner of crimes. Calling good evil, and evil good. They had to shut us up. The same has happened in history.

So, here I sit, in jail falsely accused. I have written this letter with a pencil that’s not but 2 inches long, and I have had to sharpen it with my teeth to keep writing. I have spent three months now in a cell not larger than the inside of a family van. I have been subject to bodily searches every day, and numerous other humiliating indignities. Not one of our Constitutional rights is being honored, and yet we call this the Land of the Free. Is it worth it? Damn right it is. Our Founders pledged their very lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for the cause of freedom in America you are not willing to sacrifice the same, you don’t deserve it. Many died in the War for Independence, some of those very ones who had made the pledge died. Death and sacrifice is not required of us all, but the willingness to do so is required.

So, what are you going to do? Are you going to go about your lives as you always have been? Playing politics? Or, are you going to quit worrying about what party a person belongs to and start qualifying a person by how well they will uphold the Constitution? Maybe by who will bring freedom back to this state and back to this people. Stop playing games, put your foot down, and take what is ours..our land and our resources, and many other things. Expel the illegitimate agencies from your state. Senators and Congressmen, you can still fix this, and it is yours to do. Drop your claim on the land that rightfully belongs to the states, beg the people’s forgiveness, and restrain your acts to Constitutional pursuits. Check the Executive and Judicial branches as is designed. The three branches are supposed to be at enmity with one another constantly checking the others. Protect the people as you are supposed to do. Do not destroy them as you have been doing. Release us all from these prison walls for having to do your job.

Above all, rely on the hand of Divine Providence, and follow the spirit of the Lord in all that you do. That is all that we have said and done. The Lord said to us “go into the wildlife refuge and wake the people up.” This was not an easy instruction that we received. We had nothing to gain. It was far from our homes and families. But, we could see what our Government was doing to the Hammond family, we could see that if the Government was allowed to get away with destroying a family in this way, it would be a type and a shadow of what would become normal. If anyone dare challenge the federal agencies they would be charged and tried as terrorists as the Hammond’s were.

Is that what this country has come to? It sounds a whole lot like communism to me.
So we did as we were commanded to do. We went into the refuge to wake the people up. I sure hope that you are awake because it has not been very fun for me or any of the other forty seven of us in here. That is right…they are holding forty seven patriots of America as political prisoners for doing what every American should be doing. Hundreds more followed the spirit of the Lord as did these 47 to come in support of an America in distress. These hundreds are also at risk of being arrested by federal agents. More arrests are being made. Are you going to stand idly by and let Nazi-like tactics take place in your country?

Stand up America…it is time.

It was prophesied by Joseph Smith that the Constitution would hang as if it were by a thread. That IF it were to be saved, it would be this people. The Elders of Israel and other good men and women who would bring it forth out of obscurity. That prophecy is unfolding now, for our Constitution is certainly hanging by not much more than a thread. What are you going to do about it?

I have a bright picture of hope for our future. The Lord led us to where we are now. I believe He will bring us back home as well. I surely do miss my little ones. I believe that we will enjoy freedom again. Personally and collectively as a country, but it is going to take some work and commitment on your part. We can’t just lean back and let God do it all alone. He can, but he holds us accountable and expects us to do good works of our own free will and choice. So go and do something good today.


Ryan C Bundy


It has been over three months now that Ryan and his three brothers and father have been in jail. And NO RESPONSE from their elected officials since April 23, 2016 on this letter. This is unbelievable.

This is why I say that the Constitution that Senator Mike Lee professes to defend will never be fixed in Washington DC where he hangs out. Government will not solve this problem of over-reach because government IS the problem.

The Bundy brothers and others who were either at the Bundy Ranch in 2014 or at the Refuge in 2016 are all charged with fabricated crimes, felonies that will keep them in prison for years, if convicted, and for exercising their First Amendment and Second Amendment rights, they were arrested and put into solitary confinement without bail (a violation of their Eighth Amendment rights). They have no assurance of their Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial – they can’t even access their attorneys long enough to put their cases together when they’re in solitary confinement, which also violates their Fifth Amendment right to due process and a Grand Jury. They were never served a warrant for arrest (with plenty of opportunities to do so either in Bunkerville or Burns) and they have not been given their Seventh Amendment right to a common law court and jury.

There’s not much more left to the Bill of Rights, is there?…Only the Third (the quartering of soldiers in private homes), and Ninth and Tenth (which apply to state sovereignty) remain.

And THAT, my friends is why I have been ranting on my radio show that, No, the Constitution is NOT hanging by a thread – It’s severed.

Wake up!

Now pay close attention to what happens next. The hearing is during my radio show tomorrow, Tuesday, May 10, 2016.

Angie and Ryan need our help today. Here is a copy of his letter. He wants it shared far and wide.


Please take a moment today to sign this petition and contact Ryan’s Utah elected officials Senator Mike Lee (SLC Office:  801-524-5933) , Congressman Chris Stewart (SLC Office:801-364-5550) or at DC Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121 and Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes at 1-800-244-4636.


1. Why they have not responded to Ryan Bundy’s letter, which was hand-delivered to them on the weekend of April 23, 2016.

2. To issue a public statement advocating for the pre-trial releases of the patriot political prisoners, and in support of humane treatment of Ryan Bundy and the other political prisoners also incarcerated.

3. Whether they support the Constitutional issue in question, namely, Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, for which the ranchers stood at the Bundy Ranch in 2014 and again at the Oregon Refuge in 2016.

4. To defend the Constitutional rights of the political prisoners, including Amendments 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. (Not much left, right?)

5. To investigate the criminal activities of the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, Senator Harry Reid, his son Rory, President Obama and The Clinton Foundation in association with these land grabs.

Oh. One more request.

We need your help to continue broadcasting the radio show and to continue to update you and keep you informed on issues you will not hear in the Mind Control Media, owned by large multi-national corporations that have been destroying the sovereignty of this nation and trampling over the U.S. Constitution. Please make a generous contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more or a monthly recurring donation. Thank you in advance for all your help.


Please share and spread the word:

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Utah Caucus News – Everything You Need to Know

A Message from Cherilyn Eagar

Get immediate information about your caucus location.

Welcome to the Utah Caucus News for all the answers to your questions.

What is a neighborhood “caucus?”

Watch this awesome chalkboard video produced by the Iron County Republican Party under the leadership of Blake Cozzens:

Who is behind the legal challenge to eliminate the caucus?

In short, the Utah political establishment. Much has been said during this election about the “Republican” or “Democrat” or the “Washington Establishment.”

Some history:  In 2013 members of the Utah State Central Committee received a copy of a legal brief produced by a DC law firm, Caplin & Drysdale, of whom then Hinckley Institute for Politics Director at the University of Utah Kirk Jowers was of counsel.

Yes, Utah has an establishment, an elite, just as Washington DC does. And yes, our elected officials are as susceptible to lobbyist special interests (the kind that government should NOT be involved in) as Washington DC.

And yes, Utah also has members of the legislature that vote on a winning bill or two when re-election comes around just to look good, all the while voting against limited government principles. It is these elected officials that special interests, the establishment and the oligarchy like to re-elect because they can easily be bought. They are best bought with fancy and expensive TV commercials and big media buys. The lobbyists LOVE incumbents, especially when they vote their way, even if it’s against the will of the people.

Watch out for incumbents! Not all are bad, and it’s important to follow voting records closely. The caucus helps keep incumbency to a minimum, and that’s why there has been such a serious challenge. Incumbents build up great war chests of millions to use against newcomers who challenge them and their voting records that have gone unchecked over the their political careers.  And yes, we do have career politicians in Utah.

How is the Party structured?

The Republican Party is a private corporation, as required by law. It is organized much like any private corporation, with a board of directors and executive committee and voting members. On the odd-numbered years, the party holds a convention, state and county, to elect officers – a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and county representatives to serve on the State Central Committee.

On even years, citizens attend a neighborhood caucus to elect their representatives – friends or neighbors they trust to attend these conventions.

A delegate’s responsibility is to attend the events that candidates organize so they can study which candidates they like best. They then attend the convention to vote for those candidates. Federal candidates (Senators, Congress and statewide offices) are elected at the state convention. State legislative officials are elected at the county level, or if multi-county, in a break out session at the state convention.

The State Central Committee meets quarterly (state and county committees) and elect the executive committee members and members of standing committees such as Constitution and ByLaws and Audit. These officers make recommendations on party rules and vote on main party business and expenditures, and they set the rules of the caucus.

Why should I join a party? I’m independent!

That may be true. No one wants to be told what to do or how to vote or what to think. However, even if there were no formal political parties, people have a natural tendency to gather around principles they agree upon, and that is how parties naturally establish. In fact, caucusing is how the Founders of this nation began their deliberations. They would meet in local pubs and discuss the issues and make decisions together.

Fortunately for all of us, this system allows anyone who wants to be involved to get involved. YOU can run for state or county delegate if you choose. Between now and the caucus, talk to your friends, let them know you want to get involved and ask them to attend and to vote for you.

Be smart. Ask all your friends and neighbors for their commitment to vote for you, just in case someone attends with another motive in mind (yes, this DOES happen) and then they nominate your friends, splitting the vote.

How does the party pay for 2000 caucuses?

It takes a lot of fundraising. But a lot of people can help and it makes it possible. Let’s all chip in $5 and that will do it! It’s not mandatory, but this is YOUR caucus and its YOUR vote.

Who can attend a caucus?

Anyone who is registered (30 days advance by mail or 7 days before election -caucus- in person at county clerk’s office. Here’s a registration form.

Online information.

Where is my neighborhood caucus meeting?

Find yours here.

What happens at the caucus?

The party has set the rules for the caucus and a host or a previously elected Precinct Chairman will conduct the order of business, which includes the reading of the platform (divide it up and everyone take turns reading a different plank – much more engaging that way!).  Election of precinct officers and delegates and … for the first time a presidential preference poll, rather than a primary.  (Utah’s primary is so late in the election cycle that it loses its influence on the national delegate map.)

All voting is by secret ballot.  (I prefer voting in person rather than online for privacy and security reasons, even those the systems are said to be secure.)

Lowell Nelson is a trusted leader who understands the rules of the party as no other. From A-Z he has organized a slide show* that includes the voting procedures, as well as a series of short training videos to help you become familiar with the evening where it all begins – with YOU and your neighbors!

*Note:  The dates and places on the slides are for Utah County only, but the rules apply statewide for caucus night.

Caucus Training Slides








If I’m elected a delegate, then what?

You are elected for a two year term.  You are required to attend ONE convention each year, on a Saturday.  Mark your calendar and be there.  You can’t criticize your elected officials for missing votes if you do the same.  This is a commitment.

Make sure you give your correct cell phone and email address and mailing address to the caucus chairman and that the form is filled out correctly.  If you don’t, you will not hear from the candidates and you are not going to be able to represent the people that just elected you.  This contact information is given to the candidates and their campaigns.  Do not give a general business number that goes to the receptionist because that will disrupt your business.

Suddenly you will become the most popular person around. You will receive a ton of emails, automated texts and phone calls, recorded “robo” calls, mailers and invitations to events. It will be a whirlwind.  Be grateful for this opportunity. You will have the privilege of getting to know the candidates that others in primary states never have the opportunity to do.

Why do we only get a little over four weeks to get to know the candidates?  This is CRAZY!!!

We feel your pain.  We can blame the Obama administration for shortening the amount of time we can vet the candidates because of deadlines set for overseas and military absentee ballots to be sent.  Our voting time was shortened so those ballots could be printed and processed sooner.

If you are elected a delegate, it is YOUR duty to meet with ALL the candidates, not just your favorite.

Don’t ever hang up on a candidate or a campaign that calls you and rudely ask them to “take my name off your list!” (especially if it’s a candidate you don’t support). It’s difficult work – the most difficult of all – to run for public office. Be grateful and thank them for their hard work.

Be patient. Listen. Learn. Be open-minded. Research. Dig deeper than the surface.  Don’t just read the literature or go to a candidate night to shake their hand and hear a one minute speech.  Study each candidate out.  Go to their website.

Every candidate will tell you they are conservative.  But what does that mean?  Do they know the U.S. Constitution and the role of government?  Does their voting record show it?  What IS their voting record?  Is it “negative” campaigning if a candidate holds up the opponent’s voting record or something they have said and distinguishes themselves from that?  Of course not!  That’s the candidate’s job.  Then check it out for yourself.

How do I know which candidate is the best when they all say they are “conservative?”

Sometimes delegates vote for someone because they like the way they look, or they know the candidate or the candidate is a friend of a friend, or maybe they’re a trusted business or church associate.  Is that how a delegate should judge a candidates?

No.  Is that how you choose your doctor, for example?  (Well, perhaps some people do, but I wouldn’t trust my best friend to put me under for surgery just because he was my best friend, would you?)

Investigate the candidate’s past voting record or, if they don’t have one, ask who have they supported in the past.  Find out how they stand on the issues and how well they know the issues. (How well do YOU know the issues?)  Stop listening to the networks and cable TV for all your information.  Search online, and know the source of your searches and how trustworthy they are.

Even if you are committed to one candidate, knowing the other candidates is imperative.  At the convention there will likely be several rounds of voting to eliminate and narrow the field.  If your favorite candidate gets eliminated during the first round, and you don’t know the others, now what do you do?

It is your duty to know ALL THE CANDIDATES well.  And know what the Republican Party stands for and how closely those candidates align with it.

Know the Utah Republican Platform and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Party.

It’s amazing how many legislators run as conservative Republicans but then when they vote, they vote in favor of the Democrat Platform most of the time. You may think your representative is the nicest guy in town, but that really doesn’t matter if he’s voting against your values. So how do you know?

Great Resources for Researching the Candidates

For voting records, congressional and state legislative
For financial disclosures (follow the money…)

Utah Lieutenant Governor Website Financial Disclosures (who’s funding the campaigns – VERY important)

Utah state legislative scorecards

Key Republican Platform bills (fiscally and socially conservative)

Libertarian (fiscally conservative, socially liberal)

What can I expect at the convention?

A lot of people.  Check in and credentialing to make sure all voting members are accounted for and have their ballots.

Parliamentary Procedure.

Roberts Rules of Order apply, but the convention will also have its special rules.  Be sure you know what they are.  Follow along and pay attention.

Members who are more actively involved in the party may challenge the credential report or the motions from the chair.  It can take a long time to get everyone credentialed and to go through the opening procedures.  Know what’s going on and be respectful.

In the past we had a very knowledgeable parliamentarian who was used throughout the state who has since passed away.  Sometimes the newer delegates didn’t know what he was doing and they thought he was being mean spirited and they would boo him, when he was actually trying to keep the proceedings in line with Roberts Rules. If we are a people who believe in the rule of law, we will respect the rules of our own party.  Know the party rules before you boo someone.

Plan to spend the entire day, and even into the night if necessary, especially at the state convention.


Be aware that you will be deluged with literature, pro and con.  You may see some “hit” pieces, “eleventh hour stings” with NO documentation about WHO printed the piece – or maybe only an unknown PAC.  There may be wild rumors and gossip and a real “October surprise.”  You may get mailers, or something in the last two or three days before the convention that smears a candidate with some negative or scandalous information.

Sometimes these hit pieces are arranged “under the table” without the candidate’s knowledge or sometimes it’s a “sting” making the candidate look like they did it, when actually another candidate did it.

If the literature or call or email does not have proper identification, know that it’s a shenanigan. Know your candidates well enough before the convention that you will not be deceived by these tactics.  Don’t believe rumors and don’t pass them on.  CALL THE CANDIDATE and ask directly.

Campaigns can get nasty, especially among consultants.  There is a lot of pressure to win because they want the next job.  Very sad, but it’s a reality.

If you have any questions, contact us at and listen to our radio show, The Liberty Lineup on AM 630 KTKK, SLC, M-F, 10-Noon Mountain time, or online