Updated Analysis of FBI Video – Oregon Standoff

KTALK radio’s Liberty Lineup Radio Show is the ONLY media the Ammon’s and Finicum’s allowed over the past two weeks to cover the truth of what was happening in Oregon.

Today Friday, January 29, 2016, on the Liberty Lineup Radio Show AM 630 SLC, or online www.k-talk.com, 10-Noon MT. Listen live now.

Jeff Chamberlain, Hollywood Why Guy will be airing an exclusive interview with Sean and Sandy Anderson, the couple that is still at the refuge and cannot get out.

Our radio show was the only media that LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy allowed over the past two weeks. We are the only media allowed to cover the funeral and burial.

Our media communications team was up for most the night analyzing the FBI video, and combined with our eye witness accounts, interestingly when we gathered to discuss, we had all come to the same conclusion: LaVoy Finicum was murdered. The FBI and troopers were there to shoot to kill.

The FBI statement accused LaVoy of taking action to pull his gun. We believe this is false.

We know that LaVoy was willing to die for the ranchers (and all Americans)and they were there to educate and to help the Hammond’s get out of jail. This represented their and every farmer and rancher’s decades-long struggle for their property rights being taken away by the BLM and constant changes to regulations making it impossible for farmers and ranchers to maintain their livelihoods. LaVoy wrote a novel – Only Bloodshed and Suffering – about restoring Liberty. He made it clear from the first interviews at the refuge that he would rather die than go to prison. And he did.

Here’s the FBI statement

You are seeing right before your eyes how the federal government works with media outlets to spin the narrative. We observed the aerial video stopping it second by second. We need AUDIO! We need the dash cams. Aerial is not specific enough.

Without audio we have no way of knowing when the shots were fired and if they match up to LaVoy’s physical actions.

We can’t hear what LaVoy was saying when he got out of the car, nor the gunfire that our witnesses in the car told us they heard.

Our eye witnesses have told us that LaVoy got out of the car with his arms up, one account telling us he was saying “Shoot me, just shoot me!” And that he was shot in the face.

Our team has reviewed the video second by second. We believe there are flaws and missing pieces in the FBI narrative. We also know that Ammon told his wife that the FBI agents were agitated about what had happened, that it didn’t go right and they shouldn’t have fired on him and killed him.

The FBI’s narrative does not match what the eye witnesses have told us. The FBI agent for Oregon, Greg Bretzing, in charge of the operation, says that LaVoy reached for a gun on the left side of his jacket and then they shot him. So we looked closely, and it just does not measure up.

(Where’s Al Sharpton when we need him?)

What we see, which matches up with what our eye witnesses have told us, is that LaVoy was shot multiple times, as Victoria Sharp testified in her audio which we posted earlier.

Lisa, Ammon’s wife called us while I was at the Finicum’s home and reported the same.
We believe the FBI’s false narrative is that LaVoy was going for his gun on the left or in his left pocket.

You will hear all day long and in the weeks to come that LaVoy Finicum reached for his gun in his left pocket. That’s the narrative the FBI and the controlled Big Media wants you to hear.

Yes, we know he did not have his holster – he wears his gun on the right – he’s right-handed. We will need more information on this point. But if the FBI does not show – or have possession of footage of the inspection of his body on the crime scene (the FBI crime), then it will be left to eye witness testimony from the people in LaVoy’s car against that of the FBI – both hearsay testimony.

What we see is that LaVoy exited his car, arms up. He was then hit in the left side of his torso, and his upheld arms came down to hold his torso. That would be a natural reaction to pain.

Then you see him get disoriented and try to keep his balance in the deep snow.

Then he is hit again, and grabs his left chest. Another natural reaction to pain.

Immediately after that, the other gunman shoots him down with another shot, most likely the one to the head, a fatal blow that throws him backwards to the ground.

This took place in less than 15 seconds.

This is pretty clear cut with the information we have now that he was murdered.

The coroner’s office will issue a report, and then we will find out how many gun shots he sustained and where.

Even if he had a gun, he had consistently said he was not going to be aggressive or violent. It is undeniable that the only shots fired were from the FBI operation.

There is also discussion from eye witnesses that he ran away from the car so that he would be shot at and not the people in the car – there were two women inside.

We agree with the concerns of the FBI, however, whether or not he had a gun or was reaching for it, there was no reason to shoot to kill and then after he was on the ground to continue shooting.

With the laser scopes the gunmen could have targeted a very specific part of the body that would not fatally kill him. They clearly had no intention of allowing LaVoy to survive.

We will report on what we know so far, but still much to be confirmed, in my view.

I’m sure there will be a lot of discussion and speculation about this, but this is a big deal for the ranchers where between 64 and 85% of the land is managed by the federal government. We are watching as ranchers and Americans everywhere are shocked by what they saw and are questioning what has happened to our government that they would handle this situation so ruthlessly. Many are asking who the REAL terrorists are.

The family will be issuing a statement and we are the media covering it and also the funeral, which is Friday, February 5, 2016. More to come…

We need your help with donations of any amount in order to be in this position as an all-volunteer show. This is an enormous task and we appreciate all you can do.

We will post the audio of this interview on www.Libertylineup.com and also on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/thelibertylineup

#RanchersLivesMatter – and so does their private property.

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  1. clark
    clark says:

    Wow. You must have an HD closeup version of the video that was released to be making such bold statements about what actually happened. The guy was running from the feds and crashes his vehicle when he arrives as the roadblock and then asks for suicide-by-cop to turn himself into a martyr for the cause. He has stated that he wasn’t going to jail and the feds knew he might possibly go out in a blaze of gunfire and acted accordingly. You should remove yourself from this conversation as your emotions are clearly clouding your thinking and you are making allegations without any solid corroborating evidence. Not the first time you have bent the truth to support your position.

    • Culchacritik
      Culchacritik says:

      Apparently, you weren’t watching the video very closely.

      Tell me, since you’ve irresponsibly hurled accusations, when and where did Lavoy upholstery and brandish a weapon in the direction of cops that would have warranted his shooting? At what point did he physically threaten any of the dozen or so cops on the scene? When exactly were ANY of the cops at the scene faced with mortal danger?

      Because you disagree with the ranchers philosophically, you condone the bloodlust of the officers who took his life. Shameful.

      • clark
        clark says:

        I don’t give a hoot about the ranchers’ philosophically–one way or another.I am not bothered by their protest nor do I have a dog in their fight with the feds. I AM bothered by the attitude taken by some those who are clamoring that this individual was murdered, even before we have adequate evidence to support such a claim. I stand by my belief that he set himself on a deadly course when he drove recklessly fast away from law enforcement when he was first stopped, so fast that he was unable to stop his vehicle safely when he encounters a roadblock set up for such a contingency. He had a number of choices at that point and exiting the vehicle and allegedly shouting something akin to “just shoot me now” likely set in motion his being shot to death. Maybe he stumbled; maybe he had an itch and scratched himself at the wrong time; maybe he was shot as some are saying and was reacting to the impact. Law enforcement personnel on the scene were likely aware of his statements about not going to jail and had good reason to believe he was armed, as others in the vehicle were. His decision to flee from the initial stop would have been a signal that he wasn’t going to cooperate with the authorities. How could they know that he wasn’t prepared to die and take some people with him? Should they have waited until he produced a weapon and aimed it at someone before shooting? I’ll bet that should we get an audio recording or additional video footage or the autopsy results or any other evidence that supports the idea that the shooting was justified, there will still be those who choose not to believe it. I listened to Ms Eagar on the radio today and truly believe she is off her rocker or is putting on an act for ratings.

        • Louann
          Louann says:

          Did you know that the reason Lavoy fled in his vehicle is because when he tried to comply at the first blockade/stop, he was fired upon by the FBI. Frightened, he fled to keep from being shot. As he got closer to the 2nd blockade, more shots took place. You can see the front windshield shattered by bullets. He tried to get around the blockade to safety and hit a snow bank. Since the FBI continued to fire bullets, he got out of the vehicle and ran away from it with his hands up. You can clearly see his hands up on the video. Those that knew him are convinced he ran away from the vehicle in hopes the bullets would no longer be aimed at the truck since there was women in it. Do more research. You can see the bullet damage on the windows and also the flash from guns. Along with what you can view on the video are eye witness accounts that align with the video. It was cold blooded murder.


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