Vote No Houston’s Prop 1 | UN wants to legalize gay pedophilia for 10 year olds and up

We stand with Houston pastors who have led the charge to repeal Houston’s anti-discrimination ordinance. It’s on the ballot Tuesday, November 3, 2015. If you know anyone in Houston, please forward this message: VOTE NO PROP 1.

Prayers Are Needed for Houston and for Religious Liberty
On Election Day November 3rd in Houston, we ask everyone on our list to tell their friends who live in Houston to vote NO on Prop 1 – the repeal of Houston’s anti-discrimination ordinance – and to pray for its success in the cause of religious liberty and our children.

Getting this repeal measure on the ballot came at a great personal cost and much courage, championed by the Houston Area Pastors Council, led by Pastor Dave Welch.

Pastor Welch was the concluding keynote speaker at the #Stand4Truth Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah on Monday, October 26, 2015. He shared their experience and urged us all to never give in.

Now, why do we oppose anti-discrimination? Isn’t it about love and fairness and equality?

No, it’s not. Here’s why.

It must be known that these laws are not about equality. They are an integral part of the agenda to normalize sin and sexual perversion.

#Stand4Truth Tuesday Election Day – Vote NO Houston’s Prop 1

The LGBT activists know this Houston Proposition is the test case for all SOGI (sexual orientation-gender identity) laws across the nation.

If these pastors succeed, what they did to repeal it will become a model for the rest of the nation to repeal these deceptive laws that, in the name of “equality,” allow men to violate the privacy of women and minor girls by entering into their bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities.

SOGI laws also give license to homosexual or transgender teachers and their advocates in public schools in positions of respected authority to openly discuss and advocate their LGBT agenda and to promote it to our children, along with teaching SOGI sex ed to young children.

The SOGI laws are the slippery slope to the legalization of absolute depravity. Now, as we predicted, the U.N. is moving to normalize pedophilia, legalized sex between minors and adults. I urge you to read more about this sexual revolution influencing these laws.


We accurately predicted that after the U.S. Supreme Court redefined marriage to include homosexual “marriage” that children would be at increased risk of sexual abuse because they are placed for adoption in homosexual homes.

We predicted the next frontline would be the result of anti-discrimination laws: the protection of homosexuals to be hired as teachers in public schools and to teach from a position of authority and respect that their lifestyle is as normal as any other. Based on the testimonials of so many who have been raised in homosexual households, we asserted that this was a form of child abuse.

Of course, this claim enraged many in the LGBT movement. However, just as with the pro-Life movement, adults who have been raised in those homes have been speaking out and telling their stories.

One of them, Dawn Stefanowicz, spoke at the recent #Stand4Truth summit in Salt Lake City on Monday, October 26, 2015. Watch her presentation here, beginning at approximately 39:50.

Anti-discrimination laws must be stopped because our children are at risk. It’s as simple as that.

Read this important report from Dr. Judith Reisman on how gender identity laws will affect our children.

How Utah Was Targeted
In states as conservative as Utah, anti-discrimination laws have been railroaded through legislative hearings. We oppose any inclusion of SOGI language (sexual orientation and gender identity) because children are the losers. It has nothing to do with equality.

Utah was a surprise to the entire nation, from the day the federal circuit court judge unilaterally struck down its marriage law by summary judgment (no hearing) in December 2013.

But to those of us who have been working intensely behind the scenes, it was predictable. I had been watching for over two decades.

I can testify that Utah and the Mormon church has been a prime target of the sexual revolution – specifically the LGBT agenda – for many years.

In the mid-1980s a favorite LDS poet and playwright Carol Lynn Pearson (and a personal friend from our theatre days at Brigham Young University) wrote her beautiful story Goodbye, I Love You. It was a passionate and tender account of her Christlike acts of compassion as she cared for Gerald, her homosexual husband, in his final days battling AIDS, after he had left her and her children for other men several years prior.

The fallout was devastating and it adversely affected her children. Carol Lynn’s extraordinarily talented and beautiful daughter Emily later documented her life experience in a book titled Dancing With Crazy.

How a child copes with this sort of trauma is the focus of our concern that gets entirely lost in the selfish and narcissistic
LGBT rights movement. We are compelled to ask the fundamental question: What about the needs of a child to have both a mother and a father in a committed, long-term marriage?

I cannot begin to know the personal pain that my friend Carol Lynn has experienced. I do know that this life gives each of us personal pain in different ways. But Carol Lynn and I have taken different routes in response to life’s painful experiences.

My own life experience, including my theatrical experience and intimate friendships with the gay community, drew me to the family advocacy movement to defend man-woman marriage and to protect our children from the sexual revolution that challenges that institution.

On the other hand, Carol Lynn’s experience led her to advocate for the inclusion of gay Mormons into the fold, so to speak. She used her writing talent to create dramatic stories and plays of Mormon returned missionaries who had been ostracized from family and friends and who had committed suicide. Her brilliance captured a national audience.

Meanwhile, in that same time frame – 1989 – the LGBT movement strategized and laid out its blueprint to win in a book titled After the Ball. They did everything they set out to do, and it worked.

As early as June 1995, I began monitoring the LGBT strategic plan to take out Utah first. With a media pass, I attended the UN Conference on Families in Salt Lake City where the licensing of parents and forced sterilization of “unfit” boys at age 12 was advocated in one of its breakout sessions. The response in the room was an audible gasp. Such policy only existed in totalitarian governments such as Communist China.

By September 1995 the LDS Church responded by publishing its doctrine, The Family: A Proclamation to the World. It specifically defined marriage as man-woman. It defined gender as eternal, and Life as sanctified.

It then called upon citizens to hold elected officials accountable to this eternal and unchanging standard.

By 2004, many states were under direct attack. Utah passed its man-woman constitutional protection Amendment 3, while I worked as assistant to constitutional scholar Richard Wilkins to help several states including Utah get their proposals on ballots.

I began to monitor the LGBT blogs and email lists. I noticed a common target: the Mormon Church. Appeals went out in these close-knit online conversation groups to create a critical mass in Salt Lake City, encouraging LGBT advocates to move there and to run for public office.

Gay ex-Mormons showed up in surprising places, at LDS meetings and conferences and behind the scenes in support groups emerging to infiltrate through compassionate covers such as the Mormons Building Bridges organization.

On the surface, Mormons Building Bridges professes to encourage the compassionate embrace of family and friends rather than ostracizing them. But what it really seeks is full inclusion and a change in doctrine.

I became aware of the subversive nature of Mormons Building Briges while running for public office. One day I received a lengthy phone call from an individual who finally admitted that the goal is full inclusion, including homosexual “marriage” in LDS temples.

By this time, the South Park writers were researching what was to become The Book of Mormon (the musical), a satirical, distorted, vulgar and mocking look at the LDS church and its missionary outreach.

While Carol Lynn gathered those who were leaving the LDS church in more formal conference settings, featuring icons such as NFL’s 49er Quarterback Steve Young, I and others began meeting in more formal gatherings to defend the faith and its natural family policy featuring the Osmonds.

Then Prop 8 happened. The LDS church got on board openly and enthusiastically. It is universally acknowledged that without the LDS Church’s support in California, that ballot proposition defending man-woman marriage would have failed.

Many contributions flooded in from LDS donors everywhere. I was one of them. In true aggressive form, Huffington Post collaborated with SPLC and HRC to expose the donors. Mormons lost their jobs and their reputations were ridiculed. For those that had never participated in anything political before, it was devastating.

I was one of those donors. It really didn’t make much difference to us and no one took time to highlight it, until I ran for U.S. Senate. Then suddenly I was a target. Gloria Steinem and feminist author Linda Hirschman, along with The Daily Beast and Mother Jones – both liberal feminist and anti-Mormon news outlets – launched a vicious campaign against me – and my husband’s business.

Mother Jones‘ Washington DC reporter, Stephanie Mencimer, disclosed that she had come from Utah to Washington DC. It was clear she had an ax to grind about Utah and a grudge against its dominant religion.

A divide was developing. The LDS homosexual community that estranged itself from the doctrine of the natural family pursued positions in high places of LGBT influence. One became an attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center, the aggressive legal LGBT advocacy group that has at its disposal hundreds of millions to spend to create the media lies and to take the matter to the Courts.

Together with the Human Rights Campaign, another aggressive organization with hundreds of millions to spend to shape the media message, they launched a full-court press strategy to take out Utah first.

And they did.

Local major donors who supported the demise of man-woman marriage in Utah included Bruce Bastian and even my BYU roommate and bridesmaid Diane Pew Tolboe Stewart. According to an L.A. Times report, she had been brokering talks between LDS General Authorities, LDS Public Affairs and Equality Utah inside her mansion that overlooks the Utah Capitol and Temple Square.

Overstock owner Patrick Byrne provided $50,000 to fund the plaintiffs in the Utah lawsuit that claimed Utah’s Amendment 3 was unconstitutional. That created the domino effect for the rest of the states that faced challenges.

Lines in the LDS community were being drawn. One small but vocal group wanted inclusion of homosexuals. Others in the vast majority – but less vocal – wanted to hold the line on biblical and scriptural truth condemning homosexuality as both a sin of the heart and of behavior.

The Utah Compromise and Beyond
Still others on both sides believed there could be some sort of truce that would allow a peaceful co-existence. That ideal – that we could be “fair to all” – created the dialogue behind the crafting of what is now known as “The Utah Compromise” – the LGBT-“religious liberty” bill that passed the Utah legislature with little warning or hearing from those of us who believe that man’s law cannot trump God’s law.

Compromise in biblical and Book of Mormon terms is virtually non-existent. Good and evil have always been like oil and water. The definition of marriage and religious liberty is a no-compromise matter to those of us who know religious history.

We know that it is not only possible to stay true to the natural family and marriage and still treat family and friends with a Christian heart, while not compromising, there is no other way to protect our children.

The Truth About Extremism
We know from history that we are now in a place in time where we must do what is right and let the consequence follow.

Courageous people are rising to the top, such as Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk that went to jail because she refused to allow an unjust law to trump her freedom of conscience.

Some have criticized her and called her an extremist or suggested that she did not have a legal right to conscientiously object.

Yet, throughout history, have you noticed that those we now honor and call courageous were once criticized and mocked by their contemporaries as extremists?

Here are a few examples:

The American Founders were extremists. They gave their lives, fortunes and sacred honor, many losing all they owned and dying paupers for our liberty. Yet, only a small percentage of colonists supported them.

Helmuth Hebener, one of three LDS teenagers in Nazi Germany were extremists for distributing leaflets decrying Nazism. Helmuth was so criticized he was excommunicated by his Nazi Mormon bishop. After he was beheaded by the Nazis, the LDS church eventually reinstated him. Today he is a Mormon hero.

Martin Luther King was an extremist. When he landed in the Birmingham Jail, he was ridiculed by his own leaders in the civil rights movement. They distanced themselves from him because he had embarrassed the entire movement. This was the motivation behind his riveting Letter from Birmingham Jail.

Never let this history be forgotten, because today those of us who are taking this strong position – that we cannot compromise with evil – are being ostracized, ridiculed and criticized by a few who are more concerned about their reputations than doing what is right. We are today’s extremists, some might suggest.

We are among those that have warned against the support of anti-discrimination laws. We knew from experience in other states that along with the protection in hiring and housing, would next come the “accommodations” laws, intended to force homosexualism and transgenderism on everyone.

The LGBT media message was clever – “it’s about love” and “equality for all.” “All” meaning all homosexuals, excluding the rest of us.

We warned that the support of anti-discrimination laws would lead to the violation of privacy of women and girls in bathrooms, locker rooms and shower facilities, and that they would destroy girls’ sports teams by forcing boys who claim to be girls onto their teams.

We warned that including the SOGI language would give protective status to “transgendered” youth, as Utah’s law did, even citing the DSM V definition of “gender identity” which is gender dysphoria, a mental disorder.

This protection flies in the face of the truth which Walt Heyer, an ex-trans man explained to us at our #Stand4Truth Summit in Salt Lake City – that between 74 and 96% of those who believe they are transgendered are really simply facing a mental illness that can be treated successfully. He was one of them and has been happily married for 18 years.

We also predicted that when marriage laws fell, the next frontier would be the SOGI frontier to legalize homosexual pedophilia by lowering the age of consent to age 10.

Indeed, the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) just announced that this IS the next front.

It’s a time to boldly #Stand4Truth. If you agree, please help us cover the costs of the #Stand4Truth event and the documentary we are developing. Just click on the donate button above. Or send a check payable to: Strong Reasons, LLC, 5202 Saddleback Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84117

World Congress of Families IX
The four-day event in Salt Lake City was a huge success. It drew a large crowd and the speakers and break out sessions were well organized.

Highlights were Pastor Rafael Cruz, presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s father, who gave a riveting address to a cheering crowd, citing the forces of communism to destroy the family.

Afterward, he commented that the SOGI laws – anti-discrimination laws – are the next frontier and that acceptance of gay pedophilia is now top on the agenda. LGBT activists typically jump all over those comments.

But Pastor Cruz was basing his statement on the October 22, 2015 announcement that UNFPA was launching an initiative to legalize homosexual man-boy sex.

This announcement was also discussed at our Monday event – #Stand4Truth. Begin watching at 1:00:50 – therapist David Pickup.

Strangely, WCF9 leadership distanced itself from Cruz’s comment about the indisputable relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia and Cruz’s appeal to stop anti-discrimination laws.

We assume that the WCF9 organizers did not see the recent announcement that this is indeed high on the UN agenda:

We urge WCF9 to review this update and reconsider its critical statement against Rev Cruz’s remarks, which were in fact truthful.

Thankfully, the WCF9 agenda dropped the inclusion of what is now called “The Utah Compromise” from its agenda. This is Utah’s anti-discrimination law that includes SOGI language and protects religious institutions – but it does not protect its adherents. Too many of the WCF9 member organizations agree with us and oppose that anti-discrimination approach and do not see it as “the model for the nation,” let alone the model for the world.

Another marvelous speaker at the WCF9 event was Cathy Ruse, Senior Counsel, Family Research Council, who stressed that history will not tell the story truthfully. It is up to us to keep the story straight – that 50 million Americans opposed homosexual “marriage” and voted for man-woman marriage and ONE supreme court justice legalized homosexual marriage against the will of the people.

She said that no judge can force us to bend at the alter of a foreign God. She advocated living in civil disobedience of such a law.

Brian Brown, president of the National Organization of Marriage followed. He said that the Supreme Court has put a lie into law. He cited other such instanced throughout history: The Dred Scott case allowing for the buying and selling of human beings; the sterilization of imbeciles. Throughout biblical times, martyrs declared “I will not bow to Caesar.” He said, “God has put us here for a reason.” Then he charted the course ahead with four points of action:

1. Affirm the truth.
2. Reject the US Supreme Court decision.
3. Overturn that decision.
4. Contain the damage.

Another popular speaker was Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University who also agrees with our approach that we must #Stand4Truth.

#Stand4Truth Videos

Each of these speakers made a strong case for what we believe – that we must continue to #Stand4Truth – the truth of the positive affects of natural marriage and family on children as well as the need to share the truth about the medical and behavioral science and to share the stories of those whose lives have been adversely affected by homosexuality.

You can watch the unedited version of the all day #Stand4Truth event we hosted on Monday, October 26, 2015:

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

Evening Session

It’s a time to boldly #Stand4Truth. If you agree, please help us cover the costs of the #Stand4Truth event and the documentary we are developing. Just click on the donate button above. Or send a check payable to: Strong Reasons, LLC, 5202 Saddleback Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84117

The Slippery Slope of Gay Pedophilia Now Gaining Traction at UN

Although not a new idea, the homosexual agenda is now getting traction at the UN. As mentioned above, the legalization of gay pedophilia, consensual sex between boys and men, is now at the forefront.

This heinous practice has a long history.  I urge you to take time to watch this documentary. John Harmer, chairman of The Lighted Candle Society was with us at the #Stand4Truth event to give a brief report on the relationship of the homosexual agenda and the sexual revolution.

Our friend Judith Reisman was the original whistle blower on the infamous, fraudulent Kinsey Report, which employed sheer evil to support its sexually deviant findings by using children and babies to determine what was “normal” sexual behavior. This is long, but it will open your eyes to why we are so passionate about winning the war on children, marriage and family.


The direct relationship between anti-discrimination laws and the LGBT agenda is incremental.  The question is fundamental:  Is homosexualization good for all in society and if so, should homosexuals and transgendered be a protected class?

To understand the sexual revolution is to understand the homosexual revolution and why anti-discrimination laws must be stopped.

If you have an anti-discrimination law in your town, county or state, the door is now open for your children to be indoctrinated and taught by openly homosexual teachers that will advocate their lifestyle, of which pedophilia (gay and straight) is an accepted practice.

The journey down this slippery slope is acting out in Houston on Tuesday. Which way will we go?

Please help the Houston pastors defeat Proposition 1 on the ballot on Tuesday.  Contact your friends who live there and tell them to get out to vote NO on Proposition 1.

Watch this quick video which gives a glimpse of the drama these pastors have been facing. We were there. We saw, and now we must conquer.  Click on the video even though it says it cannot be accessed.

Joining Houston Five trailer from Robert Starling on Vimeo.

To Judeo-Christian believers, homosexuality, pederasty (and any sexual thought or behavior outside of man-woman marriage) is a sin in all its forms. The reality is, LGBT anti-discrimination laws are legalizing sin by deceiving good people to believe that this is about equality. By so doing, these laws are protecting sin.

Questions Believers Must Ask Themselves

Now we are at a new crossroads. We must ask the following questions of ourselves and of all believers everywhere:

Who are we?

Are we disciples of Jehovah of the Old Testament or Christ of the New Testament?

Do we believe in the God of the Old Testament and/or the New Testament?

Are we willing to #Stand4Truth now that it has become extremist to do so?

Are we willing to put our lives, fortunes and sacred honor on the line for what is right and to #Stand4Truth as the American Founders did – even though they also were labeled extremists of their day?

Are there any examples in scripture in which religious leaders taught their people to bow down to unjust laws?

If we do not have freedom of conscience, what freedom is left?

Who are the biblical/scriptural examples we have been taught to follow?

What does it mean when we recite the words “…stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places?”

Examples We Must Follow

Daniel and the three Israelites of the Old Testament.

The disciples of the New Testament who died as martyrs – the examples of Peter and Paul – come to mind.

In the Book of Mormon, some examples were Abinadi, Samuel the Lamanite, and Moroni who led the people to battle to defend religious liberty and their families.

History repeats itself. The martyrs of old were mocked by their contemporary peers as extremists.

Is it extremism to #Stand4Truth today?

Who are we now?

Who are the examples today in this ongoing battle for religious liberty and to defend natural marriage and family?

The Houston Five Story
Pastor Dave Welch, one of the keynote speakers at the #Stand4Truth Conference Monday, October 26, 2015 in Salt Lake City, is one of those leaders. He delivered a powerful address asking believers everywhere to #Stand4Truth, no matter the cost.

Welch was one of the five pastors whose sermons and confidential communications with their members were subpoenaed by their lesbian mayor in an attempt to keep the repeal of Houston’s anti-discrimination ordinance off the ballot.

These pastors did not allow their lesbian mayor and her office to intimidate them. They stood together in solidarity throughout the ordeal. We were with them and we saw the evidence of the lies and deception emanating from the mayor’s office. The pastors took their cause “don’t mess with our pulpits” – which is a First Amendment unalienable right and protection – to court and they won.

Now they need our prayers again on Tuesday, November 3, 2015. The LGBT activists are funneling millions into that proposition to pass it. If you are in Houston, or if you know someone that lives in Houston, please forward this email and tell them to vote NO Proposition 1.

Salt Lake City’s Mayoral Election Demands “None of the Above” Response
Sadly, on Tuesday, Utah’s mayoral election frontrunner is a lesbian. In fact, every candidate running for Salt Lake City mayor supports this LGBT agenda. This is a shameful and embarrassing time for Utah and for the citizens of Salt Lake City that have allowed this unthinkable scenario to take hold because so many believers believe so strongly in being “meek and mild.” This is not a time for meekness.

It’s a time to boldly #Stand4Truth. If you agree, please help us cover the costs of the #Stand4Truth event and the documentary we are developing. Just click on the donate button above. Or send a check payable to: Strong Reasons, LLC, 5202 Saddleback Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84117